八上 Unit 1 重点知识复习 Topic 1
  1. 我看见你暑假期间几乎每天都打篮球. I saw you (play) basketball almost every day during the summer holidays. 刚才我看见我弟弟在房间里看书.I saw my brother (read) in his bedroom just now.
  2.你愿意来为我们加油吗?Would you like to come and ?
  3.我希望我们队获胜.I hope our team . Betty hopes ( study )Chinese in Peking University. 贝蒂希望在北京大学学中文.
  4.我更喜欢划船.I prefer rowing. =I like rowing better. We prefer (listen)to music. 我们更喜欢听音乐.
  5.?Do you row ? ?你经常划船吗? ?Yes. /No, . ?是的,经常./不,几乎没有.
  6.Are you going to the school rowing club? 你要加入学校划船俱乐部吗? He the game. 他参加了这个游戏. My uncle the Party in 19
  88. 我叔叔是 1988 年入党的.
  7.What are you going to be when you ? 你长大后想干什么?
  8. David Beckham, a famous soccer star, Beijing with his team yesterday. 著名球 星大卫贝克汉姆和他的球队昨天到达了北京. =get to=reach
  8.The team will China's national team. 这个队将与中国国家队比赛.
  9. that they aren't going to stay in Beijing for long. 很遗憾他们不在北京待很久. 对于很遗憾的事,我们还可以用 I'm so sorry. 或 It's a pity. 来表达.如:
  10.What a 真遗憾! 多可惜啊!( 通常用于某些不随心愿的情况下)
  11.He the Olympic record and a gold medal in the Athens Olympic. 他在雅典奥运 会上打破了奥运会纪录并获得了一枚金牌.
  12.They are that she will win. 他们肯定她能获胜. be sure+从句,表示"肯定,有把握".如:
  13. does she ? 她多长时间进行一次骑自行车运动? 骑自行车\ 去游泳\去滑冰\去滑雪\去钓鱼\去爬山\去购物
  14.Because it me strong and it is popular the world. 语,名词短语作宾语补足语.如)
  2)琳达的父母让她待在家里. 3 )我们选他当我们的班长.
  15.Running legs, heart and lungs. 跑步对腿,心和肺有益. Topic 2
  1.Michael, could you please ? 迈克尔,你能帮我一下吗? 因为它(足球)使我强 壮而且它在全世界都受欢迎.(make 是使役动词,意思是"使,让",后面接形容词,介词短
此句可换为: Could you please help me? 或 Could you please give me a hand?
  2.But one of my teammates ill. 可是我的一个队友病了. fall ill 得病,生病.fall 在此为系动词.
  3.?Would you mind me? 你介意教教我吗? ?Not at all. 一点也不介意. 回答"不反对"时,可以说 Not at all.(完全不介意)或 Of course not.(当然不反对); 如果表示"介意,反对",则常说 Yes, please don't. / Better not. / Sorry.
  4.Let's go and . 我们去练习一下吧. Let's practice first. 首先我们练习一下舞蹈.
  5.Would you please it in English? 请你用英语说好吗? Would you please do sth.?请你/你愿意做……吗?
  6.You shouldn't me. 你不该冲我大喊.
  7. on you! 真为你感到羞耻!
  8.He his best. 他尽力了
  9.Kangkang, would you mind to Michael? 康康,你愿意向迈克尔道歉吗?
  10.We are sure next time. 我们确认下次会获胜. I'm sure he can do it. 我确认他会做这件事. I'm sure that. 对于那件事我非常确信.
  11. Maria's and Jane's help, Kangkang said sorry to Michael. 在玛丽亚和简的帮助下,康康向迈克尔道了歉.
  12.Would you mind the music? turn up turn off turn on turn 把它打开
  13.Exciting? Yes, but very tiring 很精彩?是的,但是也很累.
  14.He an indoor game for his students they could play even in bad weather.
  15.Do you know how to score in the game? 你知道在比赛中怎样得分吗? how to do sth. 怎样做某事.这是疑问句接不定式构成的短语,做 Do you know 的宾语, 类似短语有:what to do; where to go 等.如:
  1)Do you know when to do your homework? 你知道什么时候做作业吗?
  2)Do you know where to go? 你知道去哪儿吗?
  3)Mr. Known-all knows how to make a key. 百事通先生知道怎样制造钥匙.
  16.But you must the rules. 但是你必须遵守规则.
  17. Now, over a century later, people play basketball. 现在, 一个多世纪以后, 越来越多的人打篮球. 越来越美 我们的生活越来越好
  18.I am a boy. 我是一个 15 岁的男孩. 你介意把音乐关小点声吗?

  19. drink milk and eat fresh fruit and vegetables chips and chocolate. 我喝牛 I 奶,吃新鲜水果和蔬菜来代替薯条和巧克力. instead of 代替……而不是,后接名词/代词/动名词.如: Instead adv. 代替,顶替;反而.放在句尾或句首.注意:不带 of.如: He is tired, so let me go instead.
  20.I have great fun, and I feel well and look fit. 起来很健康. Topic 3
  1.I the long jump.我为跳远做好了准备. We were all ready the holiday. 我们都为度假做好准备了.
  2. take part in the high jump.这是我第一次参加跳高比赛.
  3. Maybe Michael will many friends during the sports meet. 也许迈克尔在运动会期间 会交许多朋友. (
  1)make friends with sb.与某人交朋友.如: Would you like to make friends with me?你愿意和我交朋友吗?
  4.When we meet? 我们什么时候见面?
  5. 祝贺你! I congratulated them their results. 我为他们取得的成绩向他们表示祝贺.
  6.I'm so.我太兴奋了. It is an match. 这是一场令人激动的比赛.
  7.This me a lot.这次对我的鼓励很大. 常用词组 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事.
  8.The People's Republic of China took part in the Olympics in 19
  52. 中华人民共和国第一次参加奥林匹克运动会是在 1952 年.
  9.Xu Haifeng the first gold medal for China in the l984 Los Angeles Olympics. 许海峰在 1984 年洛杉矶奥运会上为中国夺得第一枚金牌. win v.获胜,赢;n. 获胜者,现在分词 win 表示"赢得",其宾语通常是 war, game, battle, match, fame 等.win 可作及物动词或不 及物动词.
  10.Its is"Faster,higher,stronger."它的宗旨是"更快,更高,更强."
  11. The Olympic rings are the Olympic Games. 奥运五环是奥林匹克运 动会的一种标志.
  12.There are five rings,and they the five parts of the wind. 它有五个环,代表着世界上的五大洲. stand for 容忍,忍受.
  13.You can easily find one of these colors in the flag of every country. 你能很容易 地在每个国家的国旗上,至少找到这些颜色中的一种.
  14.We shouldour environment.我们应该改善我们的环境. 我跑步时很愉快,感觉很好,看
习题巩固: ( )1,Lily the long jump, and she jumped very far. A. join B. joined C. takes part in D. took part in ( )2,Cycling can make your body . A. strong B. strongly C. be strong D. to be strong ( )3,? does she stay in the city every year? A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How ( )4,Michael Jordan is good at basketball. A. to play B. play C. to playing B. For two hours. C. swim D. playing ? D. Two time a week. C. At two o'clock. ( )5,?How often does Ann go to the gym? A. Twice a week. A. swims ?Two months.
( )6,I saw Tom often with his father during the summer holidays. B. swam D. swimming ( )7,Running is a good way fit. A. keeps B. to keep C. keeping D. kept ( )8,He prefers to on the weekend. A. go shopping; go swimming B. going shop ; going swim D. to go shopping; to go swimming C. going shopping; going swimming
( )9,There a school sports meet next month. A. will have B. is C. is going to have D. is going to be ( )10,Swimming can help to keep your heart . A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. healthly ( )
  11.Han Mei is planning to take part the high jump. A. in B. to C. at D. on ( )1
  2.People from all over the world like to and football. A. see; play B. watch; play bad weather. A. an; a B. a; / C. an; / D. a; the ?Yes, . D. we did ( )
  14.?Did you have an exciting basketball game last week? A. I love the game B. we love the game C. I have ( )
  15.?When you start playing soccer? A. do B. did C. were D. are ( )
  16.I don't like going . A. fishing B. fish C. to fish A. to; in D. fishes ( )
  17.My sister will come back home this weekend. B. /; on C. to; on D. /; / ( )
  18.? are you going to do? ?I'm going to ride a bike. A. What B. Where C. Why D. How ( ) 1
  9.?Would you please some game posters? A. making; Sorry B. making; Sure C. make; Yes ( )
  20.?How long do you stay there? A. Not very often B. An hour a day ?. ?. That's no problem. D. not make; Sorry C. see; to play D. watching; playing ( )
  13.He invented indoor game for his students so that they could play it even in
?I started playing soccer 5 years ago.
C. An hour or so D. Seldom
( )
  21.?Would you mind teaching me? ?. Let's go and practice. A. Not at all B. Don't mind C. I'm sorry, I can't D. OK, I won't ( )
  22.Would you mind the door? A. to open B. open C. opening D. opens 完型填空: Football is, I think, the favorite game in England. One could go to one of the important 1 to see this. Rich and poor, young and old, one can see them all there, 2 for one side or the 3 . To a stranger(陌生人), one of the most surprising things about football in 4 is the great knowledge(知识)of the game which name of the 6 5 the smallest boy seems to have. He can tell you the in most of the important teams, and he has 7 of them and knows the results
of large numbers of matches. He will tell you who he 8 will win such a match, and his ideas (看法)about 9 are usually as good as those of men three or four times(倍)of his 10 .
  1.A. cities B. matches C. teams
  2.A. waiting B. looking
  4.A. China B. the USA
  5.A. all B. hardly
  6.A. players B. cities
  8.A. says B. asks
  3.A. other B. same C. team C. only D. places C. asking D. shouting D. players D. even D. matches C. England D. Canada C. countries

  7.A. names B. pictures C. heard D. though C. decides D. hopes D. men
  9.A. England B. players C. football

  10.A. ideas B. age C. stories D. education(教育)


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