2.an insignificant

  7. pulled up
  8.scrached out

  2. Answer the following questions , using the words or phrases given below.P215

  1.Certainly. He is a man/ the soul of discretion.
  2.She blushed and lowered her head.
  3.They are rehearsing a new opera for the shool anniversary.

  4. I think he’s selfish. He’s mainly concerned with himself.
  5.She keeps the dishes warm in the oven and waits up no matter how late it is.
  6.Absolutely . He never ceases to amaze me with new ideas and innovations.

  7. Well, I heard fragments of their conversation in the office and it seems they’ve been contemplating a trip like that for some time
  8.Its purpose is to give all staff members an opportunity to air their views on the launching of a new publicity campaign.


  1. take up
  2. takes to
  3.take over
  4.take on
  5.took off
  6.taking down
  7.took back
  8. was taken on
  9.take after
  10. took…in


  1. It fell to our lot/us to filter through the enemy defense lines and nobody knew if we would get back from the mission.
  2.It is obvious that the present filling system has outlived its usefulness and without reform we can’t move ahead .
  3. Nobody foresaw the city’s GDP wouuld grow at a two-digit rate last year. two
  4. The latest news has confirmed the initial report that seven people have died in the storm.

  5. For a big house , the price is reasonable , but you’ve got to take into consideration the cost of renovation.

  1. Tom and I became very good friends . One day he told me that his father was a prominent politician who sat on several national committees. He stressed this was committees. something between us two and asked me not to tell anybody, whoever he was. I told was. him that I’d keep it a secret.

  2. Early in my childhood I had a passion for books. Whenever possible, I would go to the school library, pick out a book from the shelves, and start to read at random. This no doubt was a good way to fill in my leisure hours, but unfortunately it did not seem to help my school performance . By the time I reached the sixth grade I had to bow to the pressure from my parents , who told me that I must make an effort to get better grades so that I could gain admission to a key secondary school.

  3. In genral I dislike politions . Few of them are trustworthy. Still fewer will speak ou for trustworthy. the common people . One has to use one’s discretion when listening to their speeches, because they they are often only saying things to please the crowd and to win applause rather than honestly airing their own views.
Usage p219

  1. The furniture looked as though it had come out of somebody’s attic.
  2. He looked at me as if I had come from another planet.
  3. I always feel as if everyone is watching me , and noticing my blushes.
  4. For just a second then, the wind stopped , as though nature were holding its breath.

  5. It sounde as though their dream had come true at last.
  6. Her expression ha become vacant, as though her attention had drifted elsewhere.
  7. Clinging to the handrail as though it were a lifeline, he lowered himself down the two steps to the ground.
  8. For a time , it looked as though they would succeed.
  1. pluck up courage/ make an effort
  2. in mourning
  5. distress
  6. rejoin
  8. intrude

  9. grief
  10. sympathy
  11. no doubt
  12. incongruous B.

  4. those
  5. causing
  7. make

  14.fill 15 .than
  18.. Different
  20. say

Translation p222
Henry , a frail-looking man of fifty , was frailolder than his robust wife wife by 20 years , Everyone assumed that she would outlive him.So you can imagine our surprise when henry came to the office in mourning after a week of ansence and told us about the sudden and unexpected death of his wife .
No on e, including Henry himself , had foreseen that things would turn out this way.The tragedy filled Henry’s heart with deep grief/Henry was in the depths of grief/ was overwhelmed with grief, and for grief, several weeks , he looked greatly distressed and became a comletely changed person.
He even speculated whether it would be better for him to rejoin his wife in paradise.Though paradise.Though each of us expressed our deep sympathy, no one thought it appropriate to intrude upon his family uninvited , in consideration of their need for peace and privacy./everone thought it was out of place / incongruous to disturb



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