Our Objectives Today Brief introduction of the new course (Course setting ,requirement, arrangement, etc) Our schedule for this semester (Time schedule, Integrated course and Speaking course, etc) Preview Unit1 Learning, Chinese Way (Lead-in discussion, New words, etc)
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New Course Introduction
课程名称 《阅读与写作》(综合 阅读与写作》 课) 《大学英语听力》 大学英语听力》 《大学英语口语》 大学英语口语》 《大学英语词汇》 大学英语词汇》 周学 时
  4) 2 2 总学 分 8 6 2 2 教材2-3册 教材 册 课上4学时。课下泛听4学时, 课上4学时。课下泛听4学时,由各学院辅 导员监督完成。 导员监督完成。 外籍教师讲授, 外籍教师讲授,小班操练 每2周,教师组织一次词汇讲座,每次讲座 教师组织一次词汇讲座, 学时。另外1周学生自学词汇。 2学时。另外1周学生自学词汇。 每2周教师组织一次语法讲座,每次讲座2 周教师组织一次语法讲座,每次讲座2 学时。另外1周学生自学语法。 学时。另外1周学生自学语法。 在自主学习教室参加词汇或语法考试训练。 在自主学习教室参加词汇或语法考试训练。 2 由辅导员组织,专业教师辅导。 由辅导员组织,专业教师辅导。 下一页 备注
《大学英语语法》 大学英语语法》 《英语自主学习训练》 英语自主学习训练》 《英语四级强化训练》 英语四级强化训练》 四级强化训练 上一页
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Our Score System
《阅读与写作》、《大学英语听力》、《大学英语口语》、 《大学英语词汇》和《大学英语语法》均以百分制成绩记入 各门课程学业总成绩,由平时成绩和期末考试成绩组成,平 时成绩占40%,其中考勤、作业、课堂表现占10%,把以上 内容填写到学校的平时成绩表来记录,每门课程一学期可进 行2次单元测试,单元测试占10%,单元测试包括4周来所学 2 10% 4 的内容,期中考试占20%,期中考试内容为10周来所学内容; 期末考试成绩占60%,期末考试为1个学期所学内容。《英语 四级强化训练》的成绩可由2011年6月份的全国大学英语四级 考试成绩取代,若达到425分或425分以上,《英语四级强化 训练》课程通过并得到相应的2个学分;若没有达到425分的 标准,该门课程不通过,得不到相应的学分。
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Warm-up Activities Teaching Objectives Background Information Text Organization Words and Expressions Grammatical Structures Questions
WarmWarm-up activity 1
two-yearIf you find a two-year-old girl is playing with scissors.
What will you do?
对于这个问题,我觉得不能因为剪刀危 险就不让孩子玩,但对于大人来说,你只 要告诉孩子剪刀很有用处但也有危险而且 危险在何处。如果为了避开危险而用平头 的剪刀,那样也许对于孩子来说也许暂时 是安全的,但他不一定及时知道其危险何 在。所以我觉得正确的做法是告诉剪刀的 优与险何在,让其自己去加以运用。
WarmWarm-up activity 2
Two children are given two hula hoops, a toy they are unfamiliar with. Ann is given a hula hoop with instructions on how to use it. Mary is given a hula hoop with no instructions.
What kind of outcomes do you expect?
WarmWarm-up activity 3
Are you creative? Follow me.
Optical Illusion and Imagination Directions: Look at the following drawing from every possible angle and try to relate it to the real things in your lives. A possible example of imagination is given below for your reference.
To me, it seems to be an exhibition hall in a museum. Though it’s not spacious, it’s full of masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists, for example, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower, and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. A day’s stay there will bring an art lover great satisfaction and enjoyment.
What Do They Stand For? Directions: Work in pairs to find in the following equations the missing words, whose initials have been given. Then create similar equations by yourselves. Example: 7 = D in a W
Answer: days in a week
letters of the alphabet wonders of the ancient world planets in the solar system players on a football team days in February in a leap year

  1) 26=L of the A
  2) 7=W of the A W
  4) 9=P in the S S
  5) 11= P on a F T
  6) 29=D in F in a L Y

  3) 54=C in the D [with the J ] cards in the deck with the jokers
Which should be emphasized in education, knowledge or creativity? creativity?
Teaching Objectives
? Main idea
? It would be ideal if we can strike a balance between the Chinese and the Western learning styles) introduction of the topic by an anecdote; elaboration by comparison and contrast; conclusion by a suggestion Difference between comparison and contrast
? Structure
? ? ? ?
Teaching Objectives
? Different ways to compare and contrast ? point-by-point method: to examine two subjects at the same time, discussing them point by point ? one-side-at-a-time method: to examine one subject thoroughly and then start the other ? Key language points, grammatical structures and comprehensive skills.
Text Organization
Para. Main ideas
1-5 An anecdote: the Chinese staff helped Benjamin to place the key
6-13 The author’s thoughts about different approaches to learning in China and the West. 14 The author gives a suggestion of a more rational approach to fostering creativity and basic skills.
IV. Summary
Comprehension of the Text
《综合教程 II》 》
Answer the following questions.
  1. What is the main difference between ChineseChinese-style and American-style in Americanlearning according to the text? Emphasis on basic skills and emphasis on creativity
Comprehension of the Text

  2. What is the advantage of focus on basic skill training?
Time saving approach & solid foundation
Comprehension of the Text

  3.What is the advantage of emphasis on creativity in training?
Fostering independence and longer span of interest
Comprehension of the Text

  4.What is the author’s attitude towards ChineseChinese-style “Teaching sb. by hand”? sb. Disapproving at the beginning
  5.What do you know about the approach of teaching by holding his hand? Help too much or help in greater details
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Comprehension of the Text

  6. How do Americans and Chinese differ in attitude to creativity?
It lies in whether doing sth from established rules or tradition.
Comprehension of the Text

  7.What’s the conclusion drawn by the author?
Striking a balance between the Chinese and the Western learning styles.
Comprehension of the Text
Ways to learn to accomplish a task
↓ Chinese ?
? Show a child how to do something, ? or teach by holding one’s hand
↓ Westerners ?
? Teach children that they should rely on themselves for solutions to problems
Comprehension of the Text
Attitude to creativity & skills
↓ Chinese ? ↓ Westerners ?
? The Chinese give priority to developing skills at an early age, ? believing that creativity can be promoted over time
? The Westerners put more emphasis on fostering creativity in young children, ? thinking that skills can be picked up
Background Information
Education in the West
Western methods are generally more studentcentered, expecting students to discover things for themselves rather than relying on their teachers to tell them. Education in the United States was greatly influenced by John Dewey-- an American philosopher and educator. Dewey's philosophy of education, instrumentalism , focused on learningby-doing rather than rote learning and dogmatic instruction.
Comprehension of the Text

  1. He probably got as much pleasure out of the sounds…as he did those few times…found its way into the slot. (Para
  3) 译文: 译文: 他从钥匙声响中得到的乐趣大概跟他偶 尔把钥匙成功地塞进槽口时获得的乐趣一样 多。
Comprehension of the Text

  2. Since adults know…, and since the child is…by having him struggle? (Para
  6) 译文: 译文: 既然大人知道怎样把钥匙放进钥匙槽 口里??这是此事的最终目的 此外, 这是此事的最终目的; 口里??这是此事的最终目的;此外,既 然孩子还很年幼, 然孩子还很年幼,也没有灵巧到能够独立 完成要做的事, 完成要做的事,那么让他这样折腾下去有 什么意思呢? 什么意思呢?
Comprehension of the Text

  3. Whether it be placing a key in a key slot,… Structure analysis: In formal English, the subjunctive mood is used occasionally in whether clause, “whether be it/ he/ she …”不管(无论)是… 还是… 无论是天晴还是下雨,他每晚都会在公园散步 Every day he takes a walk in the park in the evening, whether it be fine or raining
Comprehension of the Text

  4. And, more generally, …, for which creative solutions are wanted. (Para
  7) 译文: 译文: 从更广泛的意义上说, 他不大可能? 从更广泛的意义上说 , 他不大可能 ? ?如美国人那样,将人生视为一系列的情 如美国人那样, 在这些情景中, 景,在这些情景中,一个人必须学会独立 思考,独立解决问题, 思考,独立解决问题,甚至还会发现一些 需要创新思维来解决的新问题
Background Information
Standing on the shoulders of giants
A well-known phrase, frequently employed by inventors to express modesty about their achievements. The suggestion is that while they have been able to see further than those who came before them, it is not because they themselves are intellectual giants. Rather it is because they have been able to build upon the accumulated discoveries of their great predecessors.
Useful Expressions for Comparison & Contrast
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Comparison: Contrast: unlike like in contrast to the same as different from alike less similar whereas likewise however as, as well as but also, too as opposed to just as, as do, as did, as does on the contrary both
Do you agree that both Chinese and Americans take an extreme view of creativity? What do you think would be a more rational approach to fostering creativity and basic skills?
Words & Expressions
  1.attach (Para2 L
  7) a) vt. fasten or join sth (to sth) 【~ sth (to sth)】 attach a label to each piece of luggage 每件行李上都加上标签 Attached (to this letter) you will find.... 随信附上.... b) vt. 给予(重要性【~ sth to sth】 Do you attach any importance to what he said? 你认为他说的话重要吗? E.g.在邮寄之前,要确保邮票牢牢地贴在信封上。 (be attached to) Make sure that the stamp is firmly attached to the envelope before you mail it.
Words & Expressions
  2.assist (Para4 L
  22) vt. vi. (fml 文) help 【~ (sb.) with sth】 【 ~ (sb.) in doing sth】 The college student decided to assist the boy with his study. You will be required to assist Mrs Smith in preparing a report. 你将要协助史密斯夫人准备一份报告. My father assisted in building our new house. 我的父亲帮助我们盖新房子。 Assistant n . 助手,助理;店员 Assistance n. 帮助,援助
Words & Expressions
  3.neglect (Para4 L
  26) a) vt. give no or not enough care or attention to (sb/sth) neglect one's studies, health 忽视自己的学习、 健康 b) vt. [no passive] fail or forget to do sth, esp carelessly; leave undone (what one ought to do) 【~ to do/doing】 He neglected to write and say `Thank you'. n [U] neglecting or being neglected 疏忽 CF:ignore (do deliberately or on purpose) : ) You have been ignoring me. I said hello to him, but he ignored me completely.
Words & Expressions Neglect 指对职责,义务或应做的事没有给予足够的注意。这
ignore 强调指对某事物故意不理会,有时还带有固执地拒绝 强调指对某事物故意不理会,
的意味。 的意味。
玩忽职守应受惩罚 Those who neglected their duties should be punished. He gave too much attention to his career, working long hours and neglecting his wife. I said “Good morning” to her, but she just ignored me and walked on.
Words & Expressions
  4.desirable (Para6 L
  38) adj worth having; to be wished for 【~ (that...)】 a desirable residence, solution 称心的住所、 解决 方法 It is most desirable that they should both come. 他 们两人都来, 这最好不过了. n. v. desire Cf. desirous渴望的; desired 被要求做的 E.g. desirable It is most that he should attend the conference. Everybody is desirous success [to succeed]. of desired They didn't accomplish the purpose .
Words & Expr



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