仁爱八年级英语下册课后作文范文 仁爱八年级英语下册课后作文范文 英语 P8 One day, a man called Wang Wei was visiting New York. When he got to the hotel, he found his ID card was lost. He was very upset. He looked for it everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Wang Wei was so worried. What should he do? Of course, he decided to return to the train station. At the lost and found, a young man was waiting for him with his ID card. Wang Wei was so happy! He was so thankful that he bowed (鞠躬) before the man. Wang Wei was so surprised when he looked up again. The man was his former (以前) classmate, and they hadn’t seen each other for five years! P14 Kangkang and Michael are good friends. They both study in Ren’ai International School. Michael is as brave as Kangkang. But Michael is not as funny as Kangkang because Kangkang often tells jokes to his friends. Michael is as helpful as Kangkang. They are both glad to help others in need (需要) . P22 Colors can change my feelings I like listening to music. When I am happy, loud rock music makes me excited and active. But when I am unhappy, loud music makes me feel bored and angry. Colors can affect my feelings a lot. Different colors can change my feelings. When I feel sad, I usually put on bright-colored clothes, such as light green, red, yellow or orange. They will make me feel happier soon. But when I want to calm down, I always look at blue things or put on blue clothes, because blue makes me feel quieter and calmer. What’s more, brown makes me feel better at learning, and white makes me more helpful. And I remember not to wear dark-colored clothes when I feel sad. P31 Dear, Last week, I visited Beijing. I always looked forward to visiting there. I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep last Sunday night. I got up early and packed my backpack for the journey. In my backpack, I put a camera, some clothes, a cellphone and so on . It took me about 35 hours to get there by train. I visited the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. I enjoyed myself very much because they are so beautiful. I felt tired but excited because I learned a lot about the history of this city. P38 Dear Mom and Dad, How are you? I am very satisfied with everything in China. Michael and his friends are kind to me. Yesterday, Michael, Kangkang and I went to the Ming Tombs after we checked our bikes carefully. On the way to the Tombs, I saw the Stone Arch, the Great Palace Gate and the Dragon and Phoenix Gate. As soon as we arrived, we saw many interesting stone animals such as horses, camels and lions. But I can’t name any of the others now. In Dingling, there were so many people that I couldn’t find my friends. I was so frightened. Several minutes later, we met again. Thank goodness! Tomorrow we plan to visit the Great Wall. I think it will be an exciting place to visit, too. Please send an e-mail to me soon. Yours, Darren P46 Accident Report Form Time: 4:40 p.m. Date: April 30th Place: the gate of Sifang Supermarket Accident: A motorcycle hit a student cyclist. The student’s right leg was badly hurt and his bike was broken.
At 4:40 p.m. on April 30th, some students were riding bikes fast. They were playing while they were riding. They took up most of the road. When they got to the gate of Sifang Supermarket, a motorcycle came so fast that all the students were frightened. But the motorcycle didn’t slow down when it passed by. The student on the left was hit by the motorcycle , his right leg was badly hurt and his bike was broken. The man on the motorcycle called the 122 hotline at once and sent the student to the hospital. P52 A trip by bicycle Saturday, May 10th Sunny Today my classmates and I went out for a field trip. We went to the Forest Garden by bike. We all wore bicycle helmets. At 9 o’clock, we got to the garden. We saw a lot of flowers, and they were very beautiful. There were also many kinds of plants from foreign countries. We had a good time there. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we rode back home. I like cycling very much. I think it is good exercise, and it is good for our health. P60 Dear Mr. Li, A invitation to a parent
We are very pleased to invite you to take part in the parents’ meeting in Fuxing School. We’ll have the meeting in the hall of Fuxing School at 8:00 a.m. , on Sunday, May 11th. The meeting will end at 10:00 a.m. We’ll discuss how to improve the students’ health. Best wishes to you! Sincerely, Mrs. Xie P68 How to cook chicken soup Chicken soup is very delicious, and it’s good for our health. Would you like to eat chicken soup? Well, let’s cook it together. First, cut up chicken and the green onions. Next, wash the chicken and put it in a deep pot 70%?80% full of water. Then, boil the chicken for 2 hours. Finally, add some salt, the green onions and so on. Now the chicken soup is ready soup is ready and you can enjoy it. Dear Rose, I’m glad to hear that you will visit China. I would like to tell you something about eating habits in China. In the southern part of China, people eat rice a lot. And in the north they often eat noodles and dumplings. All Chinese people eat with chopsticks. There are many kinds of delicious foods in China. I believe you will enjoy them very much. We should eat bread, meat, fish, milk, and lots of fruit and vegetables, but we should eat less junk food. If we eat regularly, we can keep healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Best wishes! Yours, P84 The lady is Maria’s mother. Her silk hat is pink. It’s very nice on her head. She is wearing a cotton scarf and a woolen sweater. Her jeans are made of cotton. She is wearing a pair of brown shoes, and they are made of leather. Her leather handbag is pink, too. I think her clothes are very beautiful.
My favorite school uniform Different jobs, different uniforms. I am a middle school student. I think students should wear school uniforms at school every day, especially at school meetings. Suitable school uniforms can not only show good discipline but also make us happy. I think they can even make us study much harder. What’s more, school uniforms are cheaper than casual clothes. Clothes in fashion cost too much, we can’t afford them. So I don’t think we should wear them at school.
P98 The cheongsam is a women’s dress with Chinese features. It is not difficult to make. It doesn’t need much material, either. It came into being in the Qing dynasty. From then on, people called the cheongsam .The Man minority women wore the cheongsam first. It began to become popular in the 1920s. The cheongsam is called“qipao” (旗袍)in most parts of China and it is a traditional dress for Chinese women. Many foreign women like it, too. P104 How can we have healthy eating habits? As we know, food gives us energy. We must have enough food to keep us healthy. If we choose the right food, we can have healthy eating habits. We should eat more fruit and vegetables instead of cream biscuits, hamburgers, Beijing Roast Duck and so on. We should eat fewer snacks and candies. Different foods help us in different ways. We should have different kinds of foods such as fruit, vegetables, grain, eggs, milk, meat and fish. Besides, we should exercise more often so that we can become healthier. 专题作文 一.应用文 00 请你帮他向全班同学的家长拟
  1.请柬 张老师打算这个星期天下午
  4: 在教室举行家长会。 一份邀请函。词数:40-50 个。 To all the parents: I would like to have a parents’ meeting at 4:00 p.m. this Sunday in our classroom. We will invite some students to talk about their school life and their problems. All the parents can talk with their children and the teachers. We hope you all come on time. Sincerely, Mr. Zhang
  2.海报 (
  1).时间:星期日(10 月 16 日)晚
  09:00 (
  3). 内容:电影《音乐之声》 (
  4).票价(the price of ticket) :成人(an adult):40 元,儿童在
  1.1 米以 下(children under
  1.1 meter):20 元。放映这部电影是为贫困地区的孩子上学筹集资金,请准时 观看。 Poster Time: 6:009:00p.m. Place: Ren’ai International School Program: The Sound of Music Price: An adult: 40 yuan Children: (under
  1.1 metre) 20 yuan We do this in order to raise money to help the children in poor areas(地区) to go to school. Please come on time. 二.命题作文
  1.旅游类 A visit to Jiuzhaigou (
  1) Last month, I went to Jiuzhaigou for my vacation with my parents. Jiuzhaigou in Sicuan, in the southwest of China. It’s famous for its beautiful mountains, forests and lakes. Many people go there to enjoy their vacation every year. My father booked the rooms before
we arrived. We had a two?day trip and took a lot of photos. We saw some pandas and monkeys. They were very lovely and we couldn’t help playing with them. What an exciting trip! (
  2) The advantages of the bicycle / your favorite vehicle There are many kinds of vehicles, such as bicycles and cars. Which kind of vehicles do you like? I like riding bicycles. I think riding bicycles is better than driving cars. Because it saves money and energy. It can avoid air pollution. What’s more, it has low cost. And the bicycle needs less space. Riding bicycles can make us feel tired, but it makes jus healthy. Driving cars saves more time than riding bicycles. But it has high cost and it can cause air pollution. It needs more space than the bicycle. What do you think of it?
  2. 心里健康类 (
  1)写一篇短文,说说现在生活中的快乐和烦恼,以及你所追求的最快乐,幸福的生活是怎 样的,你会为此做怎样的努力。 There is a lot of fun in my life, especially (尤其) in my school life. I like studying all my subjects with my classmates. We get on well with each other. We play games together. We often sing, and sometimes we dance. Our teachers are all kind to us. But sometimes they give us too much homework. They and our parents are strict with us. I will work hard so that I can go to a good university. Then my dreams will come true. (
  2)在日常生活和学习中, 你一定会遇到一些困惑。 那么,如何面对困惑呢?下面是中学 生面临的问题及解决的建议,根据表格内容,写一篇 80 词左右的短文。 Problems Solution 和同学相处不好 相互理解,分享快乐 沉迷于电子游戏 累的时候可以玩一会 成绩差,被人嘲笑 请老师指示,认真学习 Young people can have problems with their minds. Some students have problems getting on well with people like their parents and classmates. They sometimes quarrel(争吵) with each other, but they should understand each other, share happiness and problems with each other and try to make friends. Some students are laughed at because of not doing well in their lessons. They should ask their teachers for advice to improve their ways of studying and work harder. Some students lose themselves in computer games and show no interest in their studies. They should play such games just for a short time when they are tired. When they solve these problems, they can feel better. (
  3) 见第一次月考试卷的范文
  4. 制作食品类 How to make? 见 P68 的课本范文
  5. 饮食与健康类 见 P104 的课本范文



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