全国公共英语等级考试( 模拟试题(
  4) 全国公共英语等级考试(2 级)模拟试题(
第一部分:听力(略) 第二部分:英语知识运用 第一节:单项选择 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑.

  1. will you be able to finish the job this week? , but I'm not skilled enough, you know. A.I can't say so B.I expect so C. I'm sure so D. I don't know so

  2. We arrived at the station late, or we the bus. A. too much; would catch C. much too; would have caught B. a little too; had caught D. too much; would have caught

  3. Is it the watch you want ? A. to have it repaired C. to have repaired B. to repair it D. to have repaired it

  4. The two thieves fled the town separately, a bag. A. each carrying watch is
  5. The little boy can't tell . A. whose is that watch B. whose that watch is C. whose watch is that D. whose watch is
  6. If a baby bird stays for two or three weeks after leaving the nest, it has a fair chance of becoming an adult. A. living B. lively C. alive D. live if attacked,we will certainly B. whose that watch is C. whose watch is that D. whose

  7. We will not attack we are attacked; counter-attack. A. if B. when C. unless
D. even if 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  8. You can take seat you like. A. no matter what B. no matter which C. what D. whichever

  9. I to speak to you all these days. A. wanted B. have wanted C. shall want D. shall be wanting

  10.A burning cigarette he threw into the wastepaper basket fire to the hotel. A. made B. set C. caused D. caught
  11."Do you hear someone knocking at the door?" "Yes, I did. I heard him three times." A. knocking B. knocked C. being knocking D. knock
  12.Peter, John and Tom each .
A. say they came first B. says they came first C. says he came first D. say came first
  13.Through long power lines electricity goes . A. to the place needed B. there it is needed C. where it is needed D. which it is needed
  14. from the apple tree. A. It down fell down
  15.The service in this restaurant is very poor; to wait customers. A. on B. for C. with D. to there are not enough waiters B. there it is needed C. Down fell it D. Fell it
第二节:完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C、D 中选出能填入相应 空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.
Linda was a few minutes late. Wilson 16 the office when she got there. His secretary told her he 17 back in a few minutes. She 18 sit down and wait 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
for a few minutes in outer office. "I'll never get this job," she 19 herself. For a moment she wanted to 20 the building. Just then, Wilson came 21 the door and hurried into his office. A few minutes 22 his secretary took Linda in and introduced her, Linda apologized 23 . Wilson didn't seem to 24 .They chatted casually (随 便地) for a few seconds and then 25 . He 26 her letter of application. "You've never worked in radio or television before, 27 ? "he said. Now she was 28 that she would not get the job. Wilson asked her 29 questions. 30 he seemed impressed with her other qualifications(资格).She was 31 when he asked her if she could start soon. "I wonder if you'd mind 32 next month?" he asked 33 . 34 seemed she had got the job 35 .
  16. A. had left
  17. A. had been
  18. A. should
  19. A. told
  20. A. run out
  21. A. through
  22. A. latest B. has left B. came B. had to B. spoke B run of B. across B. last C. was left C. was C. would C. said C. run out of C. cross C. late D. would be leaving
D. would be D. was able to D. talked D. run away D. along D. later C. to be late D. hear C. settled D. for the late

  23. A. to being late
  24. A. mind
B. for being late C. notice
B. listen

  25. A. took down with business down with business
  26. filled out
  27. A. haven't you
  28. A. even more sure
  29. A. a few such
  30. A. As her surprise her surprise
B. came down to business
D. got down to business B. took out B. do you B. much sure B. a few more C. sent out C. have you D. threw away D. don't you D. sure of D. more a few D. To
C. even sure of C. much a few
B. To her surprised
C. For her surprised 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  31. A. even more surprise surprised
  32. A. starting
  33. A. by a smile
  34. A. It
  35. A. not at all
B. even much surprise
C. even more
D. even much surprised B. to start B. with a smile B. This C. That C. all C. start C. by smile D. He D. after that D. started D. with smile
B. after all
第三部分:阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在 答题卡上将该项涂黑。
In the traditional(传统的)marriage, money for the family ,
the man worked at a job to earn a factory, or some the paid and other
Most men worked in an office ,
other place away from the home .Since the man earned the money , the bills(帐).The money was used for food , family needs , clothes , the house ,
The man made most of the decisions ,
He was the boss,
In the traditional marriage,
the woman seldom worked away from the house. She cooked meals, Her job
she stayed at home to care for the children and her husband, cleaned the house , washed the clothes ,
and did other housework ,
at home was very important. In recent years , many couples(夫妇)continue to have a traditional
relationship of the kind . The man has a job and earns the money for the family . The woman stays at home and cares for the children and the house .Many Americans are happy with the kind of marriage .But some other Americans have a different impression of marriage and family responsibilities(责任). There are two important differences in male(男性)and female (女性)roles(角 色)now. One is that both men and women have many more choices .They may choose 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
to marry or to stay single .They may choose to work or stay at home .Both men and women may choose roles that are comfortable for them. A second difference in male and female roles is that within marriage many decisions and responsibilities are shared .The husband and wife may choose to have children, or they may not .If they have children, the man take
care of them some of the time ,
all of the time or not at all .The woman may
want to stay at home and take care of the children .Or she may want to go to work .Men and women now decide these things together in a marriage , Many
married people now share these decisions and the responsibilities of their families.

  36. Which of the following is NOT true in the traditional marriage ? A. Men worked at a job to earn money for the family . B. The women made most of decisions. C. The woman stayed at home to care the children. D. The man paid the bills.
  37. In recent years . A. young couples (拒绝)the traditional relationship.
B. the woman has a job and earns the money for the family . C. the woman doesn't stay at home and care for the children and the house. D. the role of men and women has begun to change .
  38. Men and women may now choose all the following except to . A. marry or to stay single . B. work or stay at home . C. leave their jobs just because they have children D. have their roles that are comfortable for them
  39. The following are all now true except . A. they may choose to have children or not B. the man may tack care of the children some of the time. C. the woman is the most important person in the house 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
D. the woman may want to go to work
  40. Which of the following is not true? A. Everyone tries to get married. B. The man was the boss in the traditional marriage. C. The woman's job at home was very important in the past. D. Many Americans still have a traditional marriage.
In reading science,
a heading (标题)often gives a clue (线索)to a
problem that is going to be discussed .Getting the problem clearly in your mind is the first step to take in studying such material. You are advised to do this in reading science articles.
  1. Read the title and think about it .
  2. Read all of the headings .You should get a clear idea of what the problems are without reading anything but the headings.
  3. Next , read the article all the way through carefully. Each time you come
to a heading that names a problem, read the paragraphs under that heading to find out :
  1. more information about the problem; met . the problem may be

  41. This passage offers advice on . A. how to read titles and headings B. how to find headings in an article C. what problems to be discussed in science article D. how to read science material
  42. It is advisable for you . A. to read the heading which you think is the title B. to read the heading that names a problem C. to read one heading and the paragraph under it each time 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
D. to read the headings only
  43. Read the whole article after . A. you have got all the information about the problem B. you understand the title C. you have read one paragraph after another D. you are clear about what to be discussed
  44. You read the whole article carefully . A. to get all the headings B. to see how the problem is discussed C. to name problems D. to think about the title
Unemployment(失业)rose from
  7.5&in June, the highest rate since January of that year ,
  7.8% in July,
the Labor Department reported. 000 in the labor force ,
The main reason was a large increase nearly 700,
with a record
  61.9% of the population over sixteen years of age working or actively looking for work. That growth was caused mainly by an increase in the number of women in the labor force , an increase partly because of a continuation of long
term and economic trends(经济趋势)and partly a reflection of pressure on families to increase their incomes.

  45. According to the announcement, correct?
which of the following statements is
A. Unemployment in July was higher than it had been since January. B. Unemployment rose at a steady rate form January to July. C. Unemployment rose by about 7% from June to July. D. Unemployment rose about 7% the first time in July.
  46. Why did unemployment increase during the period discussed in the passage? A. There are fewer jobs in summer. B. Many companies had dismissed workers. 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
C. The labor force had grown. D. Records have become more accurate(准确)
  47. which of the following is said to be the main reason why more people are looking for work? A. Young people start working younger. B. Recent graduates have entered the labor market. C. More people must have tow jobs to support their families. D. More women have entered the job market.
  48. It can be inferred that the labor force described in the passage is made up of A. persons whose jobs are not professional(专业的) B. persons who work at both permanent (永久)and full-time jobs C. those over 16 years of age who are looking for work D. about 60% of the country's population
I found myself facing a dry-cleaning store which had once been one of the best restaurants in New York. On Sundays the old man would take my mother and me for dinner. There had been a balcony(走廊)where a baker (面包师)in a tall white hat baked fresh bread , and been whenever a customer entered, the
baker would look down and put in a fresh batch(一炉).I could see the manager who always sat down with us while we ate .He had some disease , I suppose,
because the right side of his face was swollen (肿的)out like a balloon , but he always wore a hard wing collar and a white tie , and never seemed
sick .A Negro with a moustache was looking through the store window at me .For a moment I was anxious to go and tell him what I remembered. I did not go into the store , in my room , nor even toward our house , trying to read. I went down town instead and sat 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、



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