仁爱版英语九年级上册考点( 1? 仁爱版英语九年级上册考点(Unit 1?Unit
  2) 九年级上册考点
考点过关】 【教材回归 考点过关】

  1. have been to 表"曾经去过某地". 注意区别:have gone to 表"已经去某地了".如: I have been to Shanghai. (去过上海,已经回来) He has gone to Shanghai. (去上海了,不在此处)
  2. have (no) time to do sth 做某事(没)有时间 Tom is busy helping his mother with housework, he has no time to play with you. 汤姆忙于帮助妈妈做家务,他没有时间和你 玩
  3. What's the population of…? 对人口提问的方式 = how large is the population of… What's the population of China? 中国的人口是多少? How large ix the population of China? 注: 人口不能用 many/much 修饰, 但是 How many people 对 多少人提问这样是可以的. How many people are there in China? = What's the population of China?
  4. What do you mean by sth.? 某物是什么意思呢? = What's the meaning of sth.? = What does sth. mean? What do you mean by the word? 这个单词是什么意思? = What's the meaning of the word? = What does the word mean?
  5. ? How long have you been like this? 你处于这样的状态多久 了? ? I have been like this since last month. 自从上个月以来我 一直这样. ? How long has she been away from her home? 她离开好她 的家有多久了? ? Since she went to a college. 自从她上了大学.
  6. "so + be/ 情态动词/助动词 + 主语"表示"也如此"
  1) ? She likes singing a lot. 她非常喜欢唱歌. ? So does Li Lei. 李磊也是.
  2) ?They can play basketball well.他们打篮球很棒. ? So can we. 我们也打得很好.
  3) ?Mary finished her homework. 玛丽做完了作业. ? So did Bob. ?波波也做完了.
  4) ?His father is a teacher. 他父亲是教师. ?So is his mother. 他母亲也是教师.
  7. It is a beautiful place with flowers and grass. 那是个有花, 有草 的美丽地方. I want to have a big house with three rooms. 我想要一个有三 个房间的房子.
  8. What has happened here? 这儿发生了什么事? . I don't know what happened to the boy. 我不知道这个男孩发 生了什么事. sth happen to sb 某人发生了什么事情 Yesterday a traffic accident happened to Tom. 昨天汤姆发生 了一起车祸. What has happened to the population? 人口发生了什么(变 化) .
  9. All the flowers, grass and fish have gone! 所有的花,草和鱼儿 都没有了! The rich land has gone, leaving only sand. 良田都没有了,留 下的只有沙子.
  10. It smells terrible. 难闻极了. This kind of food smells bad, but it tastes good. 这种食物闻起 来臭,但吃起来香.
  11. There are several chemical factories pouring waste water into river. 有几座工厂正往河里排放污水. There are some students playing basketball on the playground. 有一些学生正在操场上打篮球.
  12. I'm sorry for making so much noise. 很抱歉我弄出这么大的 噪音. be sorry fo doing sth. 表对做过的事感到抱歉,be sorry to do sth. 表对当前的事感到抱歉.如: I'm sorry for giving you so much trouble. 我很抱歉给你带来 了这么多的麻烦. I'm sorry to hear that. 听到那个(消息)我感到很遗憾.
  13. It's one's duty to do sth. 做某事出有因是我们的职责. It's your duty to clean the room. 打扫这间房间是你职责.
  14. I have been at this school since last year /for one year. 自从去 年我就在这所学校了./我在这所学校已经一年了. Miss Wang has taught English since 2000 /for seven years. 自 从 2000 年王老师就教英语了./王老师已经教了七年的英语 的.
  15. Noise is a kind of pollution and it is harmful to our ears. 噪音 是一种污染,对我们的耳朵有害. This kind of food is harmful to our stomach. 这种食物对我们 的胃有害.
  16. Don't step on the grass or pick the flowers around us. 不要践 踏我们周围的草坪和采摘花朵. You shouldn't be late for school or leave school early. 你不能 上学迟到和早退.
  17. It says that China has become the world's largest producer and user of coal. 它(文章)中写到中国已经成为世界上最在的 煤炭生产和消费国. The letter says your mother misses you very much. 信中写道
  18. A lot of rich land has changed into desert, leaving only sand. 大量肥沃的土地变成了荒漠,遍地是黄沙. The girl is sitting there, watching what's going on. 那个女孩 坐在那里看着事情的发生.
  19. Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. They can also prevent the sand from moving toward the rich land. 树可 以防止风把泥土吹走,也可以阻止风沙吹进良田. The mother is trying to stop his child from playing computer games. 这位母亲正尽力阻止她的孩子玩电子游戏.
  20. Although we have built the Great Wall, we still need to work hard to protect the environment. 尽管我们已经建了绿色长 城,我们仍需要致力于保护环境. Although 是连词,表"虽然,尽管",引导让步状语从句,相 当于 though,但比 though 更正式,它不能与 but 同时使用. 如: Although he was very tired, he still finished the work. 尽管他很 累了,但他仍然完成了这项工作.
  21. Water is very important to human beings, but not everybody knows how to save it. 水对于人类是非常重要的,但并不是 每个人都知道如何去节约它. Not everyone likes apples. 不是每个人都喜欢苹果.
  22. Some things we've done are very good, while some are not good for the earth. 我们所做的一些事情对地球有益, 然而有 一些却对地球有着负面的影响. My sister likes English, while my brother likes math. 我姐姐 喜欢英语,然而我哥哥喜欢数学.
  23. Now some kinds of animals are becoming fewer and fewer. 现 在有些种类的动物变得越来越少. We should try our best to make our country more and more beautiful. 我们应尽力使我们的国家越来越漂亮.
  24. What … for? 为什么……? What do you put the tool here for? 你为什么要工具放在这 里?
  25. I have only one ticket. Either you or your sister can go to see the movie. 我只有一张票,要么你,要么你姐姐可以会期看 这部电影. 注:either…or…作并列连词,连接对等结构,连接主语时, 需根据就近原则.如: Either you or he is twelve years old. 要么你是十二岁, 要么他 是十二岁.
  26. My main job is to do sth. … 我的主要工作是……,不定式短 语可用作表语 Your group's task is to find out the answer to the question. 你 们这组的任务是找出这个问题的答案.
  27. We should use both sides of …, … rather than… 我们应该 用……的两边,而不是…….
  1)both 修饰复数名词,它的否定形式是 neither,而 either
修饰单数名词.如: There are many trees on both sides of the street. = There are many trees on either side of the street. 在街道的两边有许 多的树.
  2) rather than 意为"(是)……而不是",作连词,连接对等 结构,相当于 instead of.如: I would like a pen rather than a pencil. = I would like a pen instead of pencil. 我想要一支钢笔而不是支铅笔. 注:rather than 位于句首时,后跟动词原形,它不受句中 谓语动词的时态影响.如: Rather than do it by myself, I didn't ask for help. 宁可自己 干,我没有要求帮助.
  28. can be done 能被……,情态动词 + be + 动词的过去分分词 为带有情态动词的被动语态形式.如: Paper can be recycled. 纸能被回收.
  29. be supposed to do sth. 意为"有义务做……; 应该", should 与 同义.如: Students are supposed to study hard. 学生们应该努力学习. 当 be supposed to 用于否定句时,表"允许".如: You are not supposed to step on the lawn. 不允许践踏草坪.
  30. The wind is blowing strongly with lots of sand. 风夹着沙子猛 烈地刮着. She is going home with a book in her hand. 她手里拿着一本 书正要回家.
中考预测】 【夯实基础 中考预测】
I. 选择填空.
  1. ? have you been like this, Linda? ? Since last night. A. How many C. How often B. How far D. How long

  2. The things she said make me if she is in some kind of trouble. A. to wonder C. wondering B. wonder D. wondered

  3. We haven't enough books for . Some of you will have to share. A. somebody C. everybody B. anybody D. nobody

  4. ? Have you been to New Zealand? ? No. I'd like to, . A. too C. yet B. though D. either

  5. ? It's a fine day. Let's go fishing, ? ? That's a good idea. A. will you C. shall we B. do you D. can we

  6. We should do everything we can to protect the
environment. A. which C. what B. that D. where
even large buildings. These help show them Birds can also tell directions stars. They use the North Star the west. 9 动) of 8 7
to fly.
looking at the sun and
the north and the sunset for

  7. ? Do you like the material? ? Yes, it very soft. A. is feeling C. feels B. felt D. is felt
it's cloudy? Birds can sense the earth's magnetic field 10 can smell the sea or sense the vibration (振
(磁场). Some 11
ocean waves.

  8. ? You don't look very . Are you ill? ? I'm just a bit tired. A. good C. strong B. well D. healthy 12
When many birds migrate together, the old lead the way to the young how to find the right place for Migrating birds use travel successfully over
  1. A. comes
  2. A. past
  3. A. stand
  4. A. ideas
  5. A. clear
  6. A. how B. goes B. cross B. matter B. secrets B. clean B. what B. to B. find B. What if B. either B. away B. want B. winter B. each 14 15 13 .
these skills (技能) at once to miles each year. C. happens C. pass C. mind C. uses C. clearly C. when C. with C. finding C. Unless C. also C. distance C. teach C. autumn C. none D. occurs D. across D. problem D. methods D. quickly D. where D. by D. found D. Besides D. as well D. distant D. mean D. spring D. all

  9. It's too noisy here. Please ask him to the radio a little. A. turn down C. turn up B. turn off D. turn on

  10. ? Time to go to bed, Mary. ? Oh, mum, I won't go to bed I have finished my homework. A. after C. until B. since D. as soon as

  7. A. for
  8. A. to find
  9. A. If what
  10. A. too
  11. A. far
  12. A. ask
  13. A. summer
  14. A. both

  11. ? Hurry up! We're all waiting for you. ? I for an important phone call. Go without me. A. wait C. am waiting B. was waiting D. waited

  12. Now the air in our town is than it used to be. Something must be done to stop it. A. very good C. rather bad B. much better D. ever worse

  15. A. thousand B. thousand of
C. thousands of D. thousands
III. 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空.
  1. ? Is the book written in English? ? No, it's written in (France).

  13. I hear someone at the door. Please go and see who is. A. knock, it C. knocking, he B. knocking, it D. knock, he

  2. Floods in that country made thousands of people (home).
  3. The (excite) children were opening their Christmas presents.
  4. They have achieved great (succeed) in their work.
  5. The (different) in temperature between the day and the night there is thirty degrees.
  6. The (follow) day, the patient asked for a bedside telephone.
  7. (move) can be painful when you're hurt your back.
  8. The quick (act) of the firemen saved the building from being burned down.
  9. Smoking can be (harm) to your health, so you should give up smoking.
  10. What's the advantage of (use) nuclear power? IV. 短文填空. There was a famous American general. He was a very important p 2 1 in the American Army during World War I. E

  14. ? The dress was last year's style. ? I think it still looks perfect it has gone out this year. A. so that C. as if B. even though D. ever since

  15. ? Our country very fast. ? Yes, I hope it will be . A. has changed, better and better B. is changed, better and better C. is changing, stronger and stronger D. has changed, more and more strong II. 完形填空. As winter comes, you can see thousands of birds flying above your head to the south. Then you know migration Migration is hard for birds. Some fly they're going. But no lost. What are the Birds can see 4 5 3 2 1 .
seas to get where
how far they fly, birds seldom get
of bird navigation (飞行)? and read landmarks-mountains, rivers,
in the United States knew him and many people wished to 3 in their rooms.
have a picture or something of h
Soon after the w
the general returned to Washington. 5 out. After




One day he went to a dentist and had six teeth p
a week, the general heard that his teeth were being sold in curios shops at five dollars e 6 . On each of the teech there was a I. 1-15 DBCBC II. 1-15 ADBBC BCBAC DDABC CDBBC DCBDC
  3. excited
  8. action
  4. success 9 harmful
  5. difference
  10. using
  6. each
card with the name of the general and the words: "Buy this tooth and show it to your friends at home." The general got very a 7 . Rushing to his office, he ordered six officers to go 8 all this teeth.
  1. French
  2. homeless
  6. following
  7. Movement
around the city and b
The officers went out and visited every curios shop in the c 9 . They were away from the office all day. In the evening 10
  1. person
  2. Everybody
  3. his
  4. war
  7. angry
  8. bu



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