Book 3 Unit 3 Security
Text A
Content Questions
  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. It has been replaced by an era when people employ various secuirty devices at home.
  4. Small notices announcing that the premises are under surveillance by this security force or that guard company.
  5. The insurance company tries to impress the public that it will ensure your safety by paying for your losses.
  6. An atmosphere of fear and distrust.
  7. Because they feel threatened and want to keep outsides away.
  8. No. They are by now the most sophisticated of security sites.
  9. It is a way to hold the terrorists, real and imagined, at bay.
  10. To tell whether their friend or client is telling lies.
  11. All is done in the name of “security”. But according to the author, America, with all this “security”, is perhaps the most insecure nation in the history of civilization.
  12. We may have locked the evils out, but in so doing we have locked ourselves in. Text Organization
  1. Parts Part One Paragraphs Paras 1-3 Main Ideas In America, the era of leaving the front door on the latch has drawn to a close. A new atmosphere of fear and distrust has crept into every aspect of daily life. As a result, security de vices, in varied forms, are put to use. By locking our fears out, we become prisoners of our own making.
Part Two
Paras 4-15
Part Three
Paras 16-19

  1) Doors are not left unlocked either in cities or in rural areas.
  2) Dead-bolt locks, security chains, electronic alarm systems and trip wires are widely in use.
  3) Suburban families have steel bars built in sliding glass doors.
  4) Small notices warning against burglary are commonly seen pasted on the windows of the most pleasant of homes.
  5) Access cards are required of those who work with medium to large-size companies.
  6) Airport security uses electronic X-ray equipment to guard against terrorism.
  7) Businessmen employ new machines linked up to their telephone to help determine whether the caller is telling lies or not. Suburban housewives wear rape whistles on their key chains.
Language Sense Enhancement I.
  9) electronic uncommon survaillance featured
  2) hooked up to
  4) built in
  6) announcing
  8) symbol
  10) attached to
  3) suburban
Language Focus Vocabulary
  2) by a small margin
  4) closed up
  6) paste
  8) sideways
  10) universal
  12) Bathed in

  1) threathens
  3) civilize
  5) wandered
  7) without so much as
  9) hook up to
  11) chart


  1) narrowed down
  3) cut off
  5) wear (the other) down
  7) put up

  2) looked back on
  4) fit into
  6) lies in
  8) stand for

  1) A certain gene which is likely to make people vulnerable to asthma has been found by researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine in Oxford.
  2) A wardrobe with mirrored doors had to be built in so as to make their small bedroom look larger.
  3) The NBC show's opening shots feature the space shuttle Challenger blowing up in January 1986?killing all seven crew.
  4) When the teacher threatened to keep the pupils in after school they were quieted at once.
  5) Energy difficulties are a major barrier to the country's economic growth due to the fact that imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange / because imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange.
  1) Jacob looked back on his summer holidays spent on the Big Island of Hawaii with its beautiful landscape and tranquil atmosphere as a rare escape from the madness of urban life.
  2) Learning in the information era is really convenient and efficient. With your computer hooked up to the internet, you can easily obtain the electronic resources relevant to your research.
  3) Detectives, who believe more than one person is behind the constant attacks in the suburb, are using a sophisticated computer system to analyze specific behavior and situations. However, they are also aware that they shouldn’t rely too much on computer because it may make errors at times..
II. Collocation
  1. away
  3. forward/through
  2. inside/in
  4. back
Keys to unit 3, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course

  5. off
  7. back, down III. Usage

  6. home
  8. in, out

  1. Internet is not such an unusual word as it used to be.
  2. Most men do not look unattractive in them.
  3. Wealthy as she is, she is not unconcerned by her sudden unemployment.
  4. This claim is not unrealistic in view of a sharp decrease in the city's violent crimes.
  5. His poor health is not unrelated to his unhealthy way of life. Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze
  1. Statistics
  3. era
  5. on the latch
  7. barriers
  9. reflection
  1. tougher
  3. shift
  5. cautious
  7. thieves
  9. chances II. Translation
  1). The Internet is changing the way people live, no matter whether they are in urban or rural areas.
  2). Medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global economic crisis than large ones.
  3). With regard to our term papers, the professor asked us to analyze the chart of unemployment first, and then provide critical reflections on the nation’s economic development.
  4). It never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large margin.
  5). Looking back on my twenty years’ teaching in high school, I attributed my success to patience, talent, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.
  2. It is almost impossible to keep a determined burglar out. All you can do is discourage him for a few minutes, thus exposing him to police patrols or those wandering around. Common sense tells us that lighting is a barrier to criminal activity. A light should be fixed in the doorway and switched on at night. Make sure/assure yourself that you don’t leave the door on the latch if you happen to be the last to come in. If you decide to buy a sophiticated electronic alarm system, be sure to ask for its signs and put them up on both

  2. rural
  4. stood for
  6. vulnerable
  8. electronic

  2. liable
  4. electric
  6. sophisticated
  8. break
  10. signs
Keys to unit 3, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course
windows and doors. In addition you may have it hooked up to a police station. Chinese Translations of Texts A&B 第三单元
安全问题 课文 A 许多年前,在美国,家家户户白天黑夜不锁门是司空见惯的。在本文中,格林叹惜人们不再相互 信任,不得不凭借精密的安全设备来保护自己和财产。 锁之国 鲍勃?格林 小时候在家里, 我们的前门总是夜不落锁。 我不知道这是当地的一种说法还是大家都这么说的; “不 落锁”的意思是掩上门,但不锁住。我们谁都不带钥匙;晚上最后一个回家的人把门关上,这就行了。 那样的日子已经一去不复返了。在乡下,在城里,?门不再关着不锁上,哪怕是傍晚一段时间也不 例外。 在许多方面,郊区和农村甚至比巡查严密的城市街道更易受到攻击。统计显示,那些据称是安宁 的地区的犯罪率上升得比城镇更为显著。不管怎么说,前门虚掩不落锁的时代是一去不复返了。 取而代之的是防盗锁、防护链、电子报警系统,以及连接警署或私人保安公司的报警装置。郊区 的许多人家在露台上安装了玻璃滑门,内侧有装得很讲究的钢条,这样就没人能把门撬开。 在最温馨的居家,也常常看得到窗上贴着小小的告示,称本宅由某家安全保卫机构或某个保安公 司负责监管。 锁成了美国的新的象征。的确如此,一家大保险公司最近的一则公益广告没有用图表表明我们所 处的危险有多大,而是用了一幅童车的图片,车身上悬着如今随处可见的挂锁。 广告指出,没错,确是保险公司理赔失窃物品,但谁来赔偿互不信任、担心害怕这种新氛围对我 们的生活方式所造成的影响呢?谁来对美国从自由之国到锁之国这一蜕变作出精神赔偿呢? 因为那就是现状。我们已经变得如此习惯于保护自己不受美国生活新氛围的影响,如此习惯于设 置障碍,以致无暇考虑这一切意味着什么。 出于某种原因,当我们觉得防范周密时才安心;我们没有想到问问自己:为什么会出现这种情况? 为什么非得把自己与邻居和同住一城的居民隔绝开来,这一切究竟是从什么时候开始主宰我们生活的? 这一切确实主宰了我们的生活。如果你在一家大中型公司上班,你上下班很可能不好随意进出。 你可能随身带着某种出入卡,电子的或别的什么的,因为这卡能让你进出工作场所。也许前台的保安认识 你这张脸,平日一挥手让你进去,但事实明摆着,你所任职的公司深感面临威胁,因此要借助这些“钥匙” 不让外人靠近。 这种现象并非向来有之。即使在十年前,大多数私营公司仍采取自由出入的做法。那时管理人员 根本没想到过恰当的手段是不信任他人。 且看各地机场。过去家长常常带孩子去登机口看飞机起飞降落。这种事再也没有了。机场不再是 一个有趣的学习场所;它们成了拥有最精密的安全检查系统的场所。 凭借着电子透视装置,我们似乎终于想出妙计让恐怖分子无法近身,无论是真的恐怖分子还是凭 空臆想的。能解决这一问题真是如释重负,于是我们就不去多想这种状况对我们的生活质量意味着什么。 如今我们走过这些电子搜查器时已经看都不看一眼了;这些装置,还有它们所代表的一切已经获胜。 我们的居住区处在强光源的照射之下;我们连哪怕像阴影这样小小的享受也不想给自己。 越来越多的商人正购置连接在电话机上、能剖析来电者声音的新机器。据说那种机器能让商人知 道他的朋友或客户是否在撒谎,其出错概率很小。 所有这一切都是以“安全”的名义实施的:我们是这么跟自己说的。我们害怕,于是我们设法把害 怕锁在外面,我们认定,那就是安全的意义。
Keys to unit 3, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course
其实不然;我们虽然有了这一切安全措施,但我们或许是人类文明史上最不安全的国民。还有什 么更好的字眼能用来描述我们被迫选择的生活方式呢?还有什么更为可悲地表明我们在这个令人困惑的新 时代所感受到的惶恐之情呢? 我们不信任何人。郊区的家庭主妇在家庭旅行用车钥匙链上挂着防强暴口哨,我们在自我防卫方 面变得如此聪明,最终全都聪明反被聪明误。我们或许是把邪恶锁在了门外;但在这么做的同时我们把自 己锁在里边了。 那也许是我们将来回顾这一时代时记得最牢的精神遗产:在对付我们中间无形的恐惧之时,我们 成了自己的囚徒。在我们这个问题重重的时代,所有的人都是囚徒。 第三单元 安全问题 课文 B 在美国,许多人拥有手枪。有人为了自卫买枪.,如盖尔?巴卡尔特。另外一些人则拒绝这么做, 比如她的许多朋友,因为他们认为,枪支引发的问题比解决的更多。以前盖尔与她的朋友们持有相同的观 点,但后来她改变了看法。读一读她所要说的,并判定她的选择是否明智。 我为什么买枪 盖尔?巴卡尔特 我在曼哈顿一个相当不错的社区长大。我的中上层阶级的社会背景从来与枪支无涉。我的父母要 是觉得有威胁存在,他们就在门上再加把锁。 读高中时,我用一件开司米羊毛衫跟人换了个黑色的臂章。我参加人权游行,逃避民防演习,抗 议越南战争。做个妙龄十八的少女,当名反战分子,真是轻松愉快。那时我还没有一个 11 岁的孩子要抚 养。 (
  1)时至今日,我成了一个典型的被枪支制造商看中并视为其潜在买主的那位女人??成了成千上 万个采取这种行动的人中一员。 一个万圣节的晚上,在我婚后移居的凤凰城,我开始怀疑自己的和平主义信条。一辆车与我的车差 点迎头相撞时,我几乎都到家了。我以纽约城出租车司机的敏捷快速摇下车窗,高声咒骂那个开车的。他 当即掉转车头,几乎撞上我的车后保险杠。这时,他和两个同伴从车窗伸出头来,嚷嚷着要强奸我,砍我, 杀了我。 我开进了车道才想起丈夫不在家。这下我进退两难。那辆车尾随着跟了进来。我把车开到后门廊 停下,冲进厨房,我家的那两条狗站在那儿等我。那三条汉子从汽车里一拥而出,进了院子。 我的心怦怦直跳。我抓起杰克和斯露西的颈圈,一条是 200 磅重的爱尔兰狼狗,另一条是它的伙 伴,140 磅重的北极犬。随后我一脚踢开后门??我吓坏了,变得暴躁好斗??我真的问那三个混蛋有没 有种继续走过来。有狗相助,局势变得对我有利了,那三条汉子奔回可保安全的汽车里,嚷嚷着说明天来 崩了我。总算幸运,他们没再露面。 几年后,我离了婚,带着 3 岁的儿子乔丹前往洛杉矶(那两条狗也死了)。几个星期后我送他去幼儿 园,老师发现我是个单身母亲,马上提醒我,我刚搬入的居住区里有个强奸犯。 我给警察局打了个电话,他们证实了这一情况。那个强奸



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