Unit Five III.

  1. inevitable
  6. yields
Section A

  2. excessive
  7. token
  2. enormous
  7. commercial
  12. revenue
  3. species
  8. in the name of
  3. construct
  8. shift
  13. neutral
  4. wrecks
  9. appetite
  4.brought on line
  9. restored
  5. severe
  10. provokes
  10. destructive

  1. charting
  6. set aside
  11. installed

  1) resisting
  1) deprives
  1) engaging
  2) resist
  3) resistance
  2) deprived
  3) deprivation
  2) engagement
  3) engaged
  4) engage
  2. hydroelectric
  5. Hydrospace
  3. hydrocarbon
  6. polyatomic

  1. polytechnic
  4. polygene

  1. I tried to assure my friend that his idea has been written into the contract.
  2. Ways must be found to ensure our children a decent start in life.
  3. Mary received a sum of money after her camera had been stolen because she insured it against theft last year.
  4. The news will ensure to (for) you the authority you need to run for mayor. / The news will ensure you the authority you need to run for mayor.
  5. When all the passengers were present, the captain of the ship assured them that there was no danger at all.

  1. have already insured it for over half a million pounds
  2. they assured her that
  3. ensure you a good night’s sleep 或 ensure a good night’s sleep to (for) you
  4. assure the manager of your ability to work
  5. a kind of device that can ensure the coal miners against accident

  1. Not only did he complain about the food, (but) he also refused to pay for it when the waitress brought him the bill.
  2. Not only does research mean finding out what is new, (but) it also means finding out what is already known.
  3. Not only does physics deal with the properties of matter, (but) it also deals with the changes of matter in position and in state.
  4. Not only did we forget to turn off the lights, (but) we also failed to lock the door.
  5. Not only do we have to pay two times more than the American students, (but) we also have to suffer from the high exchange rate.

  1. When he will be back this evening depends much on the weather.
  2. Who was responsible for the accident last month is not yet clear.
  3. How he will develop his career in this big country is still a big problem.
i 1

  4. What he wanted to see was an end to all the armies of the world.
  5. Where the exam is being held has not been made public.

  1. Making use of some cloth and cotton, Mother made a lovely doll for her daughter as a birthday gift.
  2. As the matter in hand was urgent we dealt with it at once.
  3. I think what appeals to me about his painting is the colors he uses.
  4. I tried to go into the parking lot, but there was a big truck in the way.
  5. This novel was written 30 years ago, but till today it still packs an emotional punch on the readers.
  6. The way with which the company trained him doomed him to failure.
  7. It looks simple enough on paper, but I doubt if it will actually work.
  8. The business each day, be it selling goods or shipping them, went smoothly.
Section B
  1. D
  2. B
  3. B
  6. B
  7. D
  8. B II.
  1. thrilled
  2. chop
  6. priming the pump
  7. stuff
  11. maintenance
  12. barrier III.
  1. up
  2. away
  6. on
  7. about IV.
  1. dozens of
  2. contaminate
  6. troublesome
  7. sturdy
  4. A
  9. A
  5. A
  10. B
  4. disposable
  9. comprise
  5. Tossing
  10. pay off

  3. dumped
  8. rigid
  13. functional
  3. up
  8. of
  3. recovered
  8. shatter

  4. at
  9. out of
  4. fascinating

  5. up to
  10. on
  5. retirement
Section C I.

  1. N
  6. Y
  2. N
  7. N
  3. Y
  8. N
  4. NG
  9. Y
  5. N
  10. Y

  1. His letters had been projected onto a large screen, so everybody could see them clearly.
  2. They worked very hard, for they believe that their work would induce social changes.
  3. I called round yesterday, but your mother said that you weren’t in.
  4. The building not far away from here has been given over to the youth club since last year.
  5. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink.
  6. The old man weaves many interesting stories from his adventures as a young man.
  7. There will be live music and food, not to mention games and prizes for the whole family!
  8. She came in with a smile on her face, flourishing her exam results.
  9. Rumors that the President’s health is getting worse are circulating around the country.
  10. I know that some of you are very cynical about the proposals.
i 2
Unit Six III.
Section A

  2. altitude
  7. highlight
  3. herd
  8. layer
  4. salute
  9. Grassy
  5. bakery
  10. gasp
  5. round up
  10. witnessed

  1. destination
  6. statue

  1. weather-beaten
  2. consume
  6. dotted
  7. drop out
  11. produce
  12. delicacy
  3. overcome
  4. carpeted
  8. enlist
  9. let alone
  13. turn off
  14. steam
  3. giggled
  7. magnificent
  3. heart-broken
  7. absent-mined

  1. carpeted
  5. stalls
  2. herd
  6. landscape
  2. market-driven
  6. high-heeled
  4. strolling
  8. drop out of
  4. strong-willed
  8. home-made

  1. low-pitched
  5. family-based

  1. I was lonely
  2. a lone teacher coming towards them
  3. because she was alone in the house
  4. the heart of that lonely student
  5. found she was alone

  1. Many people have realized that money alone can not make them happy.
  2. In the United Kingdom, almost one-third of the population lives alone; that is around twenty million people; hardly a minority group.
  3. When I went to see Miss Havisham the next day, as she had requested, her house looked darker than ever, and I realized how lonely she was without Estella.
  4. The bird looks so sad there, all cold and lonely, that I hold my hand out to reach for it, but it flies off.
  5. Two thirds of lone parent families depend mainly on social security benefits, compared with one in eight two-parent families.

  1. We saw the children diving into water from the diving board.
  2. I saw many students looking down the microscope to observe the behavior of individual cells as the embryo develops.
  3. We saw my neighbor’s boy beating our dog with a heavy stick as if he were mad.
  4. We went to the sea and saw one of our old friends strolling along the beach with a strange man.
  5. During the night we heard our neighbor screaming and shouting for help.

  1. India is a country where women wear saris or other Indian styles of dress.
  2. Nowadays a gym is a good place where people can get to interact with different persons.
  3. Yu Garden, located in the southern part of Shanghai, is a well-restored Suzhou-style garden where people see more than 40 scenic spots.

  4. Thailand is a country where monks travel free on most forms of public transport.
  5. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty where nearly 50,000 items of paintings are collected.

  1. The French class began with ten students, but several have dropped out.
  2. I believe old farming methods should give way to improved modern ones.
  3. Dietitian always warns people not to gorge on rich food if they want to stay healthy.
  4. We must take it as a major task for the economic work in 2009 to increase the income of farmers by all means.
  5. He came across his former classmate while he was strolling about in the park.
  6. That young girl had seldom been to smart restaurants, let alone banquets and receptions.
  7. The students rejoiced that their teacher had recovered completely and didn’t expect that the teacher would be back to work so soon.
  8. When the class was over, the girls would like to whisper and giggle together.
Section B

  1. landmarks
  6. appealing
  11. ignorant
  2. halt
  7. image
  12. work wonders
  3. originate
  8. do justice to
  13. enhanced
  4. reference
  9. luxury
  5. strike
  10. illuminated

  1. encompass
  5. touched down
  2. vanish
  6. out of reach
  3. intact
  7. missing
  4. regarding
  8. mysterious

  1. fraction
  5. unprepared
  2. fragrant
  6. veil
  3. preserve
  7. tourism
  4. suffice
  9. exotic
Section C

  1. N
  2. Y
  6. Y
  7. NG
  3. N
  8. Y
  4. N
  5. N
  9. Y
  10. N

  1. We must plan our work in terms of the new situation and its needs.
  2. In China, traditional Chinese medicine back to ancient times. More and more people in the western world have come to believe in its therapy.
  3. Before the storm came, they brought the boat into the harbor and dropped (the) anchor.
  4. The mountain peak,enveloped in mist and clouds, formed a magnificent picture.
  5. When night came, the captain steered the ship carefully between the rocks.
  6. All the tourists were deeply attracted by the beautiful sunsets in the desert.
  7. The wind was so big that the boat was thrown up and down on the water.

  8. The job is interesting but low paid. At times I feel that I want to leave this job.
  9. His comforting words helped to sustain me in my faith during those dark days.
  10. It is reported that drinking is a principal cause of highway deaths.
Unit Seven Section A

  1. anniversary
  6. precision
  2. club
  7. session
  3. horror
  8. swing
  4. pray
  9. document
  5. balcony
  10. Intense

  1. works out
  5. on my own
  9. Memorial
  13. welled up
  2. clapped
  6. picked up
  10. exclaimed
  3. Looking back
  4. misted
  7. accumulated
  8. got through
  11. in the midst of
  12. To my relief

  1. with
  2. up
  3. on
  4. down
  5. of
  6. back
  7. for
  8. about

  1. reference
  5. dependence
  2. performance
  6. avoidance
  3. resistance
  7. attendance
  4. disturbance
  8. confidence

  1. I chose to wear my school uniform, just the shirt and trousers, for this was neither too casual nor too formal.
  2. When she was at home, she was dressed in green and orange pajamas.
  3. Could you dress the children for me? I have to attend a very important meeting now.
  4. My parents are very accepting; my mum encourages me to dress for comfort rather than fashion.
  5. The restaurant was decked with more movie stars and singers than you could count, and the staff took great care to dress up for the occasion.

  1. why she never wears red
  2. always wears a black tie and black leather shoes
  3. we must wear evening dress for the banquet
  4. needn’t dress up for it
  5. is still too young to dress himself

  1. What I am afraid of
  2. Sometimes what seem to be difficult questions

  3. what other people thought about this problem
  4. is not always what one feels or thinks
  5. Although what happened in that developed country sounded like a science fiction

  1. As I sat there thinking about my life
  2. As I was walking down the street
  3. As the champion grew weaker
  4. While John was sitting biting his nails
  5. as I’m taking my driving test

  1. When the bell rang, our English teacher breezed rather than walked into the classroom.
  2. The lunar probe satellite Chang’e-1 was launched successfully on Oct. 24, 2007, which is a milestone in China’s astronautical history.
  3. You have a very good memory, but you lack the ability to solve problems on your own.
  4. To everyone’s relief, the Chinese Government has launched many policies to solve the housing problems of low-income households and has made great achievement.
  5. Although he quotes from the Bible to support his beliefs, we still cannot understand him.
  6. That company has issued a pirated edition of some of my recent short stories.
  7. Many people are fond of open-air activities and sport; and some people like to work out in a gym.
  8. The English exam is difficult for students to get through in the Entrance Examination for Graduate Studies.
Section B
  1. B
  6. C II.
  1. collapsed
  6. ditch
  11. loosen III.
  1. van
  5. colleague IV.
  1. tension
  5. stunned
  2. D
  7. B
  3. D
  8. A
  4. C
  9. D
  3. precautions
  8. choke
  13. kneel
  3. vibration
  7. scared
  4. stroke
  8. grateful
  5. A
  10. A
  4. hook
  9. horribly
  14. dependent
  4. slice
  8. expertly
  5. supervisor
  10. anchored
  15. loaded

  2. gazing
  7. collided
  12. backyard
  2. triumph
  6. miraculously
  2. grave
  6. adjoin

  3. Amid
  7. suffered
Section C I.

  1. Y
  6. NG
  2. N
  7. Y
  3. Y
  8. N
  4. N
  9. Y
  5. NG
  10. Y

  1. He attributes his record-breaking speed to the length of his stride. (stride)
  2. His younger brother has really shot up since I saw him two years ago. (shoot up)
  3. Students expressed firm resolves to pass the test no matter how much studying it took. (resolve)
  4. The student was heading out of the classroom when the teacher called her back. (head)
  5. Her attendants all gathered round her, but the movie star motioned them away.(motion)
  6. The intense competition on the talent market put him out of job. (put sb. out)
  7. When I saw Martin he was coaching several players by showing them how to shoot the basketball. (coach)
  8. She clutched her purse tightly, fearing that a thief might snatch it. (clutch)
  9. The combat between good and evil will continue forever. (combat)
  10. He is all wrapped up in his scientific studies, caring about what is happening around him at not all. (be wrapped up in sth.)
Unit Eight Section A
  1. out of place
  6. shrug
  2. vision
  7. wrap
  2. nursing
  7. surroundings
  12. convince
  3. handful
  8. blurs
  4. leave somebody alone
  9. lean
  4. go away
  9. stop by
  5. spell
  10. rub
  5. sip
  10. groan

  1. owed
  6. murders
  11. bumped
  3. slipped
  8. quite a bit
  13. coincidence

  1) applied
  2) applicant
  3) applying
  4) applicable
  5) application
  1) imaginative
  2) imaginable
  3) imaginary
  4) imagine
  5) imagination
  1) depressed
  2) depressive
  3) depressed
  4) depression
  5) depressing

  1. weekly
  4. chilly
  2. messy
  5. windy
  3. motherly
  6. homely

  1. Shut the door first, and shut the windows facing the south as well / too.
  2. He realized that she was also exhausted after running a mile without stop. / He realized that she too was exhausted after running a mile without stop.
  3. He smokes too much, but at least he doesn’t drink too much as we


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