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Unit 7 How much are these pants?

  1. 掌握衣服类词汇;
  2. 询问物品价格及其回答;
  3. 掌握数字0-100(基数词);
  4. 设计物品, 商店销售广告;
  5. 感谢某人的表达方式及其答语
Unit 8 When is your birthday?

  1. 掌握十二个月词汇和有关事件词汇;
  2. 掌握第一到第一百序数词;
  3. 掌握有关询问日期及其回答;
How much is the red sweater? It’s 8 dollars. How much is this blue T-shirt? It’s 7 dollars. How much is that white bag? It’s nine dollars.
How much are these black pants? They’re 10 dollars. How much are those blue socks? They’re 3 dollars.
询问价格的另一种方式: How much is the bag? = What is the price of the bag?
购物用语: Clerk: Can I help you?/ What can I do for you? We have sweaters in many color. What color do you want? Here you are. You’re welcome. Customer: Yes, please. I want a/an…. No, thanks How much is it?/ How much are they? I’ll take it/them. Thank you/ Thanks. / Thank you very much/ Thanks a lot.
A: I help you? Can Yes please want B:, . I a sweater. A: do you want? What color B: Orange. Here A: you are. B: is it? How much A: 20 dollars. I’ll take it B: . Thank you. You welcome A: . are That’s all right/OK. Not at all.
-Good morning. I you, sir? Can help -Yes, . I T-shirt. please want a in -We have T-shirts red, green and brown. What do you ? color want -I want a brown one. - . Here you are - is it? How much - 13 . dollars It’s price take Thanks -Well, that’s a good . I’ll it. . welcome -You’re .
Learn these numbers and find out the rules:
one two three four five six seven eleven twenty twenty-one twelve thirty-one thirteen thirty forty-one fourteen forty fifty-one fifteen fifty sixty-one sixteen sixty seventy-one seventeen seventy eighty-one eighteen eighty ninety-one eight nine ten … … … … … … … … twenty-nine thirty-nine forty-nine fifty-nine sixty-nine seventy-nine eighty-nine ninety-nine
nineteen hundred
-What is the date today? -It’s January 11th. 1st first 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 20th eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth twentieth
2nd second 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th third fourth fifth sixth seventh
21st twenty-first 22nd twenty-second 23rd twenty- third 40th fortieth 50th fiftieth 90th ninetieth
100th one hundredth 101st one hundred and first
一 二 三特殊记 th从四上起 从四上起. 从四上起 怎么加?真好记 怎么加?真好记! 八加h,九减 八加 ,九减e 变为tie 用f代ve,ty变为 代 , 变为
There are months in a year. twelve May is the month in a year. fifth There are days in the week. seven Tuesday is the day in the week. third
I have two sisters and I was born on March 2nd
months of the year
January is the month of the year. first/1st February is the month of the year. second/2nd March is the month of the year. third/3rd is the fourth/4th month of the year. April is the fifth/5th month of the year. May June is the sixth/6th month of the year. July is the seventh/7th month of the year. 序 数
August is the eighth/8th month of the year. 词 September is the month of the year. ninth/9th tenth/10th October is the month of the year. eleventh/11th November is the month of the year. twelfth/12th December is the month of the year.
-When is your birthday? -My birthday is March 2nd. -When is his birthday? -His birthday is March 2nd. -When is her birthday? -Her birthday is March 2nd.
She is in green.
He is in white.
He is in red.
He is in red, too. =He is also in red.
$3 small
black blue red
We do many things at school. speech contest basketball game sports meeting art/music festival school trip English party
  1.--What c is your shirt ? It’s black. olor
  2.My shoes are s ,I want to buy big ones . mall ells
  3.That store s many school things, like rulers, pens and erasers. occer
  4. Boys like playing s. hank
  5.T you for your help. elaxing
  6.I like school trip . I think (认为) it is r.
  7.My birthday is O
  12. ctober
  8.We have an English p at weekends (周末). arty ixth
  9.July is the s month in a year.
  10. We have basketball game e year . ach

  1.How many days are there in May? A .Twenty-eight B. Twenty-nine C. Thirty D. Thirty-one )
  2. is the eighth month of a year. A. May B. April C. August D. July
( (

  3. When is birthday? A. Tom B. Mike C. Leilas’ D. Leila’s ( )
  4.How much is the white shirt? A. Nine yuans B. Nine C. Nine dollars
( )
  5.Our school has art festival each year. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )
  6. --Is your birthday November 24th? . A. Yes, it is B. Yes,it’s C. Yes , you are D. Yes, they are. ( )
  7. The yellow shorts 15yuan. A. is on sale B. are on sale C. are on sell for D. are on sale for ( )
  8.How muchthe shirt? Thirty yuan. A. is ;It’s B. are ; They’re C.is ;They’re D. are; It’s

  14.What’s seven and eight? It’s . A. twelve B. thirteen C. fifteen D. fourteen
Tom’s Clothes Store
Clothes sports shoes T-shirts shorts pants sweaters Price $32 $ 22 $8 $17 $44
根据以上表格中的信息,请为Tom 的服装店 写一则广告。至少50字。
My friend Bill is fourteen years old. He really likes __31 very much. In his bedroom there _32 many movie posters on the wall. His __33 actor is Jackie Chan. He likes Chinese action movies .He thinks they are __34__ He also likes 35_.He thinks they are scary, but they are __36_. __37__ interesting thing: He is American, but he likes __
  38. He often goes to see Beijing Opera __39_ his father on weekends. _40father likes it ,too!
31 A movies B sports C music D art 32 A is B are C has D have 33 A good B favorite C healthy D nice 34 A funny B boring C difficult D exciting 35 A thrillers B comedies C cartoons D action movies 36 A sad B great C boring D funny 37 A One B Two C Three D four 38 A documentaries B Romances C Beijing opera D Chinese comedies 39 A for B on C from D with 40 A My B Your C Her D His



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   这个材料是给朋友的一个小孩准备的:-)不足之处敬请见谅 口语的问题是随机的,他们不一定问你什么问题,这是不确定的, 比如爱好。只要你回答的 流利,内容充实基本都没问题。面试考的是能力!我不知道口试是多久,最多 15 分钟,可 能 3-5 分钟,可以的话找人打听一下。这样的话,自己准备问题答案的时候稍微详细点。 考点:口语发音,语音语调,词能达意,有效交流,在交流中有重点,目的是突出自己。 1. 基础问题 Introduce yourself? (Age, a girl, senior hig ...