1) insert
  3) investigate
  5) initial
  7) attached
  9) is awaiting
  11) not... in the least
  13) working on
  15) emerged

  2) on occasion
  4) In retrospect
  6) phenomena
  8) make up for
  10) exception
  12) promote
  14) in due course

  1) There is a striking contrast between the standard of living in the north of the country and
the south.
  5) Natural fiber is said to be superior to synthetic fiber. The city's importance as a financial center has evolved slowly. His nationality is not relevant to whether he is a good lawyer. The poems by a little-known sixteenth-century Italian poet have found their way
into some English magazines.
  1) Chinese isn't a subject that can be picked up in a month. You can't accomplish your goal of mastering the language unless you work at it for years. Well, it sounds as if I'm exaggerating the difficulties, but the fact is I'm only telling the truth.
  2) The principal is somewhat disappointed with the performance of the children.
From what she has gathered, some of the teaching staff have neglected their pupils.
She has just announced that strict work regulations have been made and that they apply to both Chinese and overseas teachers.
  3) The teacher-directed and the child-directed approaches to teaching art
represent two extremes of opinion. Too many teacher-directed activities cannot be expected to effectively assisLchildren in learning because of the rigid structure. On the other hand, too many child-directed activities may see a curriculum that is totally unstructured and out of control. There are valid reasons to believe a teacher-guided approach would be a superior way
Appendix I
- 95 -
to guide children's development. This approach combines some form of structure with the child leading the direction. II. Confusable Words
  1) continual
  3) continual 2
  1) principal
  3) principle
  5) principal
  2) continuous
  4) principles III. Usage
  1. themselves
  3. herself/by herself/on her own
  5. ourselves
  2. himself/herself
  4. itself
  6. yourself/by yourself/on your own Structure
  1) Simon's ill ? so much so that he can't get out of bed. continuous
  2) principal

She herself believed in freedom, so much so that she would rather die than live
without it.
  3) Piles of work have kept us busy ? so much so that we can't manage to take a
holiday this year.
  4) Many contestants later failed drug tests, so much so that the race had to be
  1) Assuming (that) this painting really is a Picasso Assuming (that) the proposal is accepted assuming, of course, that she's prepared to listen Even assuming (that) smokers do see the health warnings
Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze (A)
  1. contrast
  2. exaggerating
  3. priority
  4. on the other hand
  6. pick up
  7. assist (B)
  1. to
  2. affect/influence
  3. others
  4. each/them
  5. without
  6. controlled
  7. about
  8. value
  9. They
  10. little
  11. right
  12. but
  13. in
  14. what
  15. worth
  16. and II. Translation I consider it worthwhile trying to summarize our experience in learning English. Here I would like to make three relevant points.
  8. accomplish
  9. on occasion
  10. neglecting
  11. worthwhile
  12. superior
First, wide reading should be taken as a priority in the learning process, because it is through reading that we get the most language input. Next, learning by heart as many well-written essays as possible is also very important. On the one hand, rote learning/learning by rote is indeed of little help, but on the other hand, memorization/learning by heart with a good understanding will certainly be of benefit/do good to us. With an enormous store of excellent essays in our heads, we will find it much easier to express ourselves in English. Finally, it is critical that we should put what we have learned into practice. By doing more reading, writing, listening and speaking, we will be able to accomplish the task of perfecting our English. Part III TextB Comprehension Check
  1. c
  2. c
  3. d
  4. a
  5. c
  6. b Part IV Theme-Related Language Learning Tasks Model paper How I Learn at College I went to school in a small town near Chengdu and now I am studying law at Fudan University in Shanghai. Passing from one to the other you have to get used to many new things, not the least being the different way of learning. At school I found my timetable full throughout the day. One lesson came close on the heels of another with little time to call one's own. At university, in contrast, only a few hours of each day are taken up with classes or lectures. In the time made available you are expected to learn on your own.
When and where is up to you. At the same time what you are meant to learn shifts from memorizing masses of facts to developing an ability to understand theories and present arguments. There are, of course, still facts to be learned. One should not exaggerate the differences. Nevertheless, learning at university certainly teaches me greater self-reliance and to think for myself. Vocabulary I.
  1) local
  3) deserved
  5) system
  7) remote
  2) headlines
  4) folks
  6) steer clear of
  8) get away with Appendix
  9) open up
  15) cultivate
  1) These serious problems deserve careful consideration in restructuring our I
  10) hold to
  11) retire
  12) rally
  13) reserved
  14) qualify
educational systems.
  2) The college is liable to stop her scholarship because of her failure in the final
  4) San Francisco is, by all accounts, a city easy to fall in love with. Snow White received such bad treatment from her step-mother that she had to
flee from her home.
  5) The United States, Canada, and Mexico make up North America.


  1) The principal's daughter didn't receive special treatment from her teachers.
She was rewarded for her excellent performance. When she graduated from high school in 1998, she had straight A's and scholarship offers from some of the most famous universities in the country.
  2) Our boss is fully aware that his employees feel a lot of loyalty to the company
because they are treated right. Besides a handsome pay check and a stock option, he has laid down a system under which employees are granted stock for their retirement.
  3) You are liable to be offered a discount or a reduction on things you buy at the
local supermarket on weekends.
II. Collocation
  1. about
  3. at/on
  5. with
  7. from
  2. for
  4. into
  6. to
  8. with III. Usage
  1. a savings account
  3. a goods train
  2. arms race
  6. a customs officer
  5. a sales tax

  7. a current affairs program
  4. communications equipment
  8. a clothes shop
Appendix I
- 101 -
  1) Only by rewarding success can you bring out the best in your employees. Only by working at evenings and weekends was Mary able to complete the report
by the deadline.
  3) advice.
  4) Only after they had finished watching the football game did they begin to Only when I myself became a mother did I realize the value of my parents'
prepare for the math examination.
  1) The young woman described to the policemen the way the man ran up to her and
grabbed the bag from her hand.
  2) All the people working for Sam Walton admire the way he manages Wal-Mart and
the way he treats his employees.
  4) The neighbors were disgusted at the way he talked to his old father. It's amazing the way the eight-year-old boy managed to stay so calm when he
faced the emergency.
Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze (A)
  1. cheerful
  3. executive
  5. reward
  7. loyalty
  9. qualified
  11. folks (B)
  1. from
  3. spent
  5. through
  7. built
  9. led/lived
  11. millionaires
  13. answer
  15. by

  2. threw his weight around
  10. scholarships
  12. local
  12. then
  14. wealth

  4. treatment
  2. their
  16. character

  6. cultivate
  6. to
  8. who

  8. stock
  10. it

  4. away
II. Translation George was on the run since the moment he came aboard. He was always cheerful and devoted himself heart and soul to his work. Because of his excellent performance he was promoted to CEO. From then on he tried hard to blend in with the workers and never threw his weight around. He also laid down/ introduced a reward system to encourage the workers to work hard. He believed that loyalty and hard work would greatly contribute to the success of the company. By all accounts he was an outstanding chief executive officer. Part III TextB Comprehension Check l.c
  3. a
  5. d
  2. b
  4. d
  6. c Language Practice
  1. replace
  2. take ... on
  3. selected
  4. involved
  5. conducted
  11. crisis
  15. appeals to
  6. range

  7. additional
  8. tremendous naturally
  16. former
  13. resolve

  9. confronted
  14. related

  10. call... in

  17. In the opinion of

  18. of their choice

  19. factors
  20. project
Part IV Theme-Related Language Learning Tasks Model paper Informal invitation 1324 ShuiDian Road Shanghai 200434 21/11/01 Dear Tom, I'm having a party to celebrate my birthday in a couple of weeks time on Saturday 2nd December, starting at seven. It would be lovely if you could make it, please let me know whether you can or not. Best wishes, Bob Informal acceptance
Dear Bob, I'd love to come to your party then. Bye for now, Tom andhelp celebrateyourbirthday.Look forward seeing you to
- 104 -
Appendix I
Informal regrets
Dear Bob,
I'd love to come to your party but unfortunately I've
already agreed to make a visit to my you have a lovely
relatives in Suzhou that weekend and won't be able away. 3ut I to get birthday and that we can get together some time soon. All the best, Tom hope
Unit 3 Vocabulary I.
  1) swallow
  2) dumb
  4) glorious
  6) repeatedly
  8) fading
  10) frank
  12) at any rate
  14) in unison

  3) Overall
  5) welfare
  7) interference
  9) junior
  11) distract
  13) has narrowed down
  15) has come over

  1) The security council consists of five generals and four police officers.
  2) The new hotel will be in a location overlooking the lake.
Appendix I
- 109 -
I was embarrassed by her comments about my clothes. Do you have any proof that it was Henry who stole the computer? The boy was exhausted after the long cycle ride.

  1) That exceptional stamp was handed down by your grandfather , and is worth a fortune. You should have known better than to trade it for a few drinks.
  2) Company executives are always looking out for talented college graduates to
hire as junior employees.
  3) The doctor in charge of his case asked him to fill out one form after another,
but kept him in suspense as to what they were for. II. Collocation
  1. adequate
  3. certain
  5. crazy
  7. fortunate III. Usage
  1. be admitted
  3. be postponed
  2. live
  4. buy
  2. anxious
  4. content
  6. likely
  8. keen

  5. be banned Structure
  1) I do whatever I can
  3) Whatever had happened

  6. be

  2) Whatever does that mean
  4) Whatever it is that you like

  1) You ought to know better than to go swimming right after lunch.

Aunt Betty certainly knows better than to invest all her money in one
company's stock.
  3) Jenny is old enough to know better than to spend all her time playing
computer games.
  4) Allen should have known better than to lend such a large sum of money to that
untrustworthy cousin of his.

Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze (A)
  1. welfare
  2. constant
- 110 -

  3. frank
  5. embarrassing
  7. repeatedly
  9. interference
  11. Overall (B)
  1. send
  3. picture
  5. as
  7. too
  9. But
  11. from
  13. jacket
  15. never

  4. talent
  6. dumb
  8. constant
  10. bet
  12. trade

  2. should
  4. His
  6. worse
  8. consider
  10. However
  14. after
II. Translation George, the son of Mr. Johnson, liked listening to heavy metal music in the evenings, and the noise interrupted the sleep of other residents in the community. Eventually the exhausted neighbors lost their patience and decided on direct interference. They called Mr. Johnson to tell him in a frank manner what they were thinking. Embarrassed. Mr. Johnson scolded his son: "What has come over you? You should know better than to disturb others for the sake of your own interest." As a result George traded his records for computer games software from his classmates. Overall. the whole thing has worked out quite satisfactorily. Part III TextB Comprehension Check
  3. b
  5.d Translation (#ja Appendix III)

  2. a
  4. c
  6. b
Language Practice

  1. sake
  3. aware
  5. mood
  7. polished off
  9. legal
  11. justify
  13. disturbs
  15. look forward to
  17. have ... to yourself
  19. for her sake

  2. acknowledged
  4. embraced
  6. to the contrary
  8. beneath
  10. rare
  12. define
  14. notion
  16. respond
  18. Let go of
  20. contrary
Part IV Theme-Related Language Learning Tasks Model paper
Mother: Nancy, you've been home from school for three days now. Why don't you clean up your room? Nancy: We don't have to clean up our rooms at school. Mother: That's all very well, Nancy. But while you're at home, your Dad and I would like you to keep your room clean. Nancy: What difference does it make? It's my room. Mother: That's as may be, but you might give a thought to your father. He's frightened to death of the plague and now says if it is going to start anywhere in the country, it's going to start in your room. Nancy: Mother, you people aren't interested in anything that's relevant. Do you realize how the major corporations are polluting our environment? Mother: Your father and I are very worried about it. But right now we're more concerned with the pollution in your room. Nancy: For heaven's sake, Mother, I'm grown up now. Why do you have to treat me like a child? Mother: We're not treating you like a child. But it's very hard for us to think of you as an adult when
you go round throwing all your clothes on the floor.
1037 it



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