Unit 3 Generation Gap Language Sense Enhancement (P.
  1) once in a while
  2) for
  3) the problem
  4) he thinks
  5) humiliated
  6) class president
  7) have
  8) Actually
  9) stop to think
  10) interference I.
  1. (P.
  1) typical
  2) dumb
  3) junior
  4) glorious
  5) welfare
  6) came over
  7) interference
  8) fading
  9) narrowed down
  10) frank
  11) scheme
  12) at any rate
  2. (P.
  1) The security council consists of five generals and four police officers.
  2) The new hotel will be in a location overlooking the lake.
  3) I was embarrassed by her comments about my family background in front of so many people.
  4) Do you have any proof that it was Henry who stole the computer?
  5) The boy was exhausted after the long cycle ride.
  3. (P.
  1) hysterical, was handed down by, should have known better than
  2) twisted, over and over, talented son
  3) patience, not to keep him in suspense, assured, repeatedly
II. Collocation (P.
  1. adequate
  2. anxious
  3. certain
  4. content
  5. crazy
  6. likely
  7. fortunate
  8. keen III. Usage (P.
  1. be admitted
  2. live
  3. be postponed
  4. buy
  5. be banned
  6. be Comprehensive Exercises (P.
  75) I. Cloze (A)
  1) typical
  2) welfare
  3) constant
  4) frank
  5) talent
  6) dumb
  7) know better than that
  8) repeatedly
  9) dread
  10) interference
  11) bet
  12) assure (B)
  1) despite
  2) really
  3) same
  4) contact
  5) admitted
  6) attempt
  7) not
  8) tend
  9) different
  10) manner
II. Translation (P.
  1) Have scientists found proof of water on Mars?
  2) The planning committee has narrowed down the possible locations for the nuclear power plant to two coastal towns.
  3) Sam not only lost his job but also both legs; he had to live on welfare for the rest of his life.
  4) A jury consisting of 12 members voted in unison that Mary was guilty.
  5) Sean felt humiliated to hear his talent being questioned.
  2. (P.
  77) George, the son of Mr. Johnson, liked listening to heavy metal music in the evenings, which made it hard for other residents in the community to fall asleep. Eventually the exhausted neigh-bors lost their patience and decided on direct interference. They called Mr. Johnson to tell him in a frank manner what they were thinking. Mr. Johnson assured them that he would certainly settle the issue. As soon as he put down the phone he scolded his son: "What has come over you? You should know better than to disturb others for the sake of your own interest." In the end George traded his CD’s for computer games software from his classmates.


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