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Topic 3
SectionA The main activities are 1 and 2a.本课活动重点是 1 和 2a。 Ⅰ.Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
  1.Learn some names of food and drinks: beer,wine,curry
  2.Learn to order and offer food and drinks: (
  1)Here’s the menu. (
  2)May I take your order? (
  3)I’d like to try Beijing roast duck. (
  4)Anything else? (
  5)May I have the bill? (
  6)Thank you for coming.
  3.Learn some expressions about the food festival: (
  1)Ladies and gentlemen,happy weekend! (
  2)Let’s wish the food festival a big success! (
  3)Welcome to our food festival. (
  4)Enjoy yourselves! Ⅱ.Teaching aids 教具 小黑板/图片(食物类)/卡片/录音机/录音带或多媒体课件 Ⅲ.Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案 Step 1 Review 第一步 复习 复习(时间:12 分钟)
  1.(师生互动复习旧的食物、饮料及就餐表达法。) (
  1)T:What did you have/eat this morning? (随机问几个学生。) S
  1:I had porridge. S
  2:I ate some noodles. S
  3:I had an egg and a glass of milk. (
  2)T:Let’s make a small menu,OK? Work in groups. (请同学们分组讨论学过的食物和饮料的单词,引导归纳。) Menu food: egg, rice, nooldes, hamburger, dumpling, beef, pizza, porridge, cake, chicken, fish,pie,cookie,drink,coffee,water,apple juice,milk,tea (
  3)T:Very good!/Perfect!/Great!/Well done, everyone! (教师检查各组菜单作品,及时给予肯定,鼓励,调动积极性。) Now we have some menus here. Maybe some of you want to make an order. Who wants to have a try? (找准备比较充分的两个小组来表演短对话“Eating out”, 复习:) “May I take your order?” “What would you like to eat?” “Welcome.”
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“Help yourself.” “Any more?” (
  4)(老师加入后一组。) S
  1:Welcome. May I take your order? S
  2:Let me see. I’d like some dumplings. T: like Beijing roast duck, I’d vegetable soup. And I’d like some drinks, a bottle of Tsingtao beer, and a glass of wine. S
  1:OK. (画线词在图片下注汉语,英语呈现。) (待学生送上食物后,老师呈现新句型。) T:May I have the bill? (老师掏钱。) Here you are. (学生也许会不知所措。) T:You may say, “Thank you for coming!” (表演结束,老师将菜单及上新呈现句词巩固一下。)
  2.T:Look at the poster for the festival on Page
  59. (用 Michael 设计的广告引出美食节开幕式,即
  1。) Answer my questions: (请个别或全班回答。) T:What are Michael and his friends going to do to raise money? Ss:They are going to organize a food festival. T:When and where are they going to have it? Ss: 00 p.m.-
  6: p.m. on Sunday, June 15, on the playground of Ren-ai International School.
  2: 00 T:What do they do that for? Ss:They want to help Daniel raise money to build a village school in Nigeria. T:What is Daniel? Ss:An Olympic champion wrestler. T:What’s his favorite food? Ss:Fried chicken. T:Let’s wish the food festival a big success. (引导学生重复几遍。上句写卡片上,下注汉语。) T:But you know how the food festival goes? Let’s listen to the tape,and answer these questions. Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现 呈现(时间:5 分钟)
  1.(设置并出示小黑板上的听力任务,让学生带任务听录音。) What’s the date? What’s the weather like? What are they doing? What delicious food can you hear? (听录音,回答问题。英汉对照板书以下关键内容。)
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ladies and gentlemen/Happy weekend! The sun is shining brightly./kind ? hearted (读图后回答问题。) Look at the picture, please. What can you see in the picture? What do they feel? What’s he/she saying? Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固 巩固(时间:8 分钟)
  1.(录音跟读。) T:Follow the tape/Listen and repeat.
  2.Practise in pairs. (学生两人一组分角色对话。)
  3.(练习 2 分钟,请几组同学模仿主持人发言。不看书表演,但可以看板书,可以用自己的 话,不拘泥于原文。) T:Come to the front and act the dialogs out. (引导学生对表演者给予评价,及时总结鼓励,然后转入 2a。) Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习 练习(时间:10 分钟)
  1.Look, listen and say. (老师引导学生读图,回答问题。) T:Who can you see in the picture? Ss:Waiter, waitress and… .What are they doing? T:Mrs. and Mr.Yang. They are Ss:They are ordering food and drinks. T:What would they like to have? Please listen carefully and find them out. (老师放录音,板书关键句词。) Welcome to our food festival. Here’s the menu. May I take your order? What kind of drink would you like? How delicious! It smells nice and tastes nice,too. May I have the bill? Thank you for coming!
  2.Read the conversation and check the answer.
  3.(让学生独立完成 2b。) T:Now,read the conversation again and fill in the blanks.
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  4.(让学生分组练习 2a 对话,完成 2c Group work 分角色练习。) T:Practice the conversation with your partners.
  5.(分六人一组串演 1 和 2a 对话,要用真实姓名改编,为 final project 的完成做好准备。) T:Now make your own conversation, using your own names. Act out the conversation.(小范围 或
  2~3 组观摩评价。) Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动 综合探究活动(时间:10 分钟) (方案一:)
  1.(每组抽一名同学扮侍者,带上菜单随机到其他组服务,并将点菜结果记录下来。) A:May I take your order?/What would you like to have? B:Let me see. I’d like… C:I’d like… (表格采用表 1 或表
  2,打勾即可。) 表
  1: Name Food Drink

  2: Name rice chicken roast duck pizza vegetable soup tea coffee juice

  2.(最后随机抽几名同学向大家/或向老师/或向“厨师”汇报:) S
  1:A would like… B would like… C would like… S
  2:… (如果时间允许,可以请几组完成较好的,到前面表演整个就餐过程。) (方案二: ) (分 5?6 人一组,用自己的话表演小型美食节,串演全部对话。) (请若干组到前面表演。)
  3.Homework: (
  1)进一步完善菜单??将所有学过的 food and drink 的单词全部收集齐,并稍加分类。 (
  2)写一段就餐的对话,5 个来回以上。 (
  3)写一段晚会或餐会等活动开幕致词。(选做。) Section B The main activities are 1a and
  3. 本课重点活动是 1a 和
  3。 Ⅰ.Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
  1.Learn the names of foods and drinks:
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bean,mushroom,steak,salad,pancake, soft drinks,lemonade,main course,dessert
  2.Learn to order and offer foods and drinks: (
  1)What would you like for dessert/the main course? (
  2)Sure. I’d like to try…/I think I’ll have… (
  3)Let’s go Dutch/go halves/go fifty-fifty. (
  4)How much do you want? (
  5)Just a little. Ⅱ.Teaching aids 教具 图片/多媒体课件或照片或幻灯片(条件允许的话)/单词卡片 Ⅲ.Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案 Step 1 Review 第一步 复习 复习(时间:14 分钟)
  1.(检查上节课作业,组织学生互评,老师选若干份给予点评。) Look! This one is very beautiful!/Good job! / Well done!/Excellent!/I like it very much!/That’s interesting!…
  2.(由作业中的“食物分类”导入新单词。) (方案一:选一~二份分类比较到位,制作较精美的作品展示给全班同学看,或自己准备一 份或用多媒体课件呈现。 方案二:竞赛:分组到黑板上写出最多、最齐的食物分类表,组员可以补足。同时写,看看 哪个组先写好。 ) Please read the words. (评价作品。学生朗读后,导入新知识。) T: “ice cream, cheese pie, apple pie, pancake… These sweet dishes eaten at the end of a meal are called dessert or pudding. Read after me, please, “dessert, pudding” Ss: “dessert, pudding” (跟读若干遍。板书。) dessert: fruit salad, pear pancake Greek cheese pie T:Fruit salad and pear pancake are desserts. Salad, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese (cut into small pieces) are served with salad cream. (边介绍边出示图片或汉语解析。) T:For example:a chicken/beef salad, bean/carrot/potato salad, fruit salad (出示 bean 图片和 green bean 图片,学习 bean 和 green bean。) T:Food, such as peanuts,popcorn,meat pie,hot dog cookies T:Egg soup, vegetable soup, mushroom soup are soups. (学习 mushroom,出示 mushroom 图片,让学生跟说) T:Mushroom ?Mushroom soup?Beef and mushroom. Roast duck/chicken, pizza, beef and mushroom, kungpao chicken, Indian curries and so on. They are main dishes/courses. Steak?main dish, too. (出示 steak 图片,学习 steak 和 main dishes/course) T:Soft drink?a cold drink that doesn’t contain alcohol,such as cola.
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And this is “lemon” that is “lemonade”. , (出示柠檬和柠檬汁图片。)
  3.(做游戏练习巩固新词。) T:Let’s play “I like/have… Who likes/has…” game. (将上面所学单词图片分发给各角落同学,图片有 2 个格式,你可以选用其中一种。不善画 又 找不到图的,可用格式
  2。) (开始“谁有下一个”接龙游戏。 ) (学生 A 问:我有(主图),谁有(右下角单词)?依此类推。 ) T: I like/have lemon,who likes/has lemonade? S
  1:I like/have lemonade,who likes/has steak? S
  2:I like/have steak,who likes/has… Sn:I like/have mushroom,who likes/has lemon? T: I like/have lemon. (游戏结束。因速度很快,效率高,可组织不同学生多玩几遍,效果不错,气氛也会很好。 还可以多加入一些学过的单词,让更多人有机会参加。)
  4.(换一个句式玩上面的游戏,练习巩固。老师示范。) T: Let’s say “What would you like? I like to try…” instead of “I have/like, who has/likes…” I’d like lemon, what would you like? S
  1:I’d like lemonade,what would you like? (就近问身边的持卡人,chain drill。)
  5.(做游戏,归纳 food and drinks。) T: Boys and girls, stop here, let’s have a competition. Put these cards of words on the right places. (将各类单词的卡片分发给学生,每组若干张,比比看哪组分类得又快又好,贴得地方又对 。黑板上分别贴上 soups, snacks, main dishes, desserts, drinks, 让学生将卡片贴在 相应的项目之下。贴对一个得 1 分。) T:Group A is good,Group B is excellent… (及时与全体同学清点卡片,评出名次,老师给予肯定、鼓励。) (此时黑板上的内容已接近书上 1a 内容。) Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现 呈现(时间:8 分钟) (因为 Step 1 已充分学习了 1a 内容,听、学 1a 内容已不困难了,可以直接进入 1a Look, lis ten and learn。)
  1.(学习 1a。) T: Open your books, let’s look at the menu in activity 1a. How many groups are there in the menu? What are they? (让学生回答。) Now,let’s listen to the recording and repeat. (让学生跟录音模仿朗读。)
  2.(让学生完成 1b。) T:OK,let’s turn to activity 1b Work alone. Fill in the blanks with the help of the menu.
  3.(让学生分 2 人一组练习 1b 对话。)
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T:Work in pairs,practise the conversation,please. Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固 巩固(时间:4 分钟)
  1.(让学生巩固 1a 所学。) T:OK,now listen to me,and circle the food or drink you hear.
  2.(让学生分组练习:每组一人随机念菜单上的食品,其他学生用铅笔圈出他们所听 到的食品单词。 老师可先示范一次。 或老师念, 全班一起来圈, 组长或组员互相来检查结果。 ) T:Work in groups,listen and circle what you hear on the menu. (每组念 10 个,做 2?3 组。) Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习 练习(时间:9 分钟)
  2。) T:Now,let’s listen to the recording and circle the food or drink you hear in
  2. (放录音第一次,让学生



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