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全新版大学英语- 2011-02-25 11:23:17 阅读 919 评论 0 Vocabulary I.
  1) on balance
  5) illustrated
  9) involved
  2) resist
  3) haul
  4) wicked
  6) budget
  10) economic 字号:大中小 订阅

  7) lowering
  11) blasting
  8) boundary
  12) just about

  1)cut back/ down
  2) pick up
  3) get by
  5)face up to
  6) turn in

  4) get through

  7) making up for
  8) think up

  1) pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy
  2) often generate misleading thoughts
  3) attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work
  4) be suspected of doing everything for money
  5) before he gets through life
  1) their indoor, a profit, to invest in
  2) device, the improvement, on a global scale
  3) stacked, temptation, never dined out II Confusable Words
  1) house
  1) doubt
  2) Home
  3) home, family
  4) household
  5) suspect

  2) suspect
  3) doubted

  4) suspected
III. Word Formation
  1) rise
  2) final
  3) regular
  4) cash
  5) hows, whys
  6) upped
  7) yellowed
  8) bottled
  9) lower
  10) search Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze
  1. Text-related
  1) get by
  2) temptation
  3) get through
  4) improvements
  5) aside from
  6) suspect
  7) supplement
  8) profit
  9) stacking
  2. (Theme-related)
  1) replaced
  2) consider
  3) quit
  4) world
  5) tough
  6) fuels
  7) provide
  8) luxuries
  9) balance
  10) ideal II. Translation
  1. We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor.

  2. My father died when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point.
  3. The toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to children.
  4. Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of news and opinion.
  5. When it comes to this magazine, it is/ carries a digest of articles from many newspapers and magazines around the world. A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened/ set up a household device store in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily for the improvement in the quality of their lives. But, to run a small business on a small scale is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expense. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premium for the various kinds of insurance she needed. Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life.
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  5) )
全新版大学英语- 2011-04-24 16:36:19 阅读 130 评论 0 Book 2 Unit 5 Overcoming Obstacles Text A True Height Key to Book 2 Unit 5 Vocabulary 字号:大中小 订阅
  1) startled
  3) motion
  2) mere
  4) sweating
  6) vain
  8) anxiety

  5) stretched out
  7)On one occasion
  9) emotions

  10) ashamed of

  11) In my mind's eye
  12) recurring

  1) Mrs. White's birthday coincides with her husband's.
  2) They make big profits on the stuff they sell by creating an artificial shortage, which sends the prices soaring / results in the soaring of prices.
  3) It has been a week of alternate sunshine and rain.

  4) Politics and philosophy have been his lifelong passions, although he studied economics at university.
  5) Tension came over her, as she waited for her first TV interview.
  1) media; dedication to; grace.
  2) his competitors; in excitement; hug him; congratulate him on
  3) emotions; numerous; intensity; passion for
II. Collocation
  1) Mike, a Green, made the suggestion that a large park be built near the community.
  2) In a letter to his daughter, Mr. Smith expressed his wish that she (should) continue her educa?tion to acquire still another degree.
  3) There is no reason to hold the belief that humans have no direct moral responsibility to safe?guard the welfare of animals.
  4) Children need to feel safe about the world they grow up in, and it is unwise to give them the idea that everything they come into contact with might be a threat.
  5) Anxiety can result from the notion that life has not treated us fairly.
  6) Nobody believed his claim that he was innocent.
III. Words with Multiple Meanings
  1.1 work out in the gym for one hour every morning.
  2. Florence has worked as a cleaner at the factory for five years.
  3. The wounded man worked his way across the field on his hands and knees.
  4. The safe load for a truck of this type works out at about twenty-five tons.
  5. It is difficult to understand how human minds work.
  6. To my disappointment, the manager's plan of promoting the new products doesn't work at all.
  7. The teacher has a lot of experience of working with children who don't know how to learn.
  8. The medicine began to work one hour after the child took it. .
Comprehensive txercises I. Cloze (A) Text-related
  1. In my mind's eye
  2. groan

  3. competitor
  4. intensity
  5. anxiety
  6. tense

  7. sweat
  8. tension

  9. soaring
  10. recurring

  11. brought me back to earth
  12. fantasy
  13. sweat
  14. congratulate
  16. media (B)Theme-related
  1. engineer
  2. forget
  3. convinced
  4. how
  5. build
  6. accident
  7. thought
  8. only
  9. sharp
  10. touched
  11. instructions
  12. finally
II. Translation
  1) It is the creativity and dedication of the workers and executives that turned the company into a profitable business.
  2) The prices of food and medicine have soared in the past three months.
  3) We plan to repaint the upper floors of the office building.
  4) His success shows that popularity and artistic merit sometimes coincide.
  5) I don’t want to see me beloved grandmother lying in a hospital bed and groaning painfully.
  2. Numerous facts bear out the argument/statement/claim that in order to recover speedily from negative emotion, you should allow yourself to cry. You needn’t / don’t have to be ashamed of crying. Anxiety and sorrow can flow out of the body along with tears. Consider the case of / Take Donna. Her son unfortunately died in a car accident. The intensity of the blow made her unable to cry. She said, “It was not until two weeks later that I began to cry. And then I felt as if a big stone had been lifted from my shoulders. It was the tears that brought me back to earth and help me survive the crisis.”
课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》 课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》第三册 UNIT
  3(综合教程第二版) :《全新版大学英语 (综合教程第二版)
全新版大学英语- 2011-04-01 17:30:43 阅读 454 评论 0 Unit 3 字号:大中小 订阅
Text A The Land of The Lock Vocabulary I.
  1) threatens
  2) by a small margin
  4)closed up
  6) paste
without so much as
  8) sideways
  9) hook up to
  10) universal
  11) chart
  12) Bathed in
  4)fit into

  1)narrowed down

  2)looked back on

  3)cut off

  5)wear(the other) down
  6)lies in

  7)put up

  8)stand for

  1)...which is likely to make people vulnerable to asthma has been found by researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine in Oxford.
  2)...with mirrored doors had to be built in so as to make their small bedroom look larger.
  3)...feature the space shuttle Challenger blowing up in January 1986killing all seven crew.
  4)...threatened to keep the pupils in after school, they were quieted at once.
  5)... are a major barrier to the country's economic growth due to the fact that/because imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange.
  1) looked back on/ atmosphere/urban life
  2)era/ hooked up to the / the electronic
  3) the suburb / a sophisticated / system / analyze / make errors II.
  1) away
  7) back down

  1) Internet is not such an unusual word as it used to be
  2) Most men do not look unattractive in them
  3) Wealthy as she is, she is not unconcerned by her sudden unemployment
  4) The claim is not unrealistic in view of a sharp decrease in the city's violent crimes.
  5)His poor health is not unrelated to his unhealthy way of life. Comprehensive Exercises
  1. Cloze
  1) Statistics
  4)stood for
  5)on the latch


  1) together

  8)break II. Translation

  1) The Internet is changing the way people live, (no matter) whether they are in urban or rural areas.
  2)Medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global economic crisis than large ones.
  3) With regard to our term paper, the professor asked us to analyze the unemployment chart first, and then provide critical reflections on the nations economic development.
  4)It never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large margin.
  5) Looking back on my twenty years' teaching in high school, I attribute my success to patience, talent, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

  2. It is almost impossible to keep a determined burglar out. All you can do is discourage him for a few minutes. Thus exposing him to police patrols. Common sense tells us that lighting is a barrier to criminal activity. A light should be fixed in the doorway and switched on at night. Make sure/Assure yourself that you don't leave the door on the latch if you happen to be the last to come in. If you decide to buy a sophisticated electronic alarm system, be sure to ask for its signs and put them up on both windows and doors. In addition you may have it hooked up to a police station.
课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》第三册 UNIT
  4(综合教程第二版) 课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》 (综合教程第二版) :《全新版大学英语
全新版大学英语- 2011-04-20 17:33:36 阅读 79 评论 0 Unit 4 Imagination and Creativity Text A Was Einstein a Space Alien? 字号:大中小 订阅
Vocabulary I.
  1) accordingly
  2) loose
  3) concentration reality
  9) trifle
  8) intuition
  11) mess
  5) fabric
  6)if anything

  10) at the turn of the century
  12) undermine

  1) approve of
  5) set apart

  2) slow down
  6) dozed off

  3) taken in
  4) sucked into
  7)call forth
  10)believe in
  8)stretch into

  9) keep up with

  1)...provided inspiration for many artists and musicians over the decades.
  2)...is credited to his powers of imagination
  3)...on the foundations of an agricultural revolution
  4)...not to make any complaints in the presence of the nurse.
  5)...the outbreak of the Second World War.
  1) flaw/came to the conclusion/would get nowhere
  2) in a row/dozed off/a mess of
  3) outbreak of/ has undermined / has strained II.
  1)With Christmas only a week away
  2) With his physical condition improving day by day
  3) With our GDP growing steadily
  4) With all the shops closed
  5) with her eyes closed
  6) With the fog lifting during the night III.
  1) like/as
  5) as/like
  2) as
  6) as
  3) like
  4) like/as
  8) as
Comprehensive Exercises
  1. Cloze
  1) caution
  2) came to the conclusion that
  3)never get anywhere
  5) not give/care a fig
  6) flaw

  7) beyond any doubt

  10) imagination


  1) extent


  9) utilized
  10)breakthrough II. Translation

  1) The volunteers sent/assigned by the Red Cross disinfected, with great caution, the drinking water in the village so as to avoid an outbreak of plague.
  2)Einstein spent many years trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity but failed.
  3)Professor Wang received/won the Presidential Award for his excellence in stimulating students' creative imagination.
  4) As there were some major design flaws, the board of directors didn't approve of the economic stimulus package.
  5) Having realized that nobody could help him, Jordan finally came to the conclusion that he had to face reality and take up/meet the challenge by himself.
  2. What was remarkable about 2005 was perhaps that the UN declared it "The World Year of Physics". It was the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of relativity and the 50th anniversary of his death. In 1905 Einstein published five highly important essays in the history of science, thus revolutionizing physics. His great achievements can be credited to his impressive powers of imagination, constant questioning, and not giving a fig for authority. It is beyond doubt that Einstein was the greatest scientist in the 20th century.
课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》 课后练习答案:《全新版大学英语》第三册 UNIT
  5(综合教程第二版) :《全新版大学英语 (综合教程第二版)
全新版大学英语- 2011-04-20 17:35:40 阅读 76 评论 0 Unit 5 Giving Thanks Text A Writing Three Thank-You Letters Text Organization l. Parte Paragraphs Main Ideas Part One Paras 1-9 On Thanksgiving Day 1943, as a young coastguardsman at sea, the writer came up with the idea of expressing his gratitude to people who had helped him before. Part Two Paras 10-16 The writer wrote three thank-you letters to his father, the Rev. Nelson and his grandmother. Part Three Paras 17-23 The writer got three letters in reply. Part Four Paras 24-26 The writer wishes everyone to find the good and praise it. Correspondents Letters



   Unit 1 中国式的学习风格 ??霍华德?加德纳 1987年春,我和妻子埃伦带着我们18个月的儿子本杰明在繁忙的中国东部城市南京住了一个月,同时考察中国幼儿园和小学的艺术教育情况。然而,我和埃伦获得的有关中美教育观念差异的最难忘的体验并非来自课堂,而是来自我们在南京期间寓居的金陵饭店的大堂。 我们的房门钥匙系在一块标有房间号的大塑料板上。酒店鼓励客人外出时留下钥匙,可以交给服务员,也可以从一个槽口塞入钥匙箱。由于口子狭小,你得留神将钥匙放准位置才塞得进去。 本杰明 ...


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   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可 留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦 忧 新概念英语第二册课后习题答案详解 Lesson 1 1. b 选 b 最为正确。因为 a. d.都与课文内容不符合, 也不合乎逻辑; c.的意思 是“他们没有注意他” ,而作者的意图并不是想让他 们注意他,而是想让他们停止谈话。 所以选 b. 最能表达作者当时心里的感受。 2.c 其余 3 个答案都与原句意思不符合。 3.b 因为 a. to 不对,可以是 He went to the theatre;c. in ...


   灿烂的语言,只能点缀感情,如果我沉默,代表我真的喜欢你 26、自由代表的是内心永久的孤独。 、自由代表的是内心永久的孤独。 27、现实太假,还是自己太傻? 、现实太假,还是自己太傻? 28、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 29、生活的真正意义是:生下来,活下去。 、生活的真正意义是: 生下来,活下去。 30、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 31、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退,没有返 、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退, 回! 32、虽然 ...


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   全新版大学英语听说教程答案第二册 Key to Listening CourseBook Book-II( 《大学英语》全新版) Unit 1 Part A 1. 108:96 2. 110:111 3. 135:130 4. 69:75 Part B Text Exercise 1: 1. D 2. B Exercise 2: 1. Peter likes cycling and swimming. Laura likes these two sports too. Besides, sh ...



   大学英语四级高频词汇表(1-100) 1.alter v. 改变,改动,变更 (例) These clothes are too large; they must be altered. 这些衣服太大,得修改。 2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂 (例)They burst out laughing. 他们突然大 笑起来。 (搭配)a burst of laughter 突发的笑声 3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) (例)We have to dispos ...


   初中英语听力拿分的四大要素 在语言的四个技能中,听与读属“接受型”技能,说与写属“创造型”技能。听力的“接 受” 性质决定了听能的提高必须依大量的听力实践训练来实现。 训练过程包括: ①听力速度; ②听力素质;③听力记忆;④听力理解。 一、听力速度训练 听力速度直接关系到听力测试的成败, 而且是影响考生测试心理的一个重要因素。 测试 中因为一道题没跟上而顿时慌乱,接连丢失几题的情况并不罕见。 如何训练听力速度?一种方法是“循序渐进法” ,即由慢速到快速,逐步提高。这种方法 可使初学者逐渐适应 ...


   考研指导: 年考研复试之英语口语的训练 考研指导:2010 年考研复试之英语口语的训练 通过研究生初试只是成功的一半,而接下来的复试至关重要,在这里万学海 文考研辅导专家特别给广大考生强调一下英语复试需要把握的内容.从 2005 年 起国家取消了研究生初试中的听力考试, 将英语听力和口语的考查一并放到复试 中进行,并将英语听力和口语的分值记入总成绩.英语听力和口语测试是研究生 复试的重要组成部分,也是广大考生需要重点加强的薄弱环节,因此考生应该充 分利用从初试结束到复试开始这一段时间,集中强 ...


   初中英语学习方法 初中英语学习还是有些一些方法和规律可遵循的,很多孩子英语学不好,是因为初中英语方法有些不对,那样 很可能是事倍功半,浪费精力和时间,成绩得不到提高,下面就学大教育的初中英语家教老师总结给我们一些 初中英语学习方法。 一、 读 每天都应坚持读。 1、 朗读:一般文章读 2~3 遍,带着理解去读,而不只是为读而读。 2、 背诵:好的文章应背熟,以记住好词好句,同时培养自己的语感。 3、 速读:文章第一遍用最快的速度读完,以提高阅读速度和理解能力,并逐渐培养不翻译直接理解英文的能 ...


   01.001 中医 01.002 中药 01.003 中医学 01.004 中药学 01.005 中医药 01.006 中医药学 01.007 中西医结合 01.008 中医基础理论 01.009 中医诊断学 01.010 方剂学 01.011 中医内科学 01.012 中医外科学 01.013 中医皮肤科学 01.014 中医肛肠科学 01.015 中医妇科学 01.016 中医儿科学 01.017 中医眼科学 01.018 中医耳鼻喉科 学 (1)traditional Chinese ...