4.They (play) soccer if it doesn’t rain.
  5. We (have) a meeting tomorrow. 一?用所给单词适当形式填空。
  1.What will you (do) this Saturday?
  2.Tomorrow (be) a sunny day again.
  3.What are you (go) to do this afternoon?
  4.We(be) (go) have a meeting tomorrow. 二.用下列词填空。fewer, less, much, many, more
  1.In the future, there will be trees and the air will be cleaner.
  2.Try to eat junk food please; It’s bad for your health.
  3.There are flowers in the park. How beautiful they are!
  4.Do you think you have too homework to do every day? I.填空补全句子。 l. When I (get)home, my mother was busy with our dinner in the kitchen. .
  2.My son was (take)a shower in the .
  3. A bedroom is a room for (sleep) in.
  4. Yesterday on my way to school, I (meet) a strange man.
  5.The boy went out of the shop and __(call)me.
  6.My mother was watching TV my father was reading newspaper at that time.
  7. The was cutting my hair when the UFO landed.
  8. I bought two white shirts my father last week.
  9. (eat)too much can sometimes hurt(伤害)one's stamache.
  10. At (大约) five o'clock it began to rain. II.用 when 或 while 填空
  11. He came in we were watching TV.
  12. I arrived in Shanghai, it was already half past ten.
  13. I was reading, I fell asleep.
  14. she was reading the paper, he was cleaning up the kitchen.
  15. It was raining we got off the. bus. ( )
  16. I was the barber's chair. A. to B. in C. for ( )
  17. The boy when he saw the alien get out. A. shopped B.is hopping C. was shopping ( )
  18. -Where did the UFO land? -It Center Street. A. landed in B. landed C. landed on ( )
  19. it was buying a souvenir, I called the police. A.While B. Because C. Although she when her mother came home? ( )
  20. What
A. did, do B. was, doing C. does, do 找出与画线部分意思相同或相近的选项 ( )
  1. Do you know when the plane will take off? A. leave for the ground B. stay off C. fly off D. leave the ground and fly ( )
  2.1 went after him to see what he would do. A.caught up B.followed C.came up D. wake ( )
  3.1 was working on the computer when Bob called me up. A. while B. just now C. at that time D. as ( )
  4. She saw the UFO. then called the police. A.rang up B.ring C. made a telephone D. give a call ( )
  5. Jane got to the USA a few days ago. A. arrive at B. arrived in C. reached to D. arrived to
  6.She was doing her homework at this time last night. (对画线部分提问) she at this time last night?
  7.I had a very unusual experience on my last day off on last day off(提问)
  8.The UFO landed right in front of me. (提问) the UFO ?
  9.1 wrote a letter home last night. (提问) a letter home?
  10. We built a bridge last winter. (改为一般疑问句) a bridge last winter?
  11. Kim was watching TV at
  9:00 pm yesterday evening. (提问) Kim TV?
  12.This time yesterday Alan was reading books . 提 问 ) Alan ( this time yesterday?
  13. She left her hometown when she was five. (提问) she her hometown? III.用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  14. While l was reading, I (hear) a noise.
  15.Yesterday was Mother's day. so I (buy) a gift for my mother.
  16. When I (arrive) in Beijing, it was dark.
  17. This is an (amaze) story.
  18.Tom was (shop) when I called him.
  19. I was (wait) for the bus this time yesterday
  20.The Greens were (watch) TV from 8:00 t0 10:00 last night.
  21.What was he (do) when the teacher came in?
  22.1 was (surprise) to see the police at my home yesterday. (shout).They are having an English class
  1.Don't 2The boy was (run) when he saw the alien.

  3. Don't
(climb) the tree. It's too dangerous.



   文 新 学 堂 教 学 教 案( 燕 郊 分 校) UNIT 7 一、用所给单词的正确形式或根据句意和首字母提示填空。 1. The teacher is coming. Would you mind (clean) the blackboard? 2. The river is very dirty. It smells (terrible). It is (terrible) polluted. 3. Last night he watched an (excite) football ...


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   本文由g7kppoitv6贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 八年级( 八年级(下)英语教案 介休六中:郭素卿 介休六中: 单元备课 Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells? 教学目标:1.谈论人们做某事持续多长时间. 2.谈论人们的业余爱好. 3.谈论人们收藏某物多长时间. 教学向导: (六大板块) 语言功能:谈论人们做某事持续多长时间 语言结构:现在完成进行时、一般过 ...


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   第一单元 图片 你认为人们家里将会有机器人吗?是的,会有的。我想家家有会有一个机器人。孩子们还去学校上学吗?孩子们将不 再去学校上学。他们将在家中通过电脑来学习。 1a 人们家里见会有机器人。人们将不再使用钱。一切都将是免费的。 书只会在电脑上出现,而不会在纸上。孩子们将不去 上学。他们将在家里通过电脑学习。 将会只有一个国家。 人们将会活到 200 岁。 1c 100 年后人们还用钱吗?不,不用了。一切都将会是免费的。人们会活到 200 岁吗?是的,他们会的。 1.将会有更多的人。2. 2 ...

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