Unit 4 Our World
Topic 1
Plants and animals are important to us.
Section B
The hens are bigger than the mice. The geese are bigger than the hens. The geese are the biggest of all.
lovelier The rabbit is than the mouse. (lovely) more lovely The mouse is than the rabbit. (lovely)
mouse pl
the most beautiful The rose is of the three. (beautiful) the greenest The frog is of the three. (green)
the most interesting The mice are of them. (interesting) The mice are of them. the most clever (clever)
Learn some new words!
plant n. 植物 rose n.玫瑰花 玫瑰花 v. 种植,播种 种植,
Learn some new words!
fox n. 青蛙 frog n. n. 蛇 snake 狐狸 insect n.昆虫 n.昆虫 (pl.) foxes
? What’s the snake doing? ? It is eating the frog. ? It means snakes feed on frogs.
Draw some arrows (
) to show their relations.
snake plant feed on fox
frog bird
That’s nature. That’s our world.
Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks.
There are many different kinds of living things in the world. There are animals, plants, insects, etc. bigger Most birds are than most insects. Foxes are stronger than frogs. Snakes are of all. Insects feed on plants. the most dangerous Birds and frogs eat insects. Snakes and foxes eat birds or frogs. That’s . That’s our world. nature If there are no plants or insects in the future, what will our world be like?
Discuss with your partner what animals you like best. Then report your result.
Look, listen and say
Answer the questions:
  1. Does Wang Wei like animals?
  2. What does Maria like?
Consolidation(what & why)
Wang Wei more lovely .
more interesting
the most beautiful
Key points
? I think roses are the most beautiful of all the flowers. ? I think animals are more interesting.
? 多音节形容词的比较级和最高级
? more + adj. ? the most + adj.
Key points
? They give us joy.
give sb. joy 给某人快乐
Key points
as we know 众所周知 ? As we know, plants and animals know, are important to us.
be important to sb. 对某人重要
share … with … 分享…… 与……分享…… We share the world with animals and plants.
Key points
? We share the world with them.
share sth. with sb. 我和妹妹共用一个房间。 我和妹妹共用一个房间。
I share the room with my sister.
Key points
? Which do you like better, plants or animals? better, animals? ? Which … better, or ? better, Which … best, , or ? best,
Read 1a again and practice conversations with your partner.
better , … or … ? What kind of animal/plant do you like best, best, …, … or …? Why do you think so ? more lovely/useful… Because it’s/they’re the most beautiful /interesting /…
Discuss the following questions about animals and plants in groups, then report the results to the class.
  1. Do you know the importance of plants and animals to us? ?
  2. What should we do to protect plants and animals?
  1. Talk about plants and animals in nature. ?
  2. The changing rules and use of comparative and superlative degrees of polysyllabic adjectives. 多音节形容词和部分双音节的比较级和最高级 more + 形容词原级 the most +形容词原级 形容词原级 ?
  3. Useful expressions: Which … better, or ? better, Which … best, , or ? best, share … with …; give…joy feed on; be important to

  1).Recite 1a and
  2). Do the workbook of Section Section B.
  3).Preview Section C.
Thanks for your listening! Goodbye!



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