全国高校英语专业四级考试词汇题 全国高校英语专业四级考试词汇题 1996-2010
1996 年 1996
  41. You won't get a loan __ you can offer some security. [A] lest [B] in case [C] unless [D] other than
  42. __ time, he'll make a frist-class tennis player. [A] Having [B] Given [C] Giving [D] Had
  43. I __ the party much more if there hadn't been quite such a crowd of people there. [A] would enjoy [B] will have enjoyed [C] would have enjoyed [D] will be enjoying
  44. This company has now introduced a policy __ pay rises are related performance at work. [A] which [ B] where [ C] whether [D] what
  45. He wasn’t asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, __ insufficiently popular with all members. [A] having considered [B] was considered [C] was being considered [D] being considered
  46. This may have preserved the elephant from being wiped out as well as other animals __ in Africa. [A] hunted [B] hunting [C] that hunted [D] are hunted
  47. The office has to be shut down funds. [A] being a lark of [B] from lack of [C] to a lack of [D] for lack of
  48. In international matches, prestige is so important that the only thing that matters is to avoid __ [A] from being beaten [B] being beaten [C] beating [D] to be beaten
  49. As it turned out to be a small house party, we__ so formally. [A] need not have dressed up [B] must not have dressed up [C] did not need to dress up [D] must not dress up
  50. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than __ Eastern Nebraska. [A]in [B] it receives in [C] does [D] it does in
  51. __ no cause for alarm, the old man went back to his bedroom. [A] There was [B] Since [C] Being [D] There being
  52. The brilliance of his satires was __ make even his victim laugh. [A] so as to [B] such as to C] so that [D] such that
  53. If he __ in that way for much longer he will find himself in the bankruptcy court. [A] carries on [B] carries off [C] carried by [D] carried away
  54. Although the false bank notes fooled many people, they did not __ to do examination. [A] look up [B] pay up [C] keep up [D] stand up
  55. He must give us more lime,_ we shall not be able to make a good job of it. [A] consequently [B] otherwise [C] therefore [D] doubtlessly
  56. When there was a short __ in the conversation, I asked if anyone would like anything to
drink. [A] blank IS] space [C] pause [D] wait
  57. You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it's not worth the __ it involves. [A] effort IS] strength [C] attempt [D] force
  58. The main road through little bury was blocked for three hours today after an accident __ two lorries. [A] involving [B] including [C] combining [D] containing
  59. Very few scientists __ with completely new answers to the world's problems. [A] come to [B] come round [C] come on [D] come up
  60. Hotel rooms must be __ by noon, but luggage may be left with the porter. [A] departed [B] abandoned [C] vacated [D] displaced
  61. Half the excuses she gives are not true, but she always seems to__ them. [A] get on with [B] get away with [C] get up from [D] get in on
  62. The __ physicist has been challenged by others in his field. [A] respectable [B] respectful [C] respective [D] respecting
  63. With hundreds of works left behind, Picasso is regarded as a very __ artist. [A] profound [B] productive [C] prosperous [D] plentiful
  64. The city suffered __ damage as a result of the earthquake. [A] considered [B] considerate [C] considerable [D] considering
  65. Undergraduate students have no __ to the rare books in the school library. [A] access [B] entrance [C] way [D] path PART Ⅴ GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY
  41. How can I ever concentrate if you continually me with silly questions? [A] have, interrupted [B] had, interrupted [C] are, interrupting [D] were, interrupting
  42. When you have finished with that video tape, don't forget to put it in my drawer, __ ? [A] do you [B] will you [C] don't you [D] won't you
  43. He left orders that nothing __ touched until the police arrived here. [A] should be [B] ought to be [C] must be [D] would be
  44. Mr. White works with a chemical import-export company, but he for this industrial fair, since he is on leave. [A] has worked [B] works [C]has been working [D] is working
  45. The physicist has made a discovery, __ of great importance to the progress of science and technology. [A] I think which is [B] that I think is [C] which I think is [D] which I think it is
  46. __, he is ready to accept suggestions from different sources. [A] Instead of his contributions [B] For all his notable contributions [C] His making notable contributions [D] However his notable contributions

  47. The team can handle whatever [A] that needs handling [B] which needs handling [C] it needs handling [D] needs to be trundled
  48. Come and see me whenever [A] you are convenient [B] you will be convenient [C] it is convenient to you [D] it will be convenient to you
  49. It was a physician that he represented himself, and __ he was warmly received. [A] as such [B] such as [C] as that [D] so that
  50. I have never been to London, but that is the city_ [A] where I like to visit most [B] I'd most like to visit [C] which I like to visit mostly [D] where I' d like most to visit
  51. I was to have made a speech if __. [A]I was not called away [B] nobody would have called me away [C] I had not been called away [D] nobody called me away
  52. I felt that I was not yet __ to travel abroad. [A] too strong [B] strong enough [C] so strong [D] enough strong
  53. The plane found the spot and hovered close enough to __ that it was a car. [A] ensure IS] examine [C] verify [D] testify
  54. The encouraging factor is that the __ majority of people find the idea of change acceptable. [A] numerous [B] vast [C] most [D] massive
  55. The increase in student number many problems for the universities. [A] forces [B] presses [C] provides [D] poses
  56. Please __from smoking until the aeroplane is airborne. [A] refrain [B] prevent [C] resist [D] restrain
  57. Reporters and photographers alike took great __ at the rode way the actor behaved during the interview. [A] annoyance [B] offence [C] resentment [D] irritation
  58. Topics for composition should be __ to the experience and interests of the students. [A] concerned [B] dependent [C] connecting [D] relevant
  59. The novel contains some marvelously revealing_ of rural life in the 19th century. [A] glances [B] glimpses [C] glares [D] gleams
  60. Sometimes the student may be asked to write about his __ to a certain book or article that has some hearing on the subject being studied. [A] reaction [B] comment [C] impression [D] comprehension
  61. Picking flowers in the park is absolutely __ [A] avoided [B] prohibited [C] rejected [D] repelled
  62. Tony has not the least __ of giving up his research work. [A] intention [B] interest [C] wish [D] desire
  63. Two of the children have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have __ ones. [A] similar [B] singular [C] different [D] separate
  64. Am I to understand that his new post __ no responsibility with it at all?
[A] keeps [B] supports
  65. Animals that could not those that could survived. [A] change [B] adapt
[C] carries [D] possesses themselves to the changed environment perished and [C] modify [D] conform
  41. John is __ hardworking than his sister, but he failed in the exam. [A] no less [B] no more [C] not less [D] no so
  42. She remembered sever, doccasions in the past __ she had experienced a similar feeling. [A] while [B] before [C] that [D] when
  43. If your car __ any attention during the first12 months, take it to an authorized dealer. [A] shall need [B] should need [C] would need [D] will need
  44. The indoor swimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxurious than__ [A] is necessary [B] being necessary [C] to be necessary [D] it is necessary
  45. __, he can now only watch it on TV at home. [A] Obtaining not a ticket for the match [B] Not obtaining a ticket for the match [C] Not having obtained a ticket for the match [D ] Not obtained a ticket for the match
  46. The children prefer camping in the mountains __ an indoor activity. [A] to [B] than [C] for [D] with
  47. Language belongs to each member of the society, to the cleaner__ to the professor. [A] as far as [B] the same as [C] as much as [D] as long as
  48. __ he needed money for a new car, he decided not to borrow it from the bank. [A] Much as [B] Much though [C] As much [D] Though much
  49. The Clarks haven't decided yet which hotel [A] to stay [B] is to stay [C] to stay at [D] is for staying
  50. His strong sense of humor was __ make everyone in the room burst out laughing. [A] so as to [B] such as to [C] so that [D] such that
  51. __ enough time and money, the researcher would have been able to discover more in this field. [A] Giving [B] To give [C] Given [D] Being given
  52. You __ Mark anything. It was none of his business. [A] needn’t have told [B] needn't tell [C] mustn't have told [D] mustn't tell
  53. The membership card entitled him certain privileges in the dub. [A] on [B] in [C] at [D] to
  54. Obviously, the Chairman's remarks at the conference were __ and not planned. [A] substantial [B] spontaneous [C] simultaneous [D] synthetic
  55. For the success of the project, the company should __ the most of the opportunities at hand. [A] obtain [B] grasp [C] catch [D] make
  56. Failure to follow the club rules __ him from the volleyball team.
[A] disfavored [B] dispelled [C] disqualified [D] dismissed
  57. The discovery of new oil-fields in various parts of the country filled the government with __ hope. [A] eternal [B] infinite [C] ceaseless [D] everlasting
  58. At first the company refused to purchase the equipment, but __ this decision was revised. [A] subsequently [B] successively [C] predominantly [D] preliminarily
  59. The local police are authorized to __ anyone's movements as they think fit. [A] pause [B] halt [C] repel [D] keep
  60. Have you ever received __ of what has happened to her? [A] the word [B] words [C] word [D] the words
  61. Twelve is to three four is to one. [A] what IS] as [C] that [D] like
  62. Things went well for her during her early life but in her middle age her __ seemed to change. [A] affair [B] luck [C] event [D] chance
  63. Although I spoke to her about the matter several times, she took little __ of what I said. [A] remark [B] warning [C] notice [D] attention
  64. The scheme was __ when it was discovered it would be very costly. [A] resigned [B] surrendered [C] released [D] abandoned
  65. Yesterday my aunt bought some new __ for her flat at the seaside. [A] furniture [B] furnitures [C] possession [D] possessions 1999 ?
  41. After seemed an endless wait,it was her turn to enter the per sonnel manager’ office. s ? A. that B. what C. there D. it ?
  42. The three men tried many times to sneak across the border into the neighbouring country, by the police each time.? A. had been captured B. being always captured ? C. only to be captured D. unfortunately captured ?
  43. Professor Johnson is said some significant advance in his resea rch in the past year.? A. having made B. making C. to have made D.to make ?
  44. Fat cannot change into muscle muscle changes into fat.? A. any more than B. no less than ? C. no more than D. much more than ?
  45. It is not so much the language the cultural background that m akes the book difficult to understand.? A. but B. nor C. as D. like ?
  46. There ought to be less anxiety over the perceived risk of mountain c limbing than in the public mind today.? A. exists B. existC. existing D. to exist ?
  47. I’ve never been to Lhasa, but that’s the city.? A. I’d most like to visit B. where I like to visit ? C. which I like to visit
mostly D. I’d like much to visit ?
  48. He unwisely, but he was at least trying to do something hel pful.? A. may have acted B. must have acted ? C. should act D. would act ?
  49. If you have really been studying English for so long. It’ about t i me you able to s write letters in English.? A. should be B. were C. must be D . are ?
  50. He’s as a “bellyacher” ?? he’s always complaining about some thin g.? A. who is known B. whom is known ? C. what is known D. which is known ?
  51. he always tries his best to complete it on time.? A. However the task is hard B. However hard the task is ? C. Though hard the task is D. Though hard is the task
  52. Much as , I couldn’ lend him the money because I simply didn ’ ha ve that much t t spare cash.? A. I would have liked to B. I would like to have ? C. 1 should have to like D.1 should have liked to ? 53 My cousin likes eating very much, but he isn’t very about the f ood he e ats.? A. special B. peculiar C. particular D. specific ?
  54. Your advice would be valuable to him. who is now at a loss as to wha t to do first. ? A. exceedingly B. excessively C. extensively D. exclusive ly ?
  55. More often than not, it is difficult to the exact meaning of a Chines e idiom in English.? A. exchange B. transfer C. convey D. convert
  56. She refused to the door key to the landlady until she got ba ck her deposit.? A. hand in B. hand out C. hand down D. hand over ?
  57. The scientists have absolute freedom as to what research they think i t best to.? A. engage B. devote C. seek D. pursue ?
  58. The Olympic Games in 776 B.C. in Olympia, a small town in Gree ce. ? A. originated B. stemmed C. derived D.



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