Unit 7 How much are these
Section A Unit 1 ¥ 80 $9
Period One
Section A 1a-1c 1a-
$8 $8
T-shirt bag
A: How much is this T-shirt? TB: It’s seven dollars. dollars A: How much are these socks? B: They’re two dollars. dollars
$ 20
$10 $10
$ 18
$ 10

  1.socks __ b g
  3.shorts__ d
  6.hat f e
  7.pants h
  8.shoes__ i
1b A: How much is the hat? B: The hat is six dollars. A: And how much are the shorts? B: Oh, they’re eight dollars. A: And the sweater? How much is the sweater? B: Let’s see. The sweater is nine dollars.
$ 10

  1. Copy each word on p.41 three times and the Chinese once.
  2. Copy the conversation on p.41 twice.
  3. Listen to the tape of Unit 7 at home.
pink shoes
pants blue pants
socks red socks
shorts yellow shorts
T-shirt a white T-shirt T-
sweater a blue sweater
bag a green bag
hat an orange hat
skirt a red skirt
a brown jacket
one dollar two dollars dollars
dollars dollars
one yuan
100 yuan
short long
small a big red bag
a big green cap
a small red cap
Clerk: Can I help you ? sweater Mary: Yes, please. I want a (
  1). color Clerk: What (
  2)do you want ? Mary: Blue. Clerk: Here you are. Mary: (
  3)is it ? How much Clerk: 20 dollars. Mary: I’ll take it.(
  4) Thank you /Thanks . Clerk: You’re welcome.
$2 $2
$5 $10
$8 $6
Clerk: Can I help you ? $2 Mary: Yes, please. I want a (
  1). color Clerk: What (
  2)do you want ? Mary: Blue. Clerk: Here you are. Mary: (
  3)is it ? How much Clerk: 20 dollars. Mary: I’ll take it.(
  4)Thanks / thank you. . Clerk: You’re welcome.
How much is the sweater? It is seven dollars. How much are the shorts? shorts They’re nine dollars. dollars
How much are they? They are ….
$ 10
How much is it? It is ….
Listen and circle the things in the picture that lisa and her mom talk about. Check ( ) the things Lisa buys.
  1.Make a new
  1.Make conversation like 3a
  2.Preview Section B
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
0 1 2 3 4
zero one two three four
5 6 7 8 9
five six seven eight nine
10 11 12 13 14 15
ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen fourteen fourteen fifteen fifteen
16 17 18 19 20
sixteen sixteen seventeen seventeen eighteen eighteen nineteen nineteen twenty
twenty26 twenty-six 20 twenty twenty27 twenty-seven twenty21 twenty-one twenty28 twenty-eight twenty22 twenty-two twenty29 twenty-nine twenty23 twenty-three 30 thirty twenty24 twenty-four 31 thirty-one twenty25 twenty-five
RMB 人民币 100 yuan
10 pounds
法郎 200 francs
马克(德国) 马克(德国)
100 mark
10000 yen
ten thousand yen
Ad= advertisement 广告
/?d`vз:tIsm?nt/ n. d`vз sm? /?dvз:`taIzm?nt / dvз zm? clothes /kl???z / n. (pl.) /kl? store /st?: / n. /st?:
clothes store 服装店 /si:/ /k? come /k?m/ v. see /si:/ v. come and see buy /baI/ v. sell /sel/ v. /se /ba
/`ve very /`verI/adv.
/pra price /praIs/ n.
We have sweaters at a very good price.
each /i:?/ pron. i:? You can buy socks for only $5 each! each!
anybody /`enIb?dI/ pron. /`e
`f?: ?:d afford /?`f?:d / v. our /`a??/ pron. /`a??/
yourself /j?:(r)`self/ pron. /j?: ?:(r)`se
Mr. =mister
/`mIst?(r)/ st?(r)/
Anybody can afford our prices. Come and see for yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store.! Come to Mr Cool’s Store! on sale have a look at from /fr?m/ prep. fr?
Each of you have 200 RMB.
Clothes Buy from Sell to Price

  7.Look at the pictures, ask and answer questions.
? 50
? 45
?5 ? 75
¥2 ¥5
¥49 ¥19
¥28 28
Fill in the blanks .

  1. -How much the shoes? are They - are $
  2. -How much __ the hat? is It is -__ __ $
Fill in the blanks with is or are.
A: How much is this green sweater? B: It is 15 dollars. A: How much is these black socks? B: They are four dollars. A: Thank you. B: You are welcome.
$15 $30 $25 $30 $31
The salesman thought the boy was going to buy shorts and a sweater and socks. Instead he only bought the socks.

  1. The yellow sweater is $
  30. How much is the yellow sweater?

  2. I have blue pants. What color pants do you

  3. The shorts are $
  10. What are $10?
Write a sentence. Then play memory game.
S1: The blue sweater is $
  7. S2: The blue sweater is $
  7. The red socks are $
  5. S3: The blue sweater is $
  7. The red socks are $
  5. The black bag is $
1 What is this? It’s a … What color is it? It’s … What are these? They’re … What color are they? They’re… How much is it? -It’s … dollar (s) / yuan. How much are they? -They’re …dollar (s) / yuan

  1.) Can I help you ? What can I do for you?
  2.) Yes, please . I want….
  3.) Do you like ….?
  4.) What color do you want ?
  5.) How much is it/are they?
  7.) I’ll take it/them. Here you are.
  8.) Thank you. You’re welcome.



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