Unit 1 听力原文与参考答案
Section A
  1. M: Here is a ten-dollar bill. Give me three tickets for tomorrow’s show. W: Sure. Here’s one dollar and three tickets. Q: How much does each ticket cost? (C)
  2. M: Mary, you went over your minutes again! W: I did? I tried to be careful this month. Q: What are they talking about? (B)
  3. W: Please be quick, otherwise we’ll be late for the opening ceremony of the sports meeting. M: Relax. It starts at 7:
  45. We still have 30 minutes left. Q: What time is it now? (B)
  4. M: Hello, Anne. This is Robert. W: Oh, hi, Robert. I was just about to call you. Q: What does the woman mean? (D)
  5. M: Which flight will you take for your trip tomorrow? W: Flight 657, I think. Q: How will the woman leave tomorrow? (C)
  6. W: How come you were late this morning, Tom? M: I’m sorry, Mrs. Smith, but I had a stomachache. Q: What’s the possible relationship between the two speakers? (A)
  7. M: I paid 100 yuan for this sweater. I think it is too expensive. W: Expensive? I wouldn’t say?it’s hand made quality. Q: How did the woman feel about the sweater? (C)
  8. M: I think the telecommunication bureau sent me the wrong monthly bill. W: Why not call them up? Q: What does the woman suggest the man do? (C)
  9. M: Will you enter for the English speech contest? W: Most likely. Q: What does the woman mean? (A)
  10. W: I wish we had been able to find something better to read. That book Lily assigned us is so boring! M: Really? I started it yesterday morning and I wasn’t able to put it down until I finished it later in the evening. Q: What can we learn from the dialogue? (D)
Section B
Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. Walking up to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation is key to making new friends. Making a small talk can also lead to important business relationships, but it requires
confidence, preparation and practice. Do it well, and people will feel at ease with you and enjoy your company. So how can you learn the art of a small talk? Before you go to a business confidence or other social situation, prepare three things that you can talk about. It can be something in the news, a good movie or a popular sports team. That way you are prepared and have a topic to begin with when you meet a new person. Also, don’t wait for someone to approach you. Look for someone who is standing alone, and start a conversation. Try a simple statement that establishes some common ground like: “The food looks delicious.” Or “There sure are a lot of people here.” Then introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Helen.” And hold out your hand for a handshake. After you start a conversation, keep it going. Instead of asking questions that can be answered with a yes or no, ask open-ended questions like “What do you think of the conference?” Once you’ve made a good impression, move on. Making a small talk will open doors to meeting many interesting people. When you show an interest in others, they become interested in talking to you.
  11. Which of the following is not needed to start a small talk? (B)
  12. What should you do if you want to meet a new person? (C)
  13. What question had you better ask if you want to keep the conversation going? (D) Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. Forces other than damaging winds are also at work inside tornadoes. Sometimes as the funnel of the tornado passes over a house, the wall and the ceiling burst apart as if a bomb had gone off inside. The low air pressure at the center of a tornado causes this explosion. The pressure at the center of a tornado is usually 13 pounds per square inch. However, inside the house the air pressure is normally at 15 pounds per square inch. There is only a difference of 2 pounds per square inch between the outside and inside of the house. This difference of pressure may not seem like much, but suppose a tornado funnel passes over a small building that measures 20 by 10 feet. On each square inch of the building there is a difference of 2 pounds of pressure from inside that is not balanced by the air pressure from outside the building. The unbalanced pressure of the ceiling and the four walls adds up to 172,800 pounds. That is the amount of pressure that makes the building burst apart. If windows are open in the building, some of the inside air will be able to rush out. This will balance the pressure inside and outside the building. But if the windows are shut tightly, the enormous inside pressure may cause the building to burst. Unfortunately, heavy rain and hail often occur in thunderstorms that later produce tornadoes. So people often shut all windows to protect their property. This may cause far worse damage later. For the same reason, tornado cellars must have an air vent. Otherwise, the cellar door might be blown out when a tornado passes over it.
  14. Why can tornadoes destroy buildings? (D)
  15. How can the pressure on a building be relieved during a tornado? (B)
  16. Which of the following is the main topic of the passage? (D)
Section C
Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. W: Good morning, sir! What can I do for you? M: I’m going abroad and I want to change some RMB into US dollars.
W: Do you want it in cash or traveler’s check? M: Cash, please. W: OK. Do you have your passport or ID card with you? M: Here you are. What’s the rate of the exchange today? W: Today’s rate is
  8. How much money do you want to change? M: 30,000 yuan. W: How would you like the money? M: In twenties and fifties, please. W: Here is your money and please count it. M: Thank you so much.
  17. dollars
  20. twenties
Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. M: Students’ Home Search Agency. W: This is Kelly Lam. I’m calling about the apartment for rent. M: Which one? W: Oh, um…the one on Peace Road. I spoke to you yesterday. M: Oh, yes. I’m sorry. That one’s not available anymore. W: Oh, no. M: But we have another one if you’re interested. W: In the same neighborhood? M: Uh-huh. Not really. But it’s quite similar to the one on Peace Road. W: Can you tell me more about it? M: Well, it’s got a bigger living room than the one on Peace Road, along with a kitchen. W: Is there a backyard off the living room? M: Sorry. That’s the only difference between this one and the Peace Road Apartment. There’s no backyard. W: But it’s got two big bedrooms? M: Yes. One with its own bathroom and…let me see…there’s a second bathroom and even a study. W: Sounds great. When can I see it? M: If you want, we can go over there right now. It’s on Market Street, about ten minutes’ walk from the university.
  21. Home Search
  22. Similar to
  23. neighborhood
  24. 10 minutes



   高考英语听力测试:重点抓八方面 2006-05-29 14:27:31 高 燕 唐元丰 高考临近, 特请云南省特级教师、 昆明市英语学科带头人杨嘉云老师针对英语高考中考 生们比较关注的听力考试进行深入分析并提出备考方案。 他指出, 听力试题录音材料的长度、 话题及试题设计和语音速度等都会符合考试大纲和说明要求,试题从四方面考察学生的能 力,即 1、主旨和大意;2、事实的具体信息,如时间、地点、人物等;3、推断谈话背景、 人物关系等;4、说话者意图、观点或态度。 杨嘉云建议,在最后十四天时间里 ...


   苏 州 市 教 育 局 江苏省苏州质量技术监督局 苏教办〔2009〕27 号 关于做好 2009 年高考 英语听力测试播放设备检测 和技术保障工作的通知 各市、区教育局(教育文体局) ,市直属各高考考点学校: 英语听力测试是高考的重要组成部分,是提高学生外语综 合运用能力,深化素质教育,促进学生全面发展的重要举措。 根据江苏省教育厅有关文件精神, 2009 年高考英语听力测试继 续采用各考点有线广播设备统一播放的方案。 为确保今年高考英语听力测试的顺利进行,各市、区教育 局应高度重视,加强领 ...


   如何提高英语听力能力 一、 英语听力学习中的误区 众人的疑惑:为什么老听不懂? 英语基础不扎实的人听不懂,或者听懂的不多,是很容易理解的事情。但有些 语法基础扎实、词汇量足够大的学习者,却也有着相同苦恼和困惑。对于这些学习 者来说,当务之急还是先找出听力障碍的“症结”。 症结一: 语音知识不扎实 你是否碰到过这样的情况:听一段 VOA 的慢速英语新闻,听的时候觉得很舒 服,像是在听一段说唱音乐一样。结束的时候,你忽然发觉其实自己对广播内容毫 无头绪。但是回头对照广播稿子,却又发觉整篇广播稿子 ...


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   一、语音问题:连读小练习 1. rush hour 高峰时间,尖峰时刻; 2. cheer up 使振奋,使高兴; 3. check (it) out 借书;办理出院手续;彻底检查;退房(check in 开房) ; ;financial aid 经济资助; 4. travel agent 旅行社(travel agency, travel bureau) 5. turn down 关掉,拒绝; turn on 打开 be sold out 售 光了wear out 穿破了; be worn ...


   高中英语听力教学 的探究与实践 Jiashan Senior High School Cao Yonghua 发言提纲 高中英语听力教学存在的误区 高中英语听力学习的主要障碍 高中英语听力理解的本质特征 高考英语听力要求和命题规律 高中英语听力学习的策略指导 高中英语听力培养的普遍做法 教师用英语授课 相互倾听“ 生 生 生 相互倾听“师-生,生-生”英语交流 播放阅读材料的朗读带 利用教材中的Listening 和练习册中的 利用教材中的 听力训练 举行定期的经常性的听力测试, 举行定期的 ...


   学习方法,全面提高听说能力~从现在就开始吧 从现在就开始吧~~~~```太经典了 最佳 VOA 学习方法,全面提高听说能力 从现在就开始吧 太经典了 直接转了 来源: 何厚铧的日志 VOA Special English 节目内容题材广泛,如果能坚持长期学习,你不仅能扩充知 识面,增加词汇量,提高阅读能力,还能在潜移默化中提高写作水平。那么你是怎 么样使用 VOA Special English 来学习提高英语水平的呢?这次讨论的目的在于 发现常见的错误的学习方法,总结出一套行之有效的最佳 ...



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   英语课前的一个热身的小 chant : Warm-up : 1、One two three four one two three four ,clap your hands (1 2 3 4,拍拍手) two two three four,stomp your feet(2 2 3 4 ,跺跺脚) three two three four,nod your head,(3 2 3 4 ,点点头) four two three four,hands on knees.(4 2 3 4 ,小手放 ...

高考英语全面 复习三

   高考英语全面 复习三Travel journal 游记 考纲知识预览 重点单词 1. journal n. 日记;杂志;定期刊物 . 日记;杂志; 2.transport n.运送;运输 运输; . .运送;运输vt. 运输; 运送 3. prefer vt. 更喜欢;选择某事物 而不 . 更喜欢;选择某事物(而不 选择其他事物) 选择其他事物 4. disadvantage n. 不利条件;不便之 不利条件; . 反义词) 反义词 处→ advantage (反义词 5. fare n. ...


   2010 年成人英语三级必备词汇 一) 年成人英语三级必备词汇(一 1. abide by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠于;遵守。 2. be absent from…。 缺席,不在 3. absence or mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 4. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动 语态)be absorbed i n 全神贯注于…近 be engrossed in ; be lost ...

英语六级 我的经验

   我现在研二,说起来真的和论坛上有位博士兄有同样的感受??羞愧!在《感恩贴》中我也 提高,我差点都要放弃英语放弃六级了。但这次六级考试我竟然以 508 的高分通过,实在令 我感到惊喜!老实说,能以高分通过,沪江给了我极大的帮助。上面很多资料和过级经验令 我受益匪浅。为了表示对沪江的感谢,我只有一个方式,把我的过级经历和感受和沪友们分 享。 首先提一下我的英语基础,我的英语高考 105,四级第一次 57,第二次在大二上学期以 71.5 过掉。大学因为忙着所谓培养个人兴趣爱好和综合素质,没怎么重视 ...