Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
1 Fill in the blanks with the words given take off get out land shout shop
  1. The girl was when she saw a car accident.
  2. I was so tired this morning. It was difficult to of bed.
  3. My flight to New York from Beijing International Airport.
  4. It was raining when the plane in London.
  5. Don’t ! I can hear you. 2 Look at what He Yan did yesterday. Write what you were doing at these times. 9:00?9:30 at the doctor’s 10:00?11:00 had English class 12:00?1:00 had lunch with her mother 2:00?3: 30 visited aunt in hospital 4:00?5:00 went shopping Eg:While He Yan was at the doctor’s, I was going to the class. … 这里有词组 at the doctor’s 在诊所 医院 在诊所(医院 医院) at the barber’s 在理发店 句型:
  1. While she was having English class, I was having a test.
  2. While she was having lunch with her mother, I was playing in the park.
  3. While she was visiting her aunt in hospital, I was studying in the classroom.
  4. While she was going shopping, I was going home. 3 Circle the words that don’t belong ’
  1. walk climb jump down alien
  2. bathroom bedroom newspaper kitchen
  3. barber UFO cut hair barber shop
  4. when scared while how long Key phases of this unit in front of in the bathroom in the kitchen barber shop get out of the shower cook dinner talk on the phone cut hair land on walk down the street go into a store took off
在……前面 在浴室里 在厨房里 理发店 从浴室出来 煮晚餐 在电话上讲话 理发 在……上着陆 沿街向下走 进入一个商店 起飞
unusual experience shop assistant Museum of Flight You are kidding! climb a tree call the police police officer a car accident
不寻常的经历 售货员 航空博物馆 你在开玩笑! 爬树 叫警察 警官 一场车祸
Ⅰ. 单项选择
  1. Grandma is now at . A. the doctor’s B. the doctors C. the doctor D. a doctor’s
  2. You go to see a doctor in a hospital. When he asks you, “What’s your trouble?” You should say “”. A. I’m feeling terrible B. Don’t trouble me. C. Give me some medicine, please D. Please take care of me
  3. He was sleeping late someone knocked on the door. A. when B. while C. as D. after
  4. the police arrived,the alien left the ground. A.When B. Before C. After D.While
  5. I was walking to school,I saw a cat climbing a tree. A.When B.While C. Before D. After
  6. You can how strange the UFO was. A. know B. imagine C. think D. imagined
  7. An alien got out the UFO and walked the street. A. off; on B. from; along C. of; down D. in; in
  8. --What were you doing at this time yesterday? --I . A. sleep B. slept C. was sleeping D. sleeping
  9. You can get a good of the city when you stand on the top of the mountain. A. view B. look C. seeing D. looking
  10. Seeing a UFO is an thing. A. amazing B. amazed C. amazement D. amaze
  11.The girl was at the strange noise. A. scared B.scare C. scaring D.scares
  12.The policeman the thief down the street. A. chased after B. run after C. ran D. chases
  13.The farmers thought of ways to their crops. A. protect B. fight C. protected D. fought
  14. We call where kings and queens live . A. bedroom B. temple C. living ? room D. palace

  15. Children can playing with paper lanterns a few days before Mid-autumn night. A. see B. be seen C. saw D. be seeing
  16. We gazed the stranger, wondering who he was. A. from B. at C. to D. up
  17. He is ill. I know he is now. A. in the hospital B. in hospital C. at the hospital D. at hospital
  18. She was to hear the news. A. surprised B. surprise C. surprising D. surprises
  19. Look! He’s running so fast! Hard to his legs were once broken. (2007 年浙江 ) A.know B.imagine C.realize D.find
  20. Timmy tells me that you have read on the Internet. (2009 江苏连云港) A something amazing B anything amazing C amazed something D amazed anything 填空。 Ⅱ. 用 when 或 while 填空。
  1. we were talking in the classroom,the teacher came in.
  2. they got to the airport, it was raining.
  3. she was reading a book, the phone rang.
  4. I saw the boy, he was wearing a new coat.
  5. he was reading, he fell asleep. 为题用英语写一篇短文, 左右。 以“My Beautiful Dream”为题用英语写一篇短文 词数在 60 左右。 为题用英语写一篇短文 My Beautiful Dream
Last night I had a beautiful dream. I had turned into an alien. I flew my UFO in the sky. Suddenly I saw some people playing in a park. They were very happy. I wanted to join them. So I landed in the park and got out of the UFO. When the people saw me, they were scared. I said hello to them. But they didn’t understand me. After a while, only a kid came to me and asked, “Who are you?” “I am your friend. ” The boy got happy. He moved to my UFO. “May I play with you?” “Sure. You can play in the UFO with me. ”When we got into the UFO, it started to fly into the sky. Suddenly it fell to the ground. I was scared and jumped up from the bed. Oh! It was a dream!



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