Unit 4
  1) orderly
  2) latter
  3) explicit
  4) commended
  5) entrusted
  6) turned to
  7) Not content with
  8) look your friend in the face
  9) beast
  10) perplexity


  1).I lay in bed feeling thoroughly wretched.
  2) Two years after the attack they are still haunted by the images of death and destruction.
  3) It is fragrant with the smell of apple blossom.
  4) Yes, he does. As a matter of fact, he is an ardent supporter of the reforms.

  5) They are fine specimens of the veteran revolutionaries.
  6) Because it is infectious and there is no effective cure for it.
  7) I’d like to enroll in the modern art course if it is not too late.
  8) The taste is slightly bitter, and it has a strange odor.

  1) turned to
  2) turned … down
  3) turn up
  4) turned out
  5) turned … over
  6) turned on
  7) turned away
  8) turns out
  9) turned in
  10) turning in
II. Confusable Words

  1) come
  2) come; bring; bring
  3) take; taken
  4) went; went; going
  5) went; came
  6) take
  7) bring
  8) come
  9) brought
  10) went / came
Cloze (A)

  1. Enrolling
  2. engage upon
  3. specimen
  4. beast
  5. leave him to his own devices

  7. perplexity
  8. By and by
  9. content with
  10. steadfast
  11. entrusted
  12. grounded

  1. for
  2. seek
  3. on
  4. in
  5. Since
  6. on
  7. doing
  8. difficult
  9. from
  10. entered
  11. if / whether
  12. began
  13. solved
  14. till
  15. turn
  16. But
  17. on
  18. at
  19. out
  20. Nor
  21. in
  22. Yet / However
  23. because
  24. by
II. Translation

  1. When I enrolled in Math 202, I anticipated difficulties because I was not well grounded in mathematics in high school.
  2.The course was taught by Professor Richardson, a fine specimen of an old-fashioned gentleman, formally dressed, soft spoken, and cordial to his students. 3However, when it came to academic matters, he was by no means an easy person., too.

  4.Before he stared his lecture, he discoursed enthusiastically on the importance of working in an orderly fashion, of being thoroughly prepared before each class, of being steadfast in one’s efforts, and of not being content with what you have learned.
  5.There was no doubt that teaching math was something sacred to him.
  6.His attitude towards work was infectious, and by and by I became an ardent math lover


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