Topic 1 I would rather watch sports shows than those ones.
Section B
福建省石狮市石光华侨联合中学 王莎白
There are 12 star signs. Your star sign depends on your birthday. Do you know their names?
21st Dec. ? 20th Jan.
21st Jan. ? 19th Feb. 20th Feb. ? 20th Mar.
21st Mar. ? 20th Apr. 21st Apr. ? 21st May 22nd May ? 21st Jun.
There are 12 star signs. Your star sign depends on your birthday. Do you know their names?
22nd Jun. ? 22nd Jul. 23rd Jul. ? 22nd Aug. 23rd Aug. ? 22nd Sept.
23rd Sept. ? 22nd Oct. 23rd Oct. ? 21st Nov. 22nd Nov. ? 20th Dec.
When were you born? What’s your star sign?
I was born on … My star sign is …
Listen, read and say (影片 影片
  1) 影片

  1. What’s Maria’s star sign? Her star sign is Cancer.
  2. What are Cancers like? People who were born under Cancer are kind and always ready to help others. They love their families. What’s more, most of them are traditional and they never waste anything.
People under different star signs have different characteristics. Do you believe?
successful patient
kind wise
gentle creative
active impatient
hard-working never give up
clever outgoing
People under different star signs have different characteristics. Do you believe?
kind save money
confident generous
modest pay attention to details
polite fair
powerful keep secrets
humorous lucky
Talk about the star sign of your own in pairs. At the same time, describe your partner’s characteristics according to 1b.
A: When were you born? B: I was born on March 21st, 19
  95. A: What is your star sign? B: My star sign is Aries. A: You must be active and impatient.
once upon a time
Once upon a time, there was a hunter named Orion. Once upon a time = long long ago
n. 蝎子
The scorpions are very dangerous.
n. 肩膀,肩部 肩膀,
The boy is on his father’s shoulders.
  2) 影片 Read and understand (影片
What is this story about? This story is about Scorpio. Where did it happen? It happened in Greece.
Work alone
Mark True (T) or False (F) according to 2a. ( T )
  1. Orion was the son of a sea god. ( F )
  2. The mother of the land was pleased at what Orion had said. ( F )
  3. The scorpion hid in the dark and gave the hunter a sudden attack on the leg. ( T )
  4. The fighting between the scorpion and Orion lasted for ten days and ten nights. ( F )
  5. At last, only the hunter died.
Circle the following words in the passage, and then retell the passage according to the words.
Speech n. v. adj.
Key words 12 star signs, characteristic, Scorpio, shoulder believe, share, kill, die, appear, hide, forgive handsome, brave, dangerous, powerful, sudden
Suppose you are a successful business man or a famous star. There is a reporter to interview you. You may be asked the following questions:
  1) When is your birthday? (
  2) What is your star sign? (
  3) What are your characteristics? (
  4) Do you believe your star sign decides your characteristics? (
  5) Why are you so successful?
Find some partners who are under the same star sign as you, and discuss in groups to find out your common characteristics and your differences. Then report to your class.
You can report like this:
We are under the same star sign, … We are all … But there are still many differences. ** is … ** is …
We learn
12 star signs.
We can
describe our own star sign and characteristics.
We know
the story about Scorpio.
Do you want to know more stories about the other star signs? Search for more information if possible.


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