Unit 8 Text A 翻译(黑体字是课后填空题)
Fable of the Lazy Teenager 关于懒散少年的寓言故事 Benjamin Stein 本杰明?斯坦 1 One day last fall, I ran out of file folders and went to the drugstore to buy more. I put a handful of folders on the counter and asked a teenage salesgirl how much they cost. "I don't know," she answered. "But it's 12 cents each." 去年一个秋日,我文件夹用完了,便去杂货店买。我拿了一大把文件夹搁在柜台上,问一个十几岁的售货员多少钱。 “不 知道, ”她回答说, “反正单价 12 美分。 ” 2 I counted the folders. "Twenty-three at 12 cents each, that makes $
  2.76 before tax,"I said. 我数了数文件夹。 “二十三个,单价 12 美分,总共
  2.76 美金,不含税, ”我说。 3 "You did that in your head?" she asked in amazement. "How can you do that?" “你心算的?”她惊奇地问道, “你怎么会算出来的?” 4 "It's magic" I said. “靠魔力”我说。 5 "Really?" she asked. “真的?” 她问。 6No modestly educated adult can fail to be upset by such an experience. While our children seem better-natured than ever, they are so ignorant -- and so ignorant of their ignorance -- that they frighten me. In a class of 60 seniors at a private college where I recently taught, not one student could write a short paper without misspellings. Not one. 略受教育的成年人没有谁不会为这样的经历难过。 虽然我们的孩子似乎比以往任何时候都要温厚和气, 他们却如此无知 ?? 对自己的无知状况也如此无知 ?? 以至使我感到可怕。在我最近任教的一所私立大学,一个六十人的四年级班上, 没有一个学生写短文时不犯拼写错误。没有一个学生例外。 7 But this is just a tiny slice of the problem. The ability to perform even the simplest calculations is only a memory among many
students I see, and their knowledge of world history or geography is nonexistent. 但这只是问题的一小部分。在我所见过的许多学生中,再也没有过去学生都有的哪怕是进行最简单的计算的能力,他们 对世界历史和地理都一无所知。 8 Moreover, there is a chilling indifference about all this ignorance. The attitude was summed up by a friend's bright, lazy 16-year-old son, who explained why he preferred not to go to U.C.L.A. "I don't want to have to compete with Asians," he said. "They work hard and know everything." 更有甚者,他们对这种种的无知却毫不在乎,实在令人不寒而栗。一位朋友的聪明但却很懒散的十六岁儿子在解释他为 什么不想上加州大学洛杉矶分校时说的话是对这种态度的高度概括。 “我不想去那儿跟亚洲人竞争, ”他说, “他们用功,什 么都知道。 ” 9 In fact, this young man will have to compete with Asians whether he wants to or not. He cannot live forever on the financial, material and human capital accumulated by his ancestors. At some point soon, his intellectual laziness will seriously affect his way of life. It will also affect the rest of us. A modern industrial state cannot function with an idle, ignorant labor force. Planes will crash. Computers will jam. Cars will break down. 其实, 无论他是否愿意, 这位年轻人都将不得不去跟亚洲人竞争。 他不能永远躺在先辈积累的经济、 物质与人力资本上。 用不了多久,他懒于用脑的结果将严重影响他的生活方式,也将影响我们其他所有的人。一个现代工业化国家无法靠一支懒 散、无知的劳动大军运行。飞机会坠落。计算机会出故障。汽车会抛锚。 10 To drive this message home to such young Americans, I have a humble suggestion: a movie, or TV series, dramatizing just how difficult it was for the country to get where it is -- and how easily it could all be lost. I offer the following fable. 为使这样的美国青年彻底认识到这一点,我的愚见是:拍一部电影,或电视连续剧,生动地描述我们国家的今天如何来
之不易??而要丧失这一切又何其容易。下面我奉献一篇寓言故事。 11 As the story opens, our hero, Kevin Hanley 1990, a 17-year-old high school senior, is sitting in his room, feeling bitter. His parents insist he study for his European history test. He wants to go shopping for headphones for his portable CD player. The book he is forced to read -- The Wealth of Nations -- puts him to sleep. 故事开始时,我们的主人公凯文?汉利 19
  90,一名十七岁的高三学生,正坐在自己房间里,心情痛苦。他父母一定要 他准备欧洲史考试。而他则想去买一副激光唱片随身听的耳机。他被迫要读的书??《各国的财富》??让他打瞌睡。 12 Kevin dreams it is 1835, and he is his own great-great-great-grandfather at 17, a peasant in County Kerry, Ireland. He lives in a small hut and sleeps next to a pig. He is always hungry and must search for food. His greatest wish is to learn to read and write so he might get a job as a clerk. With steady wages, he would be able to feed himself and help his family. But Hanley's poverty allows no leisure for such luxuries as going to school. Without education and money, he is powerless. His only hope lies in his children. If they are educated, they will have a better life. 凯文进入梦乡,时值 1835 年,他是他本人的曾太祖父,十七岁,是爱尔兰克雷郡的一个农民。他住在小小的陋室里, 睡在一头猪旁。他老是挨饿,总是要找吃的。他最大的心愿是学会读书写字,以便找一个职员的工作。有了固定的工资,他 就能养活自己,贴补家用。但汉利的贫穷使他无从享受上学这样的奢侈。没有教育,没有钱,他无能为力。他惟一的希望寄 托在孩子身上。如果他们能接受教育,他们就会生活得好一些。 13 Our fable fast-forwards and Kevin Hanley 1990 is now his own great-grandfather, Kevin Hanley, 19
  28. He, too, is 17 years old, and he works in a steel mill in Pittsburgh. His father came to America from Ireland and helped build the New York City subway. Kevin Hanley 1928 is far better off than either his father or his grandfather. He can read and write. His wages are far better than anything his ancestors had in Ireland. 我们的寓言故事快速展开。现在凯文?汉利 1990 成了他自己的曾祖父,凯文?汉利 19
  28。他也是十七岁,在匹兹堡一 家钢铁厂工作。他的父亲从爱尔兰来到美国,参加过纽约地铁的修建。凯文?汉利 1928 比自己的父亲和祖父境遇好多了。 他能读书写字。他的工资比先辈在爱尔兰时的收入高多了。 14 Next Kevin Hanley 1990 dreams that he is Kevin Hanley 1945, his own grandfather, fighting on Iwo Jima against a most
determined foe, the Japanese army. He is always hot, always hungry, always scared. One night in a foxhole, he tells a friend why he is there: "So my son and his son can live in peace and security. When I get back, I'll work hard and send my boy to college so he can live by his brains instead of his back." 接下来凯文?汉利 1990 梦见自己成了他自己的祖父凯文?汉利 19
  45。他正在硫黄岛与死敌日本军队作战。他总是又热 又饿又害怕。一天晚上他在散兵坑里与一个朋友讲自己为什么在那儿作战: “这样我的儿子、孙子就能生活在和平安全的环 境里。等我回国了,我要勤奋工作,让儿子上大学,这样他就可以干脑力活儿,而不是靠卖苦力生活。 ” 15 Then Kevin Hanley 1990 is his own father, Kevin Hanley 1966, who studies all the time so he can get into college and law school. He lives in a fine house. He has never seen anything but peace and plenty. He tells his girl friend that when he has a son, he won't make him study all the time, as his father makes him. 接着凯文?汉利 1990 成了他自己的父亲凯文?汉利 19
  66。他终日用功,这样就可以上大学,进法学院。他住在漂亮的 房子里。他一生在和平环境中过着富裕的生活。他对女朋友说,等他有了儿子,他不会像他父亲逼他那样逼自己的儿子整天 读书。 16 At that point, Kevin Hanley 1990 wakes up, shaken by his dream. He is relieved to be away from Ireland and the steel mill and Iwo Jima. He goes back to sleep. 就在这时, 凯文?汉利 1990 被自己的梦惊醒了。他离开了爱尔兰,离开了那家钢铁厂,离开了硫黄岛,不由松了口气。 他又睡着了。 17 When he dreams again, he is his own son, Kevin Hanley 20
  20. There is gunfire all day and all night. His whole generation forgot why there even was law, so there is none. People pay no attention to politics, working class. 他接着做梦,这次成了他自己的儿子凯文?汉利 20
  20。枪声日夜不停。他那整个一代人忘却了过去为什么要有法律, 因此现在没有法律了。人们丝毫不关心政治,政府不为工人阶级提供服务。 18 Kevin 2020's father, who is of course Kevin 1990 himself, works as a cleaner in a factory owned by the Japanese. Kevin 2020 is a porter in a hotel for wealthy Europeans and Asians. Public education stops at the sixth grade. Americans have long since stopped and government offers no services to the
demanding good education for their children. 凯文 2020 的父亲,自然就是凯文 1990 本人,在日本人开的一家工厂当清洁工。凯文 2020 在一家专为有钱的欧洲人和 亚洲人开的酒店里当行李工。公共教育到六年级为止。美国人早就不再要求自己的孩子接受良好的教育。 19 The last person Kevin 1990 sees in his dream is his own grandson. Kevin 2050 has no useful skills. Machines built in Japan do all the complex work, and there is little manual work to be done. Without education, without discipline, he cannot earn an adequate living wage. He lives in a slum where there is no heat, no plumbing, no privacy and survives by searching through trash piles. 凯文 1990 最后梦见的是他自己的孙子。凯文 2050 没有有用的技能。日本制造的机器包揽了所有复杂的工作,没有什 么体力活可做。没有受过教育,没有受过训练,他挣不到足够的钱养活自己。他住在贫民窟,没有暖气,没有卫生设备,无 法不受四邻干扰,靠搜捡破烂度日。 20 In a word, he lives much as Kevin Hanley 1835 did in Ireland. But one day, Kevin Hanley 2050 is befriended by a visiting Japanese anthropologist studying the decline of America. The man explains to Kevin that when a man has no money, education can supply the human capital necessary to start to acquire financial capital. Hard work, education, saving and discipline can do anything. "This is how we rose from the ashes after you defeated us in a war about a hundred years ago." 总之,他的生活就像凯文?汉利 1835 在爱尔兰时一模一样。可是有一天,凯文?汉利 2050 与一位研究美国衰亡史的来 访日本人类学家交上了朋友。那人跟凯文解释说,如果一个人没有钱,教育能提供积累金融资本所必需的人力资本。勤奋、 教育、节俭、纪律能成就一切。 “我们就是这样从一百多年前你们打败我们的战争废墟中站起来的。 ” 21 "America beat Japan in war?" asks Kevin 20
  50. He is astonished. It seems as impossible as Brazil defeating the United States would sound in 19
  90. Kevin 2050 swears that if he ever has children, he will make sure they work and study and learn and discipline themselves. "To be able to make a living by one's mind instead of by stealing," he says." That would be a miracle." “美国在战争中打败日本?”凯文 2050 问道。他惊讶之极。这听起来就像说巴西在 1990 年打败美国一样不可思议。凯 文 2050 发誓,如果他有孩子的话,他一定要让他们工作、上学、学习并约束自己。 “能凭自己的脑力,而不是靠偷窃为生, ” 他说, “那将会是个奇迹。 ” 22 When Kevin 1990 wakes up, next to him is his copy of The Wealth of Nations. He opens it and the first sentence to catch his eye is this: "A man without the proper use of the intellectual faculties of a man is, if possible, more contemptible than even a coward." 凯文 1990 醒了过来,身旁放着他的那本《各国的财富》 。他打开书,跳入眼帘的第一句话就是: “一个不能恰当运用人 类智力的人极可能比懦夫更可鄙。 ” 23 Kevin's father walks in. "All right, son," he says. "Let's go look at those headphones." 凯文的父亲走了进来。 “好了,儿子, ”他说, “咱们去看耳机吧。 ” 24 "Sorry, Pop," Kevin 1990 says. "I have to study." “抱歉了,爸爸, ”凯文 1990 说, “我得看书学习了。 ”
Text A 答案
Vocabulary I
  3)is functioning
  9) work up
  12) was jammed
  1) to be seriously affected by the rise in gas prices。
  2) is a matter of total indifference to me)
  3) drove home the point that they needed extra people
  4) was found after they searched for it for a long time
  5) had run out of water by the time they got to the camp
  1) manual and complex its financial

  2) wa


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