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全新版大学英语第一册第六单元: 全新版大学英语第一册第六单元 Do animals fall in love? (
  1) He compared this to a man who meets a woman and ? astonished that she is the same girl he used to see running around in a school uniform ? falls in love and marries her. 他将此比作一位男士遇见一位女士,男士惊讶地发现此人正是自己过去常常看见、身着 校服东奔西跑的那个女孩,于是爱上了她,并娶其为妻。 (
  2) Zookeepers know, to their despair, that many species of animals will not breed with just any other animal of their species. 动物园的饲养员知道,许多种动物不会随便就与同类动物交配,对此他们一筹莫展。 (
  3) I cannot think of chimpanzees developing emotions, one for the other, comparable in any way to the tenderness, protectiveness, tolerance and spiritual joy that are the mark of human love in its truest and deepest sense. 我无法想像黑猩猩之间会产生一种可以与最真挚、最深沉的人类之爱相比的情感,如温 柔、呵护、容忍和精神上的愉悦。 (
  4) While the idea of love among animals has been generally rejected by science, doubts remain. For stories such as these suggests that some animals may experience joy, love and heartbreak remarkably like our own. 虽然科学界普遍不接受动物存在爱情的看法,但是疑问并未消除。因为这些故事表明有 些动物可能体验着和我们人类极其相似的快乐、爱情和悲伤。 全新版大学英语第一册第八单元: 全新版大学英语第一册第八单元 Ditch The Calculator (
  1) The more I hear from the education establishment about the benefits of these devices in schools, the less surprised I am when middle- and high-school students who have difficulty with arithmetic call for tutoring in algebra and geometry. 我听到教育机构谈论学校里使用这些工具的好处,听到越多,对于算术有困难的初、高 中生需要家庭教师辅导几何、代数一事,我就越觉得不足为怪了。 (
  2) Having a calculator doesn’t make it any easier for a student to decide how to attack a math problem. Rather, it only encourages him to try every combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division without any thought about which would be more appropriate. 计算器并不能方便学生确定解数学题的方法。相反,计算器只会鼓励他乱试加减乘除的 各种组合,而不去考虑哪种组合更加适当。 (
  3) Because they never felt comfortable working with numbers as children, they are seriously disadvantaged when they attempt the generalized math of algebra. 因为他们在孩提时代对数字计算从未感到过轻松,当他们试图攻读代数这一广义数学时 就会处于极其不利的地位。 (
  4) We teach it for thinking and discipline, both of which expand the mind and increase the students’ ability to function as a contributing individual in society: the ultimate goals of education. 我们教数学是为了培养思维和训练心智,两者都能帮助学生扩展思维,增强他们为社会 做贡献的能力,而这是教育的终极目的。 全新版大学英语第二册第一单元: 全新版大学英语第二册第一单元 Children And Money (
  1) Appalled by what their children spend on candy and video games (or, rather, appalled by the
degree to which their children’s overspending seems to mimic their own), parents devise ways to lock up their children’s resources. 孩子们在糖果、电子游戏上的花费之大令家长们十分震惊(或者更确切地说,孩子们的 超支行为似乎是在竭力效仿父母,这令家长们十分震惊) ,于是家长便设法把孩子们的 钱存起来不让用。 (
  2) Compounded, that works out to an annual rate of more than 70 per cent. 以复利计算,年息达到 70%以上。 (
  3) I give them unlimited access to their funds, no questions asked, and I provide printed statements on demand. 他们使用自己的资金我不加任何限制,不作任何询问,我还根据要求随时提供打印的单 据。 (
  4) The only way to teach kids to adopt a long-term perspective is to give them a short-term incentive for doing so. 教育孩子们看问题要有长远目光的唯一途径,是让孩子们近期内便能尝到某种甜头,从 而激励他们去那样做。 全新版大学英语第二册第二单元: 全新版大学英语第二册第二单元 The Restoration of Jimmy Carter (
  1) I think that skill with one’s own hands ? whether it’s tilling the soil, building a house, making a piece of furniture, playing a violin or painting a painting ? is something that doesn’t change with the ups and downs of life. 我认为手艺??不管是耕地、造房子、做家具、拉小提琴,还是画图??这些东西不会 因生活的起起落落而改变。 (
  2) No matter if I was involved in writing a book, conducting a political campaign, teaching at Emory University or dealing with international affairs, I could always go back ? at least for a few hours at a time ? to the woodshop. 无论我在写书、从事政治活动、在爱莫瑞大学教书,还是处理国际事务,我总会设法抽 空回到木工场,每次至少呆上几个小时。 (
  3) In Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s recently published book, Everything to Gain, they explain frankly how they used back-to-basics skills to confront and resolve their painful political defeat, a sudden departure from Washington and their fears of an empty future. 在吉米和罗莎琳?卡特最近出版的名为《好处说不尽》的书中,他们直言不讳地解释了 当他们遭遇痛苦的政治上的失败,突然告别华盛顿以及对茫然的未来感到恐惧时,他们 是如何使用返璞归真的技能来面对和化解这些问题的。 (
  4) In this book we encourage people to take on new things that might look very difficult, but that become very rewarding once the person is involved. 在此书中,我们鼓励人们用于开拓新天地,看起来也许非常困难,但你一旦投入进去, 就会得益匪浅。 全新版大学英语第二册第四单元: 全新版大学英语第二册第四单元 Mother’s Mad About The Internuts (
  1) It is the sound of the only lasting disagreement in a household that is otherwise peaceful. 这是一个原本安宁的家庭中唯一持续不去的不和谐音。 (
  2) It leads to intimacy before acquaintance; it scatters secrets outwards, not inwards; and, most worrying of all, it is a vehicle for liars. 它使人们还未相认识就已亲近;它不能保守秘密反而扩散秘密;而最令人担心的是,它
是撒谎人传播谎言的工具。 (
  3) I said, trying to be reasonable but not altogether succeeding, that in and among the things they “tell” each other on the tap-tap, a tendency to murder might just have been overlooked, might it not? 我说,他们啪嗒啪嗒“讲”给互相听的事情中,杀人的倾向或许就被忽略了,难道这不 可能吗?我说这话时尽量想做到通情达理,但不完全成功。 (
  4) Needless to say, it is a new version of the old tale of innocents calling forth evil forces they cannot control, this time in the form of a visitor with the ever-handy axe packed in this luggage. 不用说,这又是一些无辜的人引出了邪恶的力量却又不能控制的老故事的翻版,这一次 的邪恶力量是以一位来客的面貌出现,但行囊中却藏着斧头,随时可以拿出来杀人。 全新版大学英语第二册第六单元: 全新版大学英语第二册第六单元:Beginning Anew (
  1) The thought of answering other people’s telephones, typing other people’s work and watching other people take credit for my ideas and opinions would throw me into weeklong bouts of depression. 每当我想起给别人回电话、打字,看到我出的主意和见解却让别人去受益时,常常整个 星期都会闷闷不乐。 (
  2) How long could I live like this? Certainly not until I retired. 这样的生活我能维持多久?肯定不会到我退休之时。 (
  3) I steeled myself to travel the road that would lead me to a better understanding of who I was and of what I wanted out of life. 我坚定地走下去,这条路将使我更好地了解自己,更好地认清自己生活的目的。 (
  4) And it’s not so much the results of the action that have reshaped me (although that’s important, too) as it is the realization that I have within myself what it takes to do what I set out to do. 此外,给我带来新的生活的,与其说是自己努力取得的结果(虽然这也很重要) ,不如 说是由于意识到自己具有潜在的能力可以做自己想做的事。
st 全新版大学英语第二册第七单元: 全新版大学英语第二册第七单元:The Role of English in the 21 Century (
  1) It is unparalleled in several ways: by the increasing number of users of the language; by its depth of penetration into societies; by its range of functions. 这一过程在几个方面都是前所未有的:英语使用人数的增加,英语在不同社会渗透的深 度,以及英语功用的广度。 (
  2) What began some 1,500 years ago as a crude language, originally spoken by little known German tribes who invaded England, now covers the globe. 大约 1500 年前,英语还只是那些入侵英格兰的鲜为人知的日耳曼部落使用的一种粗俗 的语言,如今它却遍及犬球。 (
  3) With this technical and scientific dominance came the beginning of overall dominance by the language, first in Europe and then globally. 随着它在科技领域主导地位的确立,英语先是在欧洲,继而在全球开始取得全面的主导 地位。 (
  4) While languages such as English, German, and French have been international languages because of their governments’ political power, this is less likely to be the case in the 21st century where economics and shifts in population will have more influence on languages.
虽然英语、德语和法语这些语言曾经凭着各自政府的政治力量而成为国际语言,这种情 况在经济和人口变化对语言的影响更大的 21 世纪不太可能发生。



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   汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 Tom ( was ) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye. 2. 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以用语言表达的爱和骄傲。 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以 ...


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   无须复习,只要十天英语四级就能过!!!方法让你喷血!! 怕以 后找不到!!! 1、听力,有三种题型,dialogue(十个对话),passage(三个短 文),compound dictation(复合式听写,也就是传说中的段子题), 第一种每年必考, 后两种逐年交替, 其中考 passage 的次数相对较多。 最容易得分的是 dialogue 和 passage,只要记住一个超级技巧 即可:对话所述事情总是向不好的方面发展。举几个例子:比如对话 里 问 教 授 的 讲 座 lecture ...


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