全国公共英语 PETS4 长难句精选(一)

  1) I was scared of leaving the protective bubble of this place for places unknown,during uncertain economic times. 在经济不稳定的年代,我害怕离开这里的保护罩到未知的地方去。
  2) You are the only one who can answer that,But what I can offer as guidance,and reassurance,is a story:the story of one Stanford graduate's process of stumbling and searching to find a place in the world,oftentimes in the face of her fears. 你是仅仅一个可以回答这个问题的人,但是我能够讲一个故事为你提供引导使你放心:这是一位斯坦福 大学毕业生在社会上摸爬滚打以争得一席之地的故事,尽管她一直面对恐惧。
  3) The philosophics and ideologies themselves certainly left an impression on me.But the rigor of the distillation process,the exercise of refinement,that's where the real learning happened. 这些哲理和思想的确给我留下了深刻印象,但严谨的提炼过程和不断的改进加工才是我真正学习到的东 西.
  4)When you graduate from here,you exit with thousands of pages of personal text on which are inscribed beliefs and values shaped by years of education,family interactions,relationship,experience. 当你从这里毕业时,你会带着数千页的个人纪录走出校门,在这些记录上,是你多年来受教育,家庭,社会关 系以及个人经历影响而形成的信念和价值观.
  5)I had convinced myself that my analytic mind and my Stanford humanities degree were enough to guell the fear. 我已确信我善于分析的头脑和斯坦福大学的人文学科的学位足以平息我的恐惧.
  6) We all know that normal human daily cycle of activity is of some 7-8 hours' sleep alternating with some 16-17 hours' wakefulness and that,broadly speaking,the sleep normally coincides with the hours of darkness. 我们都清楚正常人每天的活动周期是大约 7-8 个小时睡眠和 16-17 个小时清醒轮流相互交替,我么也知 道,一般来说,睡眠常在夜间进行。
  7) The case ,for example,with which people can change from working in the day to working at night is a question of growing importance in industry where automation calls insistently for round-the-clock working of machines. 例如有种情况, 自动化工厂要求持续 24 小时的机器运转, 因此日夜颠倒上班成了一个越来越重要的问题。
  8) This means that no sooner has he got used to one routine than he has to change to another,so that much of his time is spent neither working nor sleeping very efficiently. 这说明他刚适应一种工作规律就又得转向另一种工作规律,因此在他大部分时间里,休息和工作的效率很 低.
  9) One answer would seem to be longer periods on each shift,a month,or even three months. 一个解决的方法似乎是每次换班持续的时间长些,可以一个月甚至三个月换一次班.
  10) The only real solution appears to be to hand over the night shift to a corps of permanent night workers whose nocturnal wakefulness may persist through all weekends and holidays.
唯一能解决问题的方法是将夜班交给一些长期从事夜间工作的人,,他们在周末和假期依然会保持警醒状 态.
全国公共英语 PETS4 长难句精选(二)

  11) The first two stages in the development of civilized man were probably the invention of primitive weapons and the discovery of fire,although nobody knows exactly when he acquired the use of the latter. 在人类文明发展的进程中,最初的两个阶段可能是原始武器的发明和火的发现,但没有人确切的知道, 人类是在什么时候学会利用火的。
  12) Animal have a few cries that serve as signals,but even the highest apes haven't been found able to pronounce words,even with the most intensive professional instructions. 动物会发出几种叫声作为信号, 然而人们发现, 即使是最高级的猿经过强化的专业训练也不能说出话来。
  13) Agriculture made possible an immense increase in the number of the human species in the regions where it could be successfully practised. 在农业繁荣的地区,农业的发展使当地人口的数量大幅度增长。
  14) These inventions and discoveriesfire,speech,weapons,domestic animals,agriculture and writingmade the existence of civilized communities possible. 火,语言,武器,家禽,农业和文字的发明,使得文明社会有了存在的可能.
  15) There was progressthere were even two inventions of great importance,namely gunpowder and the mariner's compassbut neither of these can be compared in their revolutionary power to such things as speech and writing and agriculture. 进步是有的,有两项伟大发明,火药和航海指南针,但是,就其革命性而言,这两项发明都不能同语言,文字,和 农业相比.
  16) Growth in electronic commerce is not a straight line trendit come slowly at first,then accelerates rapidly. 电子商务的发展并非一帆风顺,而是经历了缓慢起步才加速前进的。
  17) Nonetheless,although it may take six years to reach sales of 1 trillion dollars,it won't take six more to reach 2 trillion,nor perhaps even two to expaned from 2 to 4 trillion dollars. 尽管可能需要六年时间才能使销售收入达到 1 万亿美元,但是从 1 万亿到 2 万亿美元则不会再用六年时间, 而从 2 万亿到 4 万亿美元甚至用不了两年时间.
  18) Electronic commence will turn the world into one giant shopping mall for products,services,and investments. 电子商务将会把世界变成一个集提供产品,服务与投资与一体的大型购物中心。
  19) By 2005,more than half of the average employees' working hours in advanced countries(like the United States and the United Kingdom)will be spent at home. 到 2005 年,发达国家雇员的平均工作时间将有一半以上在家中度过。
  20) Employees will be,figuratively speaking,in the driver's seat. 打个比方来说,雇员将会坐在驾驶座上,即取得主动权。
全国公共英语 PETS4 长难句精选(三)

  21) My friend's daughter,Sarah,stood by me waiting her turn. 我朋友的女儿莎拉站在我身边,等着轮到他。
  22) I was the only adult present who prompted "What do you say?"When the clown handed Sarah her balloon.The clown beamed at us,grateful he had actually been acknowledged. 当小丑把球递给莎拉时,我提醒她说:"你该说什么?"我是在场大人中唯一一个这么做的人.小丑微笑着看 着我们,很感激有人对他表示谢意.
  23) And what they are seeing is a society focused solely on acquisitionbe it another drink in a restaurant or a space on a crowded freewaywithout ever stopping to thank the source. 他们所看到的社会是一个完全专注于索取的社会??不管是饭馆还提供的一杯饮料还是高速公路上的一 块空地??没有人停下来说声谢谢。
  24) Most people today feel proud to have built a society that treats the races,sexes,and economic class more equally than ever before.And,yes,we have made real stride in these areas. 今天大部分人都建立了一个比过去任何时候都更平等地对待种族, 性别, 和经济阶层的社会而感到骄傲。 是的,我们在这些领域确实取得了进步。
  25) Are we really so pressured that we cannot stop to observe simple courtesy? 难道我们真的忙得不能停下来注意以下简单的礼节吗?
  26) Since it is often used simultaneously by both family members as well as guests,the chicken requires not only a glamorous look but a practical one. 由于家庭成员和客人常常会同时使用厨房,所以厨房不仅要美观而且要实用。
  27) This concern includes recycling of household materials, as well as energy efficient appliances and purity of both water and air. 家庭用具的再循环问题,厨房设备的节能问题以及水和空气的净化问题都受到重视.
  28) The character of today's kitchen is very different from the way it was thirty years ago.There is more sophiscation in food preparation,and more technological help with cooking and cleaning up. 与 30 年前相比,现在的厨房的特点有了很大的不同,在食物制作方面更为尖端高级,再食物烹制和清洁方面 也能提供更多的技术帮助.
  29) Because many of today's kitchens consist of two or more cooks sharing in the meal preparation,there is a need for more counter space,sooktops and sinks. 由于许多当今的厨房都有两个或者更多的人一起准备饭菜。所以很有必要为厨房设计更大的台面,更多 的厨具和洗涤槽等。
  30) You can have a refrigerator in one place and a freezer in a separate area or two sets of cooktops:one on the counter next to the wall oven and one on an island. 你可以买一个电冰箱放在厨房里的一个地方, 然后在买一个冰柜放在另一处, 或者你可以拥有 2 套厨具, 一套放在靠近墙面的台面上,另一套单独放置。
全国公共英语 PETS4 长难句精选(四)

  31) In a family where the roles of men and women are not sharply seperated and where many household tasks
are shared to a greater or lesser extent,notions of male superiority are hard to maintain. 在男女角色没有明显划分,家务事或多或少由双方共同承担的家庭中,男尊女卑的观点是很难维持的。
  32) In such a home,the growing boy and girl learn to accept that equality more easily than their parents did and to prepare more fully participation in a world characterized by cooperation rather than by the "battle of the sexes". 在这种家庭长大的孩子比他们父母更容易接受平等的观念,并做好充分准备去加入一个合作的,而不是"性 别大战"的社会.
  33) There are signs that pshchologists and specialists on the family are becoming more aware of the part men play and that they have decided that women should nor receive all the credit,nor all the blame.We have almost given up saying that a woman's place is in the home. 有一些迹象表明,有关家庭方面的心理学家和专家意识到男性在家庭中的作用,他们认为在涉及家庭方面 的问题上不应该由女性承担所有的赞扬或指责。我们已经不再坚持认为女性就应该呆在家里。
  34) We are beginning,however,to study a man's place in the home and to resist that he does have a place in it.Nor is that place irrelevant to the healthy development of the child. 相反的,我们开始研究男性在家庭中的地位,并坚持男性在家庭中占有一席之地的观点.男性在家庭中的地 位与孩子的健康成长不无关联.
  35) The family is a cooperative enterprise for which it is difficult to lay down rules,because each family memberneeds to work out its own ways for solving its own problems. 家庭是一个合作的集体, 很难制定通用的准则, 因为每个家庭中的成员都需要找出自己问题的具体方法。
  36) Scientists at Johns Hopkins have discovered :striking" differents between men and women in a part of the brain linked with ability to estimate time,judge speed,visualize things three-dimensionally and solve mathematical problems. 约翰,霍普金斯大学的科学家已发现在大脑中与估算时间,判断速度,想象三维事物以及解答数学题等 能力有关的部位,在男女之间存在惊人的差别。
  37) The differences,the researchers say,may underlie well-known trends that vary by sex,such as the fact that more men than women are architects,mathematicians and race-car drivers. 研究人员指出,这种差异可能会形成众所周知的男女有别的倾向,例如,事实上建筑师,数学家,和赛车手中 男性就多于女性.
  38) In women in the study,it is the right IPL that is somewhat larger,though the difference between the two sides of the brains is less obvious than in men,say Psychiatrist Godfrey Pearlson,M.D. ,who headed the project. 领导这项研究的精神病学家,医学博士皮尔逊说,研究表明,女性的右下顶叶略大一些,尽管女性大脑两边的 这种差异没有男性那么明显.
  39) It allows the brain to process information from senses such as vision and touch,and enable the sort of thinking involved in selective attention and perception. 下顶叶使大脑能够处理从诸如视觉和触觉等感官传来的信息,并使涉及有选择性注意和知觉之类的思维 活动得以进行.
  40)There are plenty of exceptions,but there is also a grain of truth,revealed throught the brain structure,that we
think underlies some of the ways people characterize the sexes. 当然有很多意外,但也不乏从大脑结构中显露出的某些事实,我们认为这事实构成了人们在性别方面的某 些特征.
全国公共英语 PETS4 长难句精选(五)

  41) Owning Norand also allowed Pioneer to explore high-technology markets outside agriculture. 拥有罗兰德,先锋国际就可以在农业外的高科技市场放手一搏了。
  42) Pioneer always took a given percent of the annual profits to divide equally among all employees,so our profit-sharing checks were higher than if Pioneer had not purchased Norand.Additionally,my Pioneer stock was lower than it had been before the purchase of Norand.I was not pleased. 先锋国际的老规律是拿出一定比例的年利润平均分配给所有的雇员,所以我们分的的利润比收购罗兰



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   日期 每天十 单词,请用心记忆哦, 每天十个单词,请用心记忆哦,加油 1. exciting 2. buzy 3.difficult 4. dangerous 5. fun 6. boring 7. want to do 8. job 9. because 10.work hard r= 令人激动的,刺激的 忙碌的,繁华的 拥挤的 困难的 危险的 好玩的 无聊的 想要做某事 工作 因为 努力工作,努力学习 期五的中午为自我检测时间, 重新记忆一遍 本星期的默写哦. 一定记得给自己评分哦. ) ...


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