│ Units 3-4,Book8B
bought rode ran rang closed silent
ridden run
recently heroes madder maddest
luck unlucky
fat/thick ate eaten
decide dangerous

  1.在电话里交谈 talk on the phone 在电话里交谈
  2.在理发店 在理发店
  3.报警 报警
in the barber shop call the police

  4.起飞 脱下 起飞,脱下 起飞
take off
  5.沿着这条路走 walk along/down this road 沿着这条路走
  6.跟随某人做某事 follow sb. to do 跟随某人做某事
  7.逃跑 run away/escape from 逃跑

  8.听说 听说
hear about/of
  9.发生 take place 发生
  10.举办一个惊喜晚会 have a surprise party 举办一个惊喜晚会

  11. 对…愤怒 be mad/annoyed at/be angry with 愤怒
  12. 首先
first of all

  13. 在…方面做得更好 be better at/do better in 方面做得更好
  14. 身体健康 be in good health
  15. 克服 get over
  16. 一段不寻常的经历 an unusual experience
  17. 正好在我前面 right in front of me
  18. 树上的一只猫 a cat in the tree
  19. 使某人感觉不舒服 make sb feel sick
  20.打开学生的视野 open up students' eyes 打开学生的视野
when the UFO arrived
when she saw the alien get out
was visiting the museum,
the boy called the TV station.
would call me tomorrow
couldn't see Davy anywhere.
volunteered to
heard from
heard of/about
as not as/so
as as
book on the teacher's desk B
  1. I theago, but now it's not there. five minutes' A. see B. saw C. am seeing D. was seeing D
  2. When mum opened the door, John TV. A. watch B. watches C. is watching D. was watching D
  3. When will he finish writing the book? I'm not sure, but he it last night. A. write B. wrote C. is writing D. was writing The were cleaning the room their C
  4. mumtwins cooking the dinner. was A. and B. when C. while D. so C
  5. Before the police , the alien left the shop quickly. A. got B. reached C. arrived D. arrived at

  6. What happened? I had __ accident A yesterday. A. a little B. a few C. little D. few B
  7. The plane landed on the spot. A. left B. right C. correct D. wrong
  8. Mum, the doorbell is ringing. . B A. who are you? B. who is it? C. who is he? D. who is she? C
  9. He came on a rainy evening and left __ morning. A. tomorrow B. next C. the next D. the second C
  10. He told me that he a cold for three days. A. has B. had caught C. had had D. has had

  12. Your mother looks unhappy. Will you please A tell me with her? A. what's the matter B. what the matter is C. the matter is what D. what the matter it is B
  13. She said she was going to her house to study, ? A. wasn't she B. didn't she C. doesn't she D. isn't she C
  14. He hopes you his birthday party. A. to come to B. come to C. will come to D. coming to C
  15. Can you it in English? I can't __ Spanish. A. speak, say B. talk, say C. say, speak D. tell, talk



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