阅读短文, 阅读短文,完成任务

  1. Only Two Seasons(只有两个季节) (只有两个季节)
Near the North Pole(北极) there are two seasons: winter and summer. In winter it is very very cold, and the nights are long. For more than(超过) two months, you can’t see the sun, even at noon. The summer days are long. For over than two months, the sun never sets, and there is no night. The Eskimos(爱斯基摩人) live near the North Pole. They make warm clothing from the skins of animals. They make coats and hats and even boots from skins. They build their tents(帐 篷) with skins, too. When they are out in storm(遇到暴风雪) and can’t get back home, they build houses of snow. They leave the snow houses when the storm is over. Life is hard for the Eskimos. 根据短文完成句子
  1. There are only two seasons near the North Pole. They are .
  2. In winter you can’t see for more than two months.
  3. “the sun never sets”的意思是“太阳不会”.
  4. The eskimos make warm clothing from .
  5. When the Eskimos out in storm and can’t get back home, they build houses .

A Bee and a Bird
One morning a bee goes to a river to drink. As it is drinking, the running water carries it away. A kind bird sees the bee’s danger(危险). It picks a leaf off a tree and throws it into the water in front of the bee. The bee is able(能够) to climb onto the leaf, and it is brought to the bank(被带 到岸上). The bee thanks the bird and then flys away. Several days later(几天后), the bird is sitting in a tree. It does not see that a man was aiming (瞄准)his gun at it. But the bee sees what the man is doing. So the bee flies into the man’s eye. The man can’t see the bird clearly and is not able to shoot it. The bird flys away. In this way, both the bird and the bee are able to save(挽救)each other’s lives. 判断正误 判断正误
  1. The kind bird throws a leaf into the water to save the bee’s life. (
  2. The bee sees a man aiming his gun at the kind bird. (
  3. The bee killed(杀死) the man and save the bird’s life. ( ) ) )

  3. What are you doing with my car One day Mr. and Mrs. White go shopping by car. They stop their car near a store. They buy a lot of things and they want to put the things in the car. But Mr. White can’t open the door of the car, so they ask a policeman to help them. The policeman is very friendly to help them. Just then a man comes up and shouts: “What are you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White take a look at the car’s number and they are frozen there. It isn’t their car. 选择
  1. Mr. and Mrs. White drive for . A. fishing B. shopping C. business

  2. They stop their car . A. at the parking spot B. near the sea C. near the store

  3. Mr. White can’t open the car, so . A. they walk home B. they ask a policeman to help C. they call a taxi

  4. Mr Brown Mr Brown lives in a nice house in a small town with his wife(妻子) , Mrs Brown. From Monday to Friday he works in an office near his house. He is free on Saturdays and Sundays. He has a nice garden beside his house. He likes growing flowers and he often works in the garden on Saturdays and Sundays. The flowers are very beautiful and Mrs Brown likes them very much. She often helps Mr Brown. 选择
  1. Mr Brown lives in with his wife. A. a city B. a small town C. a big town
  2. He works days a week in his office. A. four B. five C. six
  3. He isn’t on Saturdays and Sundays. A. free B. busy C. happy
  4. He likes on Saturdays and Sundays. A. working in his garden B. walking in his garden C. looking at his garden

  5. The New Park There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake. There are many fiowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says,“Don’t swim in
the lake!” There is a playground in the middle of the park. There are some small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much. 选择
  1. The park near my house is . A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful C. clean and new
  2. People can’t in the lake. A. swim B. fish C. boat D.play
  3. The shops are A. in the park B. behind the lake. C. near the gate

  6. A Good Brother
Mrs White has two children. John is seven. Ann is only three. John is a good brother. He is always very nice to his sister. One day in the afternoon, Mrs White was cooking dinner in the kitchen, and the two children were playing games in the garden. Suddenly, Ann began to cry and she ran to her mum in the kitchen. Mrs White asked, “What’s wrong with you, Ann?” “John broke(弄坏了)my toy bear,” Ann answered sadly. “How did he do it?” mum asked. Ann stopped crying, and said, “I hit(打)his head with it.” 判断
  1. John isn’t a good brother to his sister. ( ) )

  2. The two children played some games, and their mother was doing the house work. (
  3. John hit Ann’s toy bear and broke it. ( )

  7. A Small Frying Pan 小煎锅
One morning a man was crossing (过)a bridge. He saw a fisherman(渔夫) on the bank of a river, so he stopped to watch him quietly. After a few minutes, the fisherman pulled his line in(往回 拉线). There was a big, fat fish at the end of it. The fisherman took it off the hook 把它从鱼钩拿出) ( and threw it back into the water. Then he put his hook and line again. After a few more minutes he caught another big fish again he threw it back into the river. Then, the third time, he caught a small fish. He put it into his basket and started to leave. The man on the bridge was very surprised(惊讶), so he spoke to 对…说) the fisherman. He said, “Why did you throw ( (扔) those big fish back into
the water and keep only that small one?” The fisherman looked up and answered, “A small frying pan.” 回答问题
  1. How many big fishes did the fisherman throw back into the river? He threw back into the river.
  2. Why did the fisherman only want the small fish? Because he only had . 从文章中找出下列动词的过去式 is see stop pull threw



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