正文第二类 时态
  第二类 时态
  1. Mary had to wait outside her house for her husband’s return because she her key in the office.
  A. has left B. leaves C. had left D. left
  2. English is more extensively used now than any other language .
  A. ever was B. had ever been C. ever is D. has ever been
  3. Walter offered us a lift when he was leaving the office, but we declined the offer, for our work .
  A. was not finished B. did not finish C. has not been finished D. had not been finished
  4. I haven’t met him for ages, but his mother him sometimes.
  A. had still seen B. still sees C. has still seen D. still saw
  5. We shall have completed the work by the time he back next week.
  A. will come B. comes C. is coming D. will have come
  6. Do you often swim now?
  No, but I when I was in my fifties.
  A. used to B. am used to it C. used to do D. was used to doing
  7.The job by the time he comes back.
  A. will have been done B. will have done C. is being done D. has been done

正文第三类 补语
  第三类 补语(包括主补和宾补)
  1.I find that with the development of science and technology the price of such gadgets as computers and mobile phones continues to drop.
  A. be reasonable B. it to be reasonable C. reasonable D. it reasonable
  2. This a satisfactory solution.
  A. is hardly considered B. has been considering C. is considering D. is hardly considering

正文第四类 虚拟语气
  第四类 虚拟语气
  1. It is the first time that I really relaxed for months.
  A. feel B. have felt C. felt D. will have felt
  2. “Will you join us tonight? ”
  “Oh, I , but I have an essay to write.”
  A. would love to B. would love C. would love to join D. would love joining
  3. “ Why didn’t you buy the dictionary?”
  “I , but I didn’t have enough money with me.”
  A. would buy B. would have C. had bought D. had done
  4. To be frank, I’d rather you anything about it for the time being.
  A. do B. don’t do C. did D. didn’t do
  5. “Couldn’t he understand that the few drops of water out of us so fast if we waited until night?” I thought to myself.
  A. won’t be sweated B. wouldn’t be sweated C. won’t be seating D. wouldn’t be sweating
  6. I think you ought me about the matter and not have let me make such a fool of myself.
  A. have told B. tell C. had told D. to have told
  7.The platform would collapse if all of you on it.
  A. stand B. stood C. would stand D. had stood
  8. I suggest that each of you a plan for the overall revision.
  A. make B. makes C. would make D. made
  9.I told her how to station, but perhaps I her a map.
  A. should have given B. ought to give C. had to give D. must have given
  10. She said she’d rather he tomorrow instead of today.
  A. came B. will come C. had come D. comes
  11. Anne had just arrived, but she talked as if she about our plan.
  A. had known B. know C. knew D. has known
  12. I saw him going out on foot, but he gone there by bus.
  A. should have B. ought to have C. could have D. must have
  13. The little girl into the lake but her father caught her.
  A. would have fallen B. should have fallen C. had probably fallen D. has fallen
  14.This is the first time I on an English-speaking soil.
  A.set my foot B.have set foot C.set my feet D.have set feet
  15.Hardly any training in spoken English, he felt nervous when he was asked to interpret for the speaker.
  A.having had B.did he have C.has he had D.had he had

正文第五类 倒装
  第五类 倒装
  1. so many people been interested in computers as today.
  A. There never have B. Never before have C. There have never D. Before never have
  2. By no means look down upon the needy.
  A. we shall B. should we not C. should we D. we should
  3.The teacher explained the point a second time, but everyone understand.
  A. not even then does B. even then not did C. not even then did D. not even then

正文第六类 非谓语动词
  第六类 非谓语动词
  1. She was the only one in her family the disastrous earthquake.
  A. surviving B. having survived C. to survive D. survived
  2. I don’t regret her what I thought of her husband, even though it might have upset her.
  A. telling B. to tell C. that I will tell D. to have to tell
  3. dark clouds gathering on the horizon, he stopped the work in hand and went home.
  A. To see B. Having been seeing C. Seeing D. Having to see
  4. His eyes wouldn’t close. They kept me, narrow and dangerous.
  A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. watched
  5.There is something wrong with my watch. It .
  A. need repairing B. needs repairing C. need to be repaired D. needs to repair
  6.The old lady who saw the bus into the river phoned the police instantly.
  A. plunged B. to plunge C. was plunging D. plunge
  7. All flights because of the storm, they decided to go to Beijing by trains.
  A. having been canceled B. had been canceled C. having canceled D. were canceled
  8.Alice and Mary waited breathlessly for the announcement, she had won the award.
  A. each hoped B. each hoping C. and each hopes D. and each hoping
  9. He deeply regretted the only opportunity to go to college.
  A. to have to miss B. that he will miss C. to miss D. missing
  10. Statistics is a discipline all the other sciences.
  A. affected B. to affect C. affecting D. being affected
  11.Things are known when they unite with the Oxygen Of the air.
  A.to have burnt B.to have been burnt C.to burn D.burning
  12. in a traffic jam;me newspaper reporter got to me murder scene only an hour later.
  A.To catch B.Caught C.Catching D.Having caught

正文第七类 比较结构
  第七类 比较结构
  1.According to a medical report, 75 percent of the current violent crime is drug related.
  A. so many as B. as many as C. so much as D. as much as
  2.Some companies have introduced flexible working hours with less emphasis on pressure .
  A. than more on efficiency B. than on efficiency C. and more than efficiency D. and more efficiency
  3. Some people find that after their dieting is over they eat twice they did before they went on a diet.
  A. as much as B. much than C. as many as D. more than
  4. A new computer costs about of this used one.
  A. the three times price B. three time the price C. three times a price D. three times the price
  5. Success is to be measured by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has to overcome while trying to succeed.
  A. not so much B. just much C. much less D. much more

正文第八类 反意问句和否定问句
  第八类 反意问句和否定问句
  1. He must have waited here for an hour, ?
  A. didn’t he B. mustn’t he C. hasn’t he D. must he
  2. Nobody answers the phone every time I ring Mr. Smith up. There isn’t anyone at home, ?
  A. isn’t there B. is there C. is it D. isn’t it
  3."You cannot answer this question?"
  " I know very little about the subject"'
  A. Yes B. No C. All fight D. Never

正文第九类 代词
  第九类 代词
  1.A good way to forget your trouble is to help others out of .
  A. them B. their C. theirs’ D. theirs
  2. men fail through ignorance of their strength than through knowledge of their weakness.
  A. Many B. Some C. More D. Less
  3. Helen was much kinder to her youngest child than she was to her other children, naturally made them jealous.
  A. what B. who C. that D. which
  4.We do not need many researchers today; we need are searchers.
  A. that B. what C. how D. which
  5. Wise people believe only half of what they hear wiser ones know half to believe.
  A. what B. which C. that D. such
  6. A successful man is who has the opportunity and takes it.
  A. person B. anyone C. some D. one
  7.I like living in this city even if else does.
  A. anyone B. somebody C. someone D. nobody
  8.I would say it is a point of style rather than of grammar.
  A. that B. this C. a one D. one
  9.Physics is the present-day equivalent of what used to be called natural philosophy, from most of present-day sciences arose.
  A. that B. what C. all D. which
  10. We do not need many researchers today; we need are searchers.
  A. that B. what C. how C. which

正文第十类 平行结构
  第十类 平行结构
  1. The higher the standard of living, the .
  A. greater is the amount of goods to consume B. greater amount of goods consumed C. greater the amount of goods consumed D. amount of goods consumed is greater
  2. Life is not merely , but the enjoyment of health.
  A. living B. alive C. lively D. livable

正文第十一类 情态动词
  第十一类 情态动词

  1. A brother not be a friend, but a friend will always treat you like a brother.
A. must B. should C. may D. would



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