There’s no royal road to learning. 学习没有捷径。
Topic 2 Section B 一. 首字母填空。
  1. Tom f the math exam again.a
  2. Very few people have such an e.
  3. When you have had f, you should talk to others.
  4. Sometimes we should follow our parents’ s.
  5. It’s n to feel tired after such a long trip. 二. 单项选择。
  1.Is Shike sure the exam? I think so. She is good at math. I’m sure she can pass it. A.of passing; to
  3.Could B.of B.of pass; that By plane. C.what D.which pass; that pass; of
  2. She got married the age of
  26. you tell me to get there quickly? B.where

  4.Children may have sad feelings after some bad . Don’t worry. They can ask some doctors with lots of for help. A.experiences; experiences C.experience; experiences B.experience; experience D.experiences; experience

  5.What happened you, Tom? A car happened me when I crossed the road.; of hitting A.feel A.pass B.with; to hit C.feeling C.finish; to hit D.felt finish D.with ; on hitting
  6. It is normal excited when we hear some good news. feel pass
  7.Kangkang failed last math exam because he was careless.
  8. I did badly again in English exam.English is too hard! I can help you. A.Glad to hear that. C. Don’t worry. Don’t be shy. B.I’m sorry to hear that D.Sounds great. Just do it.

  9.I’m afraid English in public.
There’s no royal road to learning. 学习没有捷径。
A.of talking
B.of speaking

  10. Wang Xin to know that secret. Who told him about it? Maybe Dong Qi did. A.wants B.likes B.because C.listens C.and D.seems D.but
  11. They are excited they are going to see an interesting film this evening.
  12.Miss Wang , what should we do when we feel unhappy? You’d better talk others it. A.with; about B.with; with C.about; with D.about; about
  13.We may feel sad after some bad . Would you please give us some? A.experiences; suggestion C.experiences; suggestions B.experience; suggestions D.experience; suggestion

  14.I really don’t know what to do when I feel sad. Why our parents? A.didn’t you talk to 三.翻译。
  1.他经常给我们讲笑话并总是使我们发笑 He often and always .
  2.在你这个年龄的时候,我喜欢运动和读书。 I loved playing sports and reading books .
  3.茱莉非常内向,不知道怎样和别人交谈。 Julia is very shy and doesn’t know others.
  4.当你感到紧张的时候,何不听一听音乐来放松一下呢? to the music to relax yourself when you .
  5.I want to (与……交朋友) helen, because she is always helpful. 四. 用方框内所给单词的适当形式填空。 normal, feeling, suggestion, experience, soft
  1. He often listens to music when he feels tired.
  2. Ms.Chen is a good English teacher with ten years’ teaching .
  3. Can you give us some about how to keep healthy?
  4. It is to feel tired after a long trip.
  5. We may have some happy after some good experiences.
B.not talk to
C.talking to to


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