一、根据句意,填入所缺的单词。 根据句意,填入所缺的单词。

  1.What( )is it today ? It’s Tuesday.
  2.What classes do you (
  3.Today is Wednesday.(
  4.John likes Fridays,( ) on Monday ? We have art and science on Monday. )is Thursday. )he likes P.E.class.
二、阅读理解,根据对话内容判断对错。 阅读理解,根据对话内容判断对错。
John:What day is it today? Chen Jie:It’s Friday.What do you have on Friday? John:We have Chinese,computer and music.I like Friday. Chen Jie: I like Sunday. John:What do you do on Sundays? Chen Jie: I often paint or watch TV.
  1.Today is Monday.( ) )

  2.Chen Jie has Chinese,computer and music on Friday.(
  3.Chen Jie likes Sunday.( )
  4.Chen Jie often paints and watches TV on Sundays.( )
  4。because 二、阅读理解。根据对话内容判断对错。





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