Unit 8 Section B (
  1) )
要点: 掌握有关提供帮助的句子,并能用这些句子进行交际。 要点: 重难点: 短语的构成和用法 重难点 重点词汇: 重点词汇: fix up, repair, similar 重点句型: 重点句型: --What do you do? --I fix up old bikes and give them away. 语法要点: 语法要点:短语动词小结 常见短语动词结构有下面几种:
  1.动词+副词 如:give up 放弃 turn off 关掉 stay up 熬夜 这种结构有时相当于及物动词,如果其宾语是代词,就必须放在动词和副词之间,如 果是名词,则既可插在动词和副词之间,也可放 在短语动词后。
  2. 动词+介词 如:listen to 听 look at 看 belong to 属于 这种结构相当于及物动词,后面跟宾语。
  3. 动词+副词+介词 如:come up with 提出,想出 run out of 用完,耗尽
  4. 动词+名词(介词) 如:take part in 参加 catch hold of 抓住 课前预习: 课前预习 预习单词从 take after 到 similar. 预习 P63 1a?2c 以及 Self check 1 翻译
  1. 用光 sb sth=sb sth sth
  2. 修理 (小物件)= (大物件)= = (修好)
  3.look the same =
  4. 和…一样 be the same as=be
  5. 总是做某事 be sth
  6. 对…感到自豪 of= in
  7. give out give away give up give back 课堂学习与研讨 单词学习
  1. take after/ be like / look like Look! The girl . They are both very outgoing. A. takes after her father B. is taking after her father C. takes her father after D. looks like her father
  2. fix /mend /repair He is busy . A. fixing his bike up B. mending up his bike C. fixed his bike up D. fixed up his bike He decided to before 9 o’clock. A. fixing up it B. fix up it C. fix it up D. fixing it up
The car doesn’t work. I will tomorrow. A. repair B. have it repair C. have it repaired 中的任务。 听录音完成 2a&2b 中的任务。 完成 Self check 1
D. mend it
  1. ?Who’s the kid? --I don’t know. He doesn’t . A. take after anyone B. take after someone C. take anyone after D. take someone after
  2. They both look each other. They . A. the same, the same B. like, like C. like, the same D. the same, like
  3. There are some books on the floor. Would you like to ? A. pick them up B. pick up them C. pick it up D. pick up it
  4. My mother doesn’t like doing the housework at home. She usually much time shopping in the supermarkets. A. spends B. costs C. takes D. pays
  5. My parents are kind to me and I can do I like to do at home. A. it B. what C. that D. which
  6. I have dreamed of all over the world in the future. A. travel B. will travel C. to travel D. traveling
  7. They are willing in my firm. A. work B. working C. to work D. worked
  8. In the end, I found the answer the difficult question. A. to B. on C. about D. of
  9. People like to live in a house green trees around it. A. with B. in C. for D. among
  10. The play will the cities next week. A. tourist B. touristy C. tourism D. tour A. /
  12. It’s raining heavily. We have to the sports meeting. A. put off B. join in C. hold on D. take part in
  13. You’ll have to me ten dollars a week your meals. A. pay, for B. take, in C. spend, on D. cost, for
  14. There are some things for children. Let’s . A. give away them B. give them away C. gave away them D. gave them away
  15. He has 16 bikes A. repaired B. reipair C.fixxed D. fix up
  16. He used to his money every month last year. A. run out of B. run out C. ran out of D. ran out
  17. Please the exercise books to your classmates after class. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give back
  18. His money this morning. A. run out of B. run out C. ran out of D. ran out
Unit 8 Section B (
  2) )
要点: 复习短语 要点: 重点词汇: put up, ask for, hand out, work out, 课前预习: 课前预习 预习 P64 3a 预习单词从 put up 到 work out 翻译
  1. 本周
  2. 上周
  4. 召集
  3. 请求
  5. 在本地超市 the local supermarket
  6. 建立
  7. 告诉某人有关这个问题 sb this 课堂学习与研讨 单词学习
  1. cheer sb up= sb Everyone was trying to Jimmy.
  2. put up put on put off put away put sth out/into 他四处张贴广告。He signs everywhere. 他昨天在校门口张贴了它。He at the school gate.
  3. 分发 hand out = give
  4. sth work out sb work out sth work it out 阅读文段, 阅读文段,找出动词词组 文段 巩固练习 汉译英
  1.我一直在努力地让他振作起来已经 20 多分钟了。 I’ve been trying to him for twenty minutes.
  2.你可以跟他谈谈,帮他走出目前的困境。 You can him out with him.
  3.跑了好长的路,汽车没油了。 After a long run, the oil .
  4.他接受了电台的采访。 He a radio interview.
  5. 他还贴了一些需求旧自行车的广告。 He also some signs old bikes. 单项选择
  1. It’s wrong to advertisements everywhere in the streets. A. put off B. put on C. put in
D. put up

  2. We can’t put a plan. A. on making B. up to make C. off making
  3. He also some signs asking for old bikes.
A. put down B. put up C. put off
D. off to make
D. put in

  4. What should you do if a friend says you don’t like? A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything
  5. I like to help kids with their schoolwork. A. could B. would C. should D. will
  6. I some clothes to charity because they are too small for me. A. take after B. hang out C. give away D. put off
  7. of them like to play basketball. A. Each B. Everyone C. Every D. Both
  8. I first met Joe three years ago. He at a CD shop at the time. A. will work B. is working C. has worked D. was working
  9. He found the man . A. hardly to talk with B. easily to get on with C. difficult to get on with D. hard to get on
  10. Some of the school thing belong to me, while the rest are . A. him and her B. his and her C. his and hers D. him and hers
  11. ?What about these two coats, sir? -- of them fits me. Could you please show me two? A. Either, other B. Neither, another C. Either, else D. Neither, the other
  12. I’m allowed to go out with friends Friday night. A. in B. at C. on D. for
  13. --Mr Li ate nothing this morning, he? --. He didn’t feel well. A. didn’t; Yes, he did B. didn’t; Yes, he didn’t C. did; No, he did D. did; No, he didn’t 句型转换。
  1. My brother works in a firm. There are 600 workers in the firm.(合一句) My brother works in a firm there are 600 workers.
  2.The book is so difficult that Peter can’t understand it.(同义句) =The book is for Peter understand. =The book is for Peter understand.
  4. Put on your coat, or you’ll catch a cold. (同义句) = you put on your clothes, you’ll catch a cold.
  5. We want to make the girl happy. (同义句) =We want to the girl.
  6. The boy came up with the answer at last. (同义句) =, the boy the answer.
  7. I fix up bikes and give them away. (变为一般过去时) I up bikes and them away.


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