九年级( 九年级(上)Unit 2 复习 Unit 2
Topic 1

  1.I can’t stand the environment here. 我无法容忍这儿的环境。 stand 表“容忍;忍受” ,后接名词、代词及动名词做宾语。 eg: I can’t stand that man, he talks too much. 我忍受不了那个人了,他话太多了。 I can’t stand waiting any longer. 我再也等不了了。
  2.What do you mean by sth. ? 某物是什么意思呢? = What’s the meaning of sth ? = What does sth. mean?
  3.I hope I can move from here soon. 我希望我能早点从这儿搬走。 当主从句主语一致时,常可转换成不定式短语 = I hope to move from here soon. 我希望早点从这儿搬走。
  4.There are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the river. 有几座工厂正往河里排放污水。 There be + sb. / sth. + doing sth. 表有某人/ 某物正在做某事。 eg: There are some birds singing in the tree. 树上有些鸟儿在歌唱。 There is a little girl crying in the street. 街上有个小女孩在哭。
  5.stop doing sth. 停止做(正在进行的)事 stop to do sth. 停下来去做(另一件)事 eg: It’s late. They will stop working and (stop) to have supper. 很迟了。他们将停下来吃晚饭。 The students stopped talking and to listen to the teacher. 学生们停止说话去听课。
  6.I’m sorry for making so much noise. 很抱歉我弄出这么大的噪音。 be sorry for doing sth. 表对做过的事感到抱歉 be sorry to do sth. 表对当前的事 感到抱歉 eg: I’m sorry for waking you up yesterday. 很抱歉昨天把你弄醒了。 I’m sorry to trouble you. 很抱歉打扰你了。 I’m sorry to hear that. 听到那个(消息)感到很遗憾。
  7. Recently it was reported that many teenagers in America can hear no better than 65-year-old people do,…近来据报道,美国许多青少年的听力和 65 岁的老人一样差。 no better than… 表“同……(几乎)一样差; 不比……做得好” eg: Lucy did no better than Lily in the exam. 露西和莉莉考得几乎一样糟. = Lucy almost did as badly as Lily in the exam.
  8.复习现在完成时中延续性的动作或状态和由 for / since 引导的一段时间状语搭配使用。 a)“for + 时间段” 与 “since + 时间点” 都表“一段时间” ,常用 How long 提问。 b) 如句中含有非延续性动词,则改为相应的延续性动词或状态。 Topic 2 How does pollution hurt the earth?
  1. It says that China has become the world’s largest producer and user of coal. 它(文章)写到 中国已经成为世界上最大的煤炭生产和消费国。 sth. + says that… 此句型中主语是事或物,say 表用“文字、数字”说明信息。 eg: It says “ Happy New Year!” on the card. 卡片上写着“新年快乐!。 ” The clock says that it is 20:00 now. 这面钟显示现在是

  2. As we know, none of us likes pollution. 众所周知,没有人喜欢污染。 none 与 no one 的区别: none “全无” ,既可指人也可指物,后常跟 of 的短语; 作主语时,谓语动词既可用单数也 可用复数;no one 只指人,后不能跟 of 的短语; 作主语时,谓语动词只用作单数。 eg: He has read none of these books.(指物)这些书他一本都没看过。 None of my friends like/ likes drawing.(指人)我的朋友们没有一个喜欢画画。 No one is here. 没有一个在这儿。 none 回答 how many/ much 的问题;no one 回答 who 的问题。 如: A: How many students come to school by taxi? B: None. 有多少的学生搭出租车来上学? 没有人。 A: How much water is there in the bottle? B: None.瓶子里有多少水? 一点儿也没有。 A: Who is in the room? B: No one.谁在房中?没有人。
  3.When it rains, the soil will be washed away.下雨时,土壤就会被冲走。 will be +过去分词为一般将来时的被动语形式。 eg: The earth will be blown away by the wind. 泥土将会被风刮走。 (被动语态) = The wind will blow away the earth. 风将会把泥土刮走。 (主动语态)
  5.A lot of rich land has changed into desert, leaving only sand. 许多肥沃的土地已经变成了沙 漠,留下的是遍地黄沙。 a) change… into… = turn… into… 把…..(转)变成… eg: Please change/ turn English into Chinese. 请把英语变成汉语。 When the traffic lights change/ turn into green, we can go. 当交通灯变成绿色时,我们就可以通行。 b) leaving only stand 现在分词短语作状语, 表伴随主动。 eg: The children went away, talking and laughing. 孩子们说着、笑着离开了。 The girl is looking for her mother, crying loudly. 这个女孩大声地哭着在寻找她的母亲。
  6.Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. They can also prevent the sand from moving toward the rich land. 树可以防风固土,也可阻止风沙吹进良田。 stop / prevent sb. /sth. (from ) doing sth. 阻止/ 防止 某人或某物做某事 keep sb./sth. from doing sth. 阻止/ 防止 某人或某物做某事 eg: Trees can keep water from running away. 树可以防止水土流失。
  7.in danger of ( doing ) sth. 处于做某事的危险中 eg: They are in danger of losing their lives. 他们正处于失去生命的危险中。
  8.cut down 砍到 Eg:Many trees are cut down every years
  9. You may either take a bus or a taxi. 你们可能搭公车去或者是搭出租车去。 a) either…or… “要么…要么…并列连词,连接主语时,根据就近原则选取谓语动词。 eg: You may come either today or tomorrow. 你要么今天来,要么明天来。 Either you or he is right. 要么你对,要么他对。 b) either 单独使用时,是代词,表“二者之一”既可指人也可指物;用作主语时,谓语 动词用作单数。如: A:Would you like coffee or tea? B: Either is OK 你想要咖啡还是茶?随便都可以。 Either of us is right. 我们俩中有一人是对的。 Topic 3 Let’s be greener people.

  1.We should use both sides of paper, and reuse plastic bags rather than throw them away. 我们应 该把纸的两面都使用,将塑料袋再次使用而不是轻易扔掉。 both 修饰复数名词;而 either 修饰单数名词; eg: There are a lot of trees on both sides of the road. = There are a lot of trees on either side of the road. 在路的两边有许多树。
  2.Everyone is supposed to do it. 每个人都应该那样做。 be supposed to do sth.指(按规定、习惯、安排等)应当做某事;相当于 should; 用于否定句 时,表“允许” ; eg: Teachers are supposed to/ should know a lot. 老师应该知道很多。 You are not supposed to smoke here. 这里不允许抽烟。
  4. First, you ought to turn off the lights when you leave a room. 首先,当你离开房间的时候,应 该关灯。 ought to 情态动词, 表 “应该; 应当”; 语气比 should 强;指道义上应该做的事,有时含有责 备或督促的语气。should 指主观上感到有责任或义务去做。如: You ought to help your mother do some housework.你应该帮你妈妈做些家务。 We should study hard.我们应该努力学习。 其否定式和疑问式: You oughtn’t to get up so late in the morning.你早晨不应该起这么晚。 Ought I to tell her the bad news? 我该告诉她坏消息吗? Yes, you ought. No, you oughtn’t.
Unit 2 重点短语和句型
Topic 1
  1. 看到鱼儿游来游去 see fish swimming (see sb. doing sth.)
  2. 去野餐 have a picnic/go for a picnic 3 城市面貌 the look of our cities 4 把废水倒入河里 pour waste into river 5 有用的事物 something useful 6 忍受/改善/保护环境 stand /improve / protect the environment 7 产生难闻的气味 produce terrible gas 8 情绪好/差 in a good / bad mood 9 设法做某事 manage to do sth. 10 感到不舒适 feel uncomfortable 11 对某人/某物有害 be harmful to sb. / sth.(do harm to sb./sth.) 12 目前,现在 at present 13 写信给某人 write to sb. 14 发出太多的噪音 make too much noise 15 打扰别人 disturb others 16 一种污染 a kind of pollution 17 对做了某事感到抱歉 be sorry for doing sth. 18 各种各样的 all sorts of / all kinds of 19 在吵杂的条件下 in noisy conditions 20 变聋了 go / become deaf 21 听力丧失 have hearing loss 22 相当多 quite a few
  23(几乎)与……一样差 no better than 24 引发高血压 cause high blood pressure 25 在强烈、易变的光线下 in strong, changeable light 26 在许多方面 in many ways27 随着人口的增长 with the increase in population 28 随着工业的发展 with the development of industry 29 对我来说很难呼吸 It is difficult for me to breathe. 30 你处于这样的状态多久了? How long have you been like this? 自从上个月以来我一直这样。 I have been like this since last month. 31 那是个有花、有草的美丽的地方。It is a beautiful place with flowers and grass.
32 所有的花、草和鱼儿都没有了 All the flowers, grass and fish have gone! 33 有几座工厂正往河里排放污水 There are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the river. 34 保护环境是我们的职责 It’s our duty to protect the environment. 35 无论如何, 我希望我将设法离开这个地方。 Anyway, I hope I’ll manage to leave this place. 36 并非所有人都知道噪音也是一种污染。 Not all people know that noise is also a kind of pollution. Unit 2 Topic 2
  1.看这篇文章 read this article
  2.到处 here and there = everywhere
  3.照顾 care for = look after = take care of
  4.踩草坪 walk on grass
  5.摘花 pick flowers
  6.一开始,初期 in the beginning
  7.一天天,逐日 day by day
  8.开始意识 come to realize
  9.处于做某事的危险中 be in danger of (doing) sth.
  10.把土冲走/吹走 wash/blow the earth away
  11.阻止……做某事 stop / prevent …(from) doing sth.
  12.阻止……做某事 keep…from doing sth.
  13.结果 as a result
  14.砍倒 cut down
  15.转变成 change into = turn into
  16.切断供水 cut off the water supply
  17.在地球上 on the earth
  18.人 human bein
  19.破坏/损害/污染环境 destroy/ harm/ pollute the environment
  20.形成 come into being
  21.海平面 the level of the sea / the sea level
  22.关掉水龙头 turn the tap off / turn off the tap
  23.带走 take away
  24.提到,涉及,有关 refer to
  25.占据(时间,空间等) take up
  26.把…分成 divide… into…
  27.温室效应 the greenhouse effect
  28. 与此同时 at the same time
  29. 处理,解决 deal with
  30. 结果,空气污染已经成为一个严重的问题。As a result, air pollution has become a serious problem.
  31. 每个人都应当关爱野生动物并且多种树 Everyone should care for wild animals and plant more trees.
  32. 我 们 应 尽一 切努 力 保护环 境 We should do everything we can to protect the environment.
  33. 不要在公共场合到处吐痰。 Don’t spit anywhere in public.
  34. 大家知道,没有人喜欢污染。 As we know, none of us likes pollution.
  35. 人类逐渐意识到保护动物的重要性。 Humans have come to realize the importance of protecting animals. Unit 2 Topic 3
  1. 环境保护 environmental protection 2 为……工作 work for… 3 宣传有关…… spread the message about… 4 减少浪费/ 空气污染 reduce the waste/ air pollution 5……的两面 both sides of … 6 塑料袋 plastic bags 7 鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth. 8 省钱/ 能源/ 电 save money/ energy/ electricity 9 应当做某事 be supposed to do sth.
10 应该做某事(语气较强) ought to do sth.11 关灯 turn off the lights
12 短途旅行 travel a short distance 13 请准时 Please be on time. 14 把垃圾分类 sort the garbage15 在沙滩上 on the beach 16 从……获得能量 produce power from… 17 被广泛应用 be widely used 18 发动汽车 run the car 19 把…向前/向下推 push…forward / down 20 把…向上拉 pull…up 21 通过做某事发电 produce electricity by doing sth. 22 淋浴 take a shower 23 短途旅行 make a short journey 24 捡起垃圾 pick the litter up 25 再努力 try harder 26 你想成为一个更环保的人吗? Would you like to be a greener person? 27 每个人都应该那样做。 Everyone is supposed to do that. 28 首先, 当你离开房间时, 应该随手关灯。 First, you ought to turn off the lights when you leave a room. 29 说得容易,做得难。 Easier said than done. 30 行动胜于言辞。 Actions speak louder than words. 31 请注意! May I have your attention, please? 32 他们行驶得很好,但他们行驶很慢 They work well, but they are slow and 并且不能远距离行驶。 can’t run for long. 33 在香港,大约 35%的垃圾能被回收 About 35% of the rubbish in Hong Kong can be 而剩余的则不能。 recycled every year while the rest can’t. 34 可惜在中国的大部分地区因为太昂 It's a pity that it's too expensive to use in 贵而 无法使用它。 most of China.


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