Unit 2 After Listening

  4. the efforts of engineers and programmers traffic jams the leading cause of death a hybrid
Text A
Language Sense Enhancement

  1. care
  2. impact
  3. orbiting satellites
  4. warn of
  5. location
  6. at any given time
  7. vibrate
  8. detected
  9. calculate
  10. converted
Language Focus
Vocabulary I.
  1) expansion
  2) automated
  3) vapor
  4)take control of
  5) hazards
  6) satellite
  7) vibrated
  8) magnetic
  9) bunched
  10) in the air
  11) got/was stuck in
  12) approximately
  1) send out
  2) stand up for
  3) pass for
  4) were closing in on
  5)starting up
  6)went through
  7) fill out
  8) fall into
  1) incorporates all the latest safety features
  2) two trees ten feet apart
  3) awarding lucrative contracts to his construction firm
  4) the prototype of a new model before they set up a factory to make the cars
  5) are correlated in all racial groups
  1) the application/ has turned into a reality/ are poised to
  2) that vibrate/can detect/frequency
  3) lanes/are mounted in/alert a /hazard II. Word Formation Clipped Words: kilogram/memorandum/gymnasium/liberation/doctor/veterinarian/preparatory/ automobile/influenza Blends: medical care/electronic mail/communications satellite/news broadcast/sky hijack/ European dollar/breakfast and lunch/television broadcast/Oxford and Cambridge III. Usage
  1) swimming pool
  2) drawing board
  3) enriched Middle English
  4) disturbing change
  5) fully developed prototype
  6) canned food
  7) working population
  8) puzzling differences
Comprehensive Exercises
  1) computerized
  2) start up
  3) be poised to
  4) alert
  5) hazards
  6) monotonous
  7) take control of
  8) steer
  9) lane
  10) decrease
  11) calculate
  12) getting stuck in

  15) detect
  16) vapor
  1) generates
  2) related
  4) enable
  5) opportunities
  6) overall
  7) manufacturing
  8) dependent
  9) interact
  10) fatalities
  1) There was an unusual quietness in the air, except for the sound of artillery in the distance.
  2) The expansion of urban areas in some African countries has been causing a significant fall in living standards and an increase in social problems
  3) The research shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are closely correlated with global temperatures
  4) The frequency of the bus service has been improved from 15 to 12 minute recently.
  5) The diver stood on the edge of the diving board, poised to jump at the signal from the coach.
  2. Automobiles have, since their invention, revolutionized transportation, changing forever the way people travel, and do business. On the other hand, they have brought hazards, especially highway fatalities. However, today the application of computer technology and electronic sensors in designing and manufacturing cars makes it possible to eliminate most of traffic accidents. For example, electronic sensors mounted in your car can detect alcohol vapor in the air and refuse to start up the engine. They can also monitor road conditions by receiving radio signals sent out from orbiting satellites and greatly reduce your chances of getting stuck in traffic jams.
Text B
Comprehension Check
  1. a c c d b b Translation
  1. 这类系统易受气候变化的影响, 提供的数据不够精确,但他们不需要特别的道路设施, 只需要将车道标志维护好就行了。
  2. 然而,不用多久,其成本就能为广大车辆拥有者和驾驶者所接受,尤其是目前不少可以 应用的技术已经走向市场,开始了批量生产。
  3. 电子驾驶应用的最大障碍可能在于人们普遍认为认为这一技术的应用比实际情况更困 难,更昂贵。
  4. 考虑到这些运用安全自动化交通运输系统的经验,开发由自动控制系统操纵的公路车辆 算不上什么大的飞跃。 Language Practice
  1. c a e b f g d h
  1) en route
  2) matures
  3) equivalent
  4) feasible
  5) in cooperation with
  6) exposure
  7) at the start of
  8) thereby
  9) implemented
  10) realistic
  11) component
  12) by means of Part III Supplementary Exercises

  2. Translate the following into English start up the engine long-distance truck drivers life-threatening hazard get lost and get stuck in traffic send out a radio signal
  3. Translate the following sentences into English
  1) The automobile industry ranks as among the most lucrative and powerful industries of the twentieth century.
  2) Should you make a serious driving mistake (e.g., change lanes when there is a car in your “blind spot”), the computer would sound an immediate warning.
  3) With the price of microchips dropping so dramatically, future applications of GPS are virtually limitless.
  4) Cars will be bunched into groups of ten or twelve vehicles, only six feet apart, traveling in unison, and controlled by computer.
  5) This could prove to be an environmental boon as well, saving fuel, reducing traffic jams, decreasing air pollution, and serving as an alternative to highway expansion.



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