Unit 6 The Human Touch
Text A
Content Questions(P.1
  72) ( )
They found their tastes in art, chicory salad and bishop sleeves so much in tune that they set up a joint studio.
  2. Johnsy would be able to recover from pneumonia if she wanted to live.
  3. She wanted to paint the Bay of Naples some day.
  4. She could see a bare yard, and an old ivy vine climbing half way up the brick wall.
  5. Because she thought that she would die when the last leaf fell.
  6. No. Because in the text the author mentions that Behrman was a failure in art. For forty years he had been always about to paint a masterpiece, without ever actually starting one.
  7. He was upset that Johnsy should have such a silly idea.
  8. Because they were afraid that Johnsy would die if the leaves on it were all gone.
  9. She saw the last leaf on the vine.
  10. It rekindled her will to live. And she realized that it was a sin to want to die.
  11. He caught pneumonia because he painted the last leaf on a rainy and cold night in the yard and was wet through.
  12. Yes, he finished his masterpiece eventually. It was his fine painting of the last leaf, the painting that saved Johnsy.
Text Organization (P.1

  1. (P.1
  1). She made up her mind to die when the last leaf fell.
  2). She decided not to give up her life.
  3). Behrman, a kind neighbor, who was aware of Johnsy's state of mind, risked death to paint the last leaf and save her.
  4). Because it was so perfect the girls both mistook it for the real thing.
  2. (P.1
  73) Scenes 1 2 3 4 5 Paragraphs Characters Paras 1-2 Sue, Johnsy Paras 3-8 Paras 9-17 Paras 18-
  2.1 Paras 22-33 the doctor, Sue Johnsy, Sue Behrman, Sue Sue, Johnsy Events Sue's roommate Johnsy caught pneumonia. The doctor told Sue that Johnsy needed a strong will to live on. Johnsy decided that she would die when the 1 last ivy leaf fell. Sue told Behrman about Johnsy's fancy. As Johnsy was encouraged by the last leaf that wouldn't give in to the weather, her will to live returned.
Keys to unit 6, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course
Paras 34-37
the doctor, Sue ■ Sue, Johnsy
The doctor told Sue that Johnsy would recover, but Behrman caught pneumonia himself and his case was hopeless. Sue told Johnsy that Behrman had performed a kind deed without any thought of self.
Paras 38-39
Language Sense Enhancement (P.1
  9) curling
  2) looking the part masterpiece
  4) to excess For the rest
  6) smelling strongly of fancy
  8) light and fragile slight hold upon the world
  10) streaming
Language Focus (P.1

  1) masterpieces
  3) fancy
  5) cling to
  7) acute
  9) mock
  11) Sin

  2) fragile
  4) nonsense
  8) whistle
  10) subtracted
  12) flutter/fluttering

  2. (P.1
  1) gave in/gave up
  2) figure out
  3) sized up
  4) wiped out
  5) pulling up
  6) wear away
  7) sit up
  8) hear of / about
  3. (P. 1
  1) Illnesses usually stand out in childhood memories.
  2) According to the bulletin, Albright College now offers a joint bachelor's degree program in environmental studies together with Duke University.
  3) The new government is less oppressive, but violence still stalks the country.
  4) There is scarcely any surface water in the desert.
  5) The demand for change in the election law is so persistent that both houses have promised to consider it.
  4. (P. 178?1
  1) It was dreary lying in the tent with nothing to read, so we built a camp fire. Soon the smell of steaks, bread and coffee mingled with that of fresh grass and earth. Other campers seemed to be doing the same. Here and there people were eating, drinking or dancing to their hearts' content, if not to excess. What a merry night!
  2) Miss Florence, our music teacher, called to us to stop singing. I didn't realize why until
Keys to unit 6, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course
Sally told me in a whisper: " You are not in tune with the group!"
  3) The angry wife poured a bucket of water over her drunken husband, who was immediately wet through and stumbled backward: " You can't do without drinks? I won't hear of any excuses. You certainly don't need it to turn loose your tongue!" II. Words with Multiple Meanings (P. 179?1
  1. He went to Paris on business last month.
  2. The train to Brussels goes at 2:25p.m.
  3. As soon as they arrived at the meadow, the shepherd let the sheep go.
  4. We went exploring together in the mountains. / We will go exploring together in the mountains.
  5. Let's go and have a drink in the bar.
  6. The store is going to close up soon.
  7. South Koreans went crazy when their soccer players beat the Spanish team in the quarterfinals.
  8. When Mother came out of the house, she found her children gone. III. Usage (P. 1
  1. a little white wooden house
  2. long, curly red hair
  2. a large old round table
  3. a cheap Indian restaurant
  4. a huge cool chocolate ice-cream
  5. rapid technological advance
  6. a handsome young Chinese American
Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze (P. 1
  1. in tune
  3. in a whisper
  5. merry
  7. nonsense
  9. sin (B)
  1. mission
  3. jail
  5. collect
  7. beautiful
  9. need
II. Translation (P. 1

Scarcely cling to sat up fancy masterpiec

involve not deliver vocation small
Keys to unit 6, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course

  1. (P. 1
  1). The red house stands out against the old trees that reach high up to the sky.
  2). The salary in/for my new job is great, but for the rest, I’m not satisfied.
  3). The waters of the two streams mingle near our village.
  4). We should not mock at other people’s religious beliefs.
  5). The curtains of the room are not quite in tune with the style of the furniture.
  2. (P. 1
  82) Here and there we see young artists who stand out from other people. They may be in worn out jeans all the year round, or walk barefoot / in bare feet even in winter, or drink to excess, or cling to the fancy of creating a masterpiece without actually doing any creative work. In fact, many of them act like this just to look the part, or to be "in tune with" other artists. They have forgotten that only through persistent effort can one achieve success.
Chinese Translations of Texts A
人情味 约翰西病情严重,她似乎失去了活下去的意志。医生对她不抱什:么希望。朋友们看来也爱莫能 助。难道真的就无可奈何了吗? 最后一片叶子 欧?亨利 在一幢三层砖楼的顶层,苏和约翰西辟了个画室。 “约翰西”是乔安娜的昵称。她们一位来 自缅因州+一位来自加利福尼亚。两人相遇在第八大街的一个咖啡馆,发现各自在艺术品味、菊苣色 拉,以及灯笼袖等方面趣味相投,于是就有了这个两入画室。 那是 5 月里的事。到了 11 月,一个医生称之为肺炎的阴森的隐形客闯入了这?它冰冷的手 指东碰西触。约翰西也为其所害。她病倒了,躺在床上几乎一动不动,小窗望着隔壁砖房那单调沉闷 的侧墙。 一天上午,忙碌的医生扬了扬灰白的浓眉,示意苏到过道上来。 “她只有一成希望, ”他说。 “那还得看她自己是不是想活下去。你这位女朋友已经下决心不 想好了。她有什么心事吗?” “她??她想有一天能去画那不勒斯湾, ”苏说。 “画画???得了。她有没有别的事值得她留恋的??比如说,一个男人?” “男人?”苏说。 “难道一个男人就值得??可是,她没有啊,大夫,没有这码子事。 ” “好吧, ”大夫说。 “我会尽一切努力,只要是科学能做到的。可是,但凡病人开始计算她出 殡的行列里有几辆马车的时候,我就要把医药的疗效减去一半。 ”大夫走后,苏去工作室哭了一场。 随后她携着画板大步走进约翰西的房间,口里吹着轻快的口哨。 约翰西躺在被子下几乎一动不动,脸朝着窗。她望着窗外,数着数??倒数着数! “
  12, ”她数道,过了一会儿“11” ,接着数“10'’和“9” ;再数“8”和“7” ,几乎同时数 下来。 苏朝窗外望去。外面有什么好数的呢?外面只看到一个空荡荡的沉闷的院子,还有 20 英尺开 外那砖房的侧墙,上面什么也没有。一棵古老的常青藤爬到半墙高。萧瑟秋风吹落了枝叶,藤上几乎 光秃秃的。
Keys to unit 6, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course

  6, ”约翰西数着,声音几乎听不出来。 “现在叶子掉落得快多了。三天前差不多还有 100 片。数得我头都疼。可现在容易了。又掉了一片。这下子只剩 5 片了。 ” “5 片什么,亲爱的?” “叶子。常青藤上的叶子。等最后一片叶子掉了,我也就得走了。三天前我就知道会这样。 大夫没跟你说吗?” “噢,我从没听说过这种胡说八道。常青藤叶子跟你病好不好有什么关系?别这么傻。对了, 大夫上午跟我说,你的病十有八九就快好了。快喝些汤,让苏迪给她生病的孩子去买些波尔图葡萄酒 来。 ” “你不用再去买酒了, ”约翰西说道,两眼一直盯着窗外。 “又掉了一片。不,我不想喝汤。 这一下只剩下 4 片了。我要在天黑前看到最后一片叶子掉落。那时我也就跟着走了。我都等腻了。也 想腻了。我只想撇开一切,飘然而去, ;就像那边千片可怜的疲倦的叶子 “快睡吧, ”苏说。 “我得叫贝尔曼上楼来给我当老矿工模特儿。我去去就来。 ” 老贝尔曼是住在两人楼下底层的一个画家。他已年过六旬,银白色蜷曲的长髯披挂胸前。贝 尔曼看上去挺像艺术家,但在艺术上却没有什么成就。40 年来他一直想创作一幅传世之作,却始终 没能动手。他给那些请不起职业模特的青年画家当模特挣点小钱。他没节制地喝酒,谈论着他那即将 问世的不朽之作。要说其他方面,他是个好斗的小老头,要是谁表现出一点软弱,他便大肆嘲笑,并 把自己看成是楼上画室里两位年轻艺术家的看护人。 苏在楼下光线暗淡的画室里找到了贝尔曼,他满身酒味刺鼻。屋子一角的画架上支着一张从 未落过笔的画布,在那儿搁了 25 年,等着一幅杰作的起笔。苏把约翰西的怪念头跟他说了,并说约 翰西本身就像一片叶子又瘦又弱,她害怕要是她那本已脆弱的生存意志再软下去的话,真的会凋零飘 落。 老贝尔曼双眼通红,显然是泪涟涟的,他大声叫嚷着说他蔑视这种傻念头。 “什么!”他嚷道。 “世界上竟然有这么愚蠢的人,因为树叶从藤上掉落就要去死?我听都没 听说过这等事: 。你怎么让这种傻念头钻到她那个怪脑袋里?天哪!这不是一个像约翰西小姐这样的好 姑娘躺倒生病的地方。有朝一日我要画一幅巨作,那时候我们就离开这里。真的。 ” 两人上了楼,约翰西已经睡着了。苏放下窗帘,示意贝尔曼去另一个房间。在那儿两人惶惶 不安地凝视着窗外的常青藤。接着两人面面相觑,哑然无语。外面冷雨夹雪,淅淅沥沥。贝尔曼穿着 破旧的蓝色衬衣,坐在充当矿石的倒置的水壶上,摆出矿工的架势。 第二天早上,只睡了一个小时的苏醒来看到约翰西睁大着无神的双眼,凝望着拉下的绿色窗 帘。 “把窗帘拉起来;我要看, ”她低声命令道。 苏带着疲倦,遵命拉起窗帘。 可是,瞧!经过一整夜的急风骤雨,竟然还存留一片常青藤叶,背靠砖墙,格外显目。这是 常青藤上的最后一片叶子。近梗部位仍呈暗绿色,但边缘已经泛黄了,它无所畏惧地挂在离地 20 多 英尺高的枝干上。 “这是最后一片叶子, ”约翰西说。 “我以为夜里它肯定会掉落的。我晚上听到大风呼啸。今 天它会掉落的,叶子掉的时候,也是我死的时候。 ” 白天慢慢过去了, 即便在暮色黄昏之中, 他们仍能看到那片孤零零的常青藤叶子, 背靠砖墙, 紧紧抱住梗茎。尔后,随着夜幕的降临,又是北风大作。 等天色亮起,冷酷无情的约翰西命令将窗帘拉起。 常青藤叶依然挺在。 约翰西躺在那儿,望着它许久许久。接着她大声呼唤正在煤气灶上搅拌鸡汤的苏。 “我一直像个不乖的孩子,苏迪, ”约翰西说。 “有一种力量让那最后一片叶子不掉落,好让 我看到自己有多坏。 ?想死是一种罪过。你给我喝点汤吧,再来点牛奶,稍放一点波尔图葡萄酒??
Keys to unit 6, book 3 New College English, Integrated Course
不,先给我拿面小镜子宋,弄几个枕头垫在我身边,我要坐起来看你做菜。 一个小时之后, ?她说: 下午大夫来了,他走时苏找了个借口跟进了过道。 “现在是势均力敌, ”大夫说着,握了握苏纤细颤抖的手。 “只要精心照料,你就赢了。现在我得去楼下看另外一个病人了。贝尔曼,是他的名字??记 得是个什么画家。也是肺炎。他年老体弱,病来势又猛。他是没救了。不过今天他去了医院,照料得 会好一点。 ” . 第二天,大夫对苏说: “她脱离



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