culture challenge
when Chinese meet the West
GROUP 1 Ocean University of China
Content Part 1 Western Culture in China
Part 2 When Chinese Culture goes out
Part 3 Opinions & Summarization
Part 1 Western Culture in China With the Chinese reform and opening-uppolicy's beingcarried out for 30 years , moreand more exotics go into Chinese daily life. Nowadays,the Chinese seems usedto live with the varieties of western goods
Western culture in China
Western food
Western customs

  1.Western food
So ,let's see some trademarks firstly...
KFC Macdonald' Subway PizzaHut starbucks .......
They are so popular in today's China But,what on earth do they bring to us?
delicious enjoyment convenience vanity
One point we should get is that they can absolutly not bring us
? hamburger ? fried chicken ? French fries ? ....... this kind of food is called "junk" in those country where they come from.
Let's see how the foreign country have done?
? 英国:2004年11月15日英国政府发布《公共卫生白皮 书》,禁止电视台在晚6时到9时的黄金时段播放“垃 圾食品”的广告。 ? 泰国:泰国卫生部2004年6月18日发起“弃绝垃圾食 品”宣传活动,号召青少年拒绝“洋快餐”与膨化食 品,从小对自己的健康负责。 ? 美国:2005年美国农业部副部长说:美国
  24~74岁的 成年人中,有65%体重超重,其中半数为肥胖患者。 律师、营养学家、医学家和公众一致认为,快餐业应 该对当前美国人民的健康状况承担重要责任! ? 法国:在法国常常会见到一些志愿者在肯德基、麦当 劳餐店门口劝阻他人不要消费“垃圾食品”,此类活 动得到政府的有力支持。 ? 以色列:以色列每年专门设有“反麦当劳日”。 ? ......
? It seems that chinese are very keen on these food we might often hear this kind of dialogue in China below...
S: Mum,i want to have chickens in KFC M: If you get good marks at this exams,i will buy the chickens as much as you can eat.

  2.western customs in China
? One typical example is Christmas Day. what Chinese usually do during the festival?
you know it
More and more young people choose to be romantic at
  2.14 Valentine's Day. but more and more people forget the Tanabata festival on the seventh evening of the seventh moon in lunar calendar.
some people say:
When Chinese Culture goes out
Chinese culture
Made in China

  1.Chinese culture Globalization today ,western culture come into China ,andat the same time the Chinese are also infulencing today's world.
More and more foreigners know about the Chinese and Chinese food.
More than 300 Confucius Institute all over the world
Chinese writting
Chinese Kangfu
Chinese Dressing

  2.Made in China
China seems to be the world factory
Made in China 没定拆哪
Opinions & Summarization
our conclusion
So many young people go in for westerngoods,this phenomenon reflects several changes in Chinese people’s deep inside. ? first of all, with the reform and open up moving smoothly, Chinese have a deep understanding of the west countries’ advancement. Some people think western lifestyle stand for elegance and modern. so the imitative lifestyle comes. ? Second, Consistency(从众心理) makes this phenomenon deep and extensive rapidly. ? Last but not least, the authority’s wrong policies leaded a catastrophe of Chinese tranditional culture, as a result, people living in the present age have not been familiar with some typical confucianist thesis.
With the globalization today,all kinds of cuture come together,it's no wonder come out the culture collision.what we should do is not all excluding and all excepting. when we except the foreign things,one point should be hold is that protect our traditional culture well.
i hope this kind of comical scandels nevel happen in China
Starbucks &The Imperial Palace
Thanks a lot



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