It’s usually 15℃ ? ..\seas1on\windy.jpg I usually wear .
Sometimes it’s,so I can wear my . I often can . Sometimes I can.
Favourite fruit
? I can eat in spring.
Favourite season
Spring,spring, Mar. Apr.May, Summer, summer, June, July, Aug. Fall, fall, Sept. Oct. Nov. Winter, winter, Dec.Jan. Feb. That makes a year.
When is your birthday?
What’s your hobby?
I like playing.
I like going.
I like .
swimming swim ? I like. I hope I can well. ? I have a dream of being a . swimmer
? I have a dream of being.
?is my idol.
Amy’s dream
? What’s Amy’s dream? ? Who’s Amy’s Idol?
Remember Me
I am Amy.It’s the end of my primary school. It’s time to say goodbye to my friends. I hope my classmates can rememer me . My birthday is Dec.25th ,it’s Christmas Day,it’s in winter. It’s my favourite season.So my favourite colour is white, I like eating turkeys very much. In winter,I often skate with my father. I like it so much,that’s my hobby and I can skate very well. I have a dream of being a figure skater(花样滑冰运动 员) one day. My idol is Shen xun and Zhao hongbo. These are my informations, you must rem -ember that I have such a girl who likes skating.
Read and answer
? What’s Amy’s dream? She has a dream of being a figure skater. ? Who’s Amy’s idol? ? Shenxue and Zhao Hongbo.
Name: Name: Amy Hobby:
Going Ice-skating
Name Colour: White Season: Birthday Favourite season Food: Turkeys Favourite colour Dream: being a figure skater Hobby Dream Idol: Shen Xue Idol
Zhao Hongbo
Show yourself.
? 一级 一级: ? You can write a page of the class book to the teacher. ? 二级 二级: ? You can write a letter about yourself to your best friend.Then make it and send it to your friend.

  1、Make a small class 、 book and send it to your best friend.
  2、Read some passages 、 then guess.
Who’s he/she?
Hello, everyone, it’s time to say goodbye to my classmates. Let me introduce something about me,please remember me. I am a quiet girl. I’m 13 years old. My birthday is in Oct.13th, it’s a nice month. My favorite season is winter, it’s very cold, but I like it very much. Beacause I can make a snowman. It’s so funny. And I can go ice-skating. It’s cold outside, so I often stay at home. My favorite colour is blue, I like blue very much. Beacause the sky is blue, l like blue sky too. My favorite fruit is apple. It’s sweet and tasty. I like sweet food very much. I like listening to music. I often do something with music. Sometimes I play games too. I want to be a singer in the future, that’s my dream. My idol is ZhaoWei. I want to be her fans. Don’t forget me!
Who’s he/she?
I am a helpful girl. I'm 13 years old. My birthday is Mar. 6th ,it’s a good month of planting trees. My favourite season is spring, it’s sunny and warm, sometimes I can wear my sweater, sometimes I can wear my dress. I can fly kites and have a picnic outside. My favourite colour is pink ,my favourite fruit is peach, it’s sweet and yummy. I like listening to music, I often listen to music with my friends. But sometimes I read books. I want to be a singer one day. My idol is Xu Song. I wish you are happy every day.
Who’s he/she?
  3) I am a quiet boy. I am 13 years old, I am 160cm tall and 48 kg. My birthday is June 24th .it’s a nice month. My favourite season is spring, it’s sunny and warm. I can wear my shirt ,I can fly kites and climb mountains. I like to eat watermelons very much,I like reading books, I often read books,sometimes I play football with my friends. I like reading books, because I want to be a writer in the future, that’s my dream. My idol is Bin Xin. Wish you’re happy all the time.
Good luck, everyone.



   It’s usually 15℃ " ..\seas1on\windy.jpg I usually wear . Sometimes it’s,so I can wear my . I often can . Sometimes I can. Favourite fruit " I can eat in spring. loquats mangoes lychees plums cherries pineapple Favourite season Spring,spring, Mar. ...


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