4.They (play) soccer if it doesn’t rain.
  5. We (have) a meeting tomorrow. 一?用所给单词适当形式填空。
  1.What will you (do) this Saturday?
  2.Tomorrow (be) a sunny day again.
  3.What are you (go) to do this afternoon?
  4.We(be) (go) have a meeting tomorrow. 二.用下列词填空。fewer, less, much, many, more
  1.In the future, there will be trees and the air will be cleaner.
  2.Try to eat junk food please; It’s bad for your health.
  3.There are flowers in the park. How beautiful they are!
  4.Do you think you have too homework to do every day? I.填空补全句子。 l. When I (get)home, my mother was busy with our dinner in the kitchen. .
  2.My son was (take)a shower in the .
  3. A bedroom is a room for (sleep) in.
  4. Yesterday on my way to school, I (meet) a strange man.
  5.The boy went out of the shop and __(call)me.
  6.My mother was watching TV my father was reading newspaper at that time.
  7. The was cutting my hair when the UFO landed.
  8. I bought two white shirts my father last week.
  9. (eat)too much can sometimes hurt(伤害)one's stamache.
  10. At (大约) five o'clock it began to rain. II.用 when 或 while 填空
  11. He came in we were watching TV.
  12. I arrived in Shanghai, it was already half past ten.
  13. I was reading, I fell asleep.
  14. she was reading the paper, he was cleaning up the kitchen.
  15. It was raining we got off the. bus. ( )
  16. I was the barber's chair. A. to B. in C. for ( )
  17. The boy when he saw the alien get out. A. shopped B.is hopping C. was shopping ( )
  18. -Where did the UFO land? -It Center Street. A. landed in B. landed C. landed on ( )
  19. it was buying a souvenir, I called the police. A.While B. Because C. Although she when her mother came home? ( )
  20. What
A. did, do B. was, doing C. does, do 找出与画线部分意思相同或相近的选项 ( )
  1. Do you know when the plane will take off? A. leave for the ground B. stay off C. fly off D. leave the ground and fly ( )
  2.1 went after him to see what he would do. A.caught up B.followed C.came up D. wake ( )
  3.1 was working on the computer when Bob called me up. A. while B. just now C. at that time D. as ( )
  4. She saw the UFO. then called the police. A.rang up B.ring C. made a telephone D. give a call ( )
  5. Jane got to the USA a few days ago. A. arrive at B. arrived in C. reached to D. arrived to
  6.She was doing her homework at this time last night. (对画线部分提问) she at this time last night?
  7.I had a very unusual experience on my last day off on last day off(提问)
  8.The UFO landed right in front of me. (提问) the UFO ?
  9.1 wrote a letter home last night. (提问) a letter home?
  10. We built a bridge last winter. (改为一般疑问句) a bridge last winter?
  11. Kim was watching TV at
  9:00 pm yesterday evening. (提问) Kim TV?
  12.This time yesterday Alan was reading books . 提 问 ) Alan ( this time yesterday?
  13. She left her hometown when she was five. (提问) she her hometown? III.用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  14. While l was reading, I (hear) a noise.
  15.Yesterday was Mother's day. so I (buy) a gift for my mother.
  16. When I (arrive) in Beijing, it was dark.
  17. This is an (amaze) story.
  18.Tom was (shop) when I called him.
  19. I was (wait) for the bus this time yesterday
  20.The Greens were (watch) TV from 8:00 t0 10:00 last night.
  21.What was he (do) when the teacher came in?
  22.1 was (surprise) to see the police at my home yesterday. (shout).They are having an English class
  1.Don't 2The boy was (run) when he saw the alien.

  3. Don't
(climb) the tree. It's too dangerous.



   人教版八年级(下)英语课文 3a 及阅读翻译 1.p6 UNIT 1 3a:In ten years,I think I"ll be a reporter.I"ll live inShanghai, 十年后,我想我会成为一名记者。我将住在上海因为去年我去了上海,立即爱上 了这座城市。上海真的是座优美的城市。作为一名记者,我想我会遇到很多有趣 的人。我想我会和自己最好的朋友住在一套公寓里,因为我不愿意独居。我会养 宠物,因为我妈妈讨厌宠物,况且公寓太小;所以我现在一个宠物也 ...


   " " " robot ['r??] n. 机器人 " " " fewer ['fju:? a. 较少的(few 的比较级) " " " won't [w?nt] 将不(= will not) " " " pollution [p?'lju:?] n. 污染 " " " they'll [?il ] 他们将(= they will " " " tree [tri:] n. 树 " " " everything ['evriθiK] pron. 每件事物;一切事物 " " " ...


   图片 你认为人们家里将会有机器人吗?是的,会有的。我想家家有会有一个机 器人。孩子们还去学校上学吗?孩子们将不再去学校上学。他们将在家中通过电 脑来学习。 1a 人们家里见会有机器人。人们将不再使用钱。一切都将是免费的。 书只会在 电脑上出现,而不会在纸上。孩子们将不去上学。他们将在家里通过电脑学习。 将会只有一个国家。 人们将会活到 200 岁。 1c 100 年后人们还用钱吗?不,不用了。一切都将会是免费的。人们会活到 200 岁吗?是的,他们会的。 1.将会有更多的人。2. 2.将会有 ...


   人教版八年级下英语 Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived? 1 Fill in the blanks with the words given take off get out land shout shop 1. The girl was when she saw a car accident. 2. I was so tired this morning. It was difficult to of bed. 3. My fli ...

2011级人教版八年级下册英语 Unit5 第五单元笔记+练习

   单元笔记 八年级下册 Unit 5 单元笔记 年级下 I.语法小结 . 一. if 条件句 1. if 条件句:条件句用于陈述语气,表示假设的情况可能发生,其中 if 是“如果” 的意思。 构成 时态 例句 条件从句 If+ If+一般现在时 If he comes, 主句 主语+shall/will+动词 主语 + shall/will+ 动词 原形 he will take us to the zoo. 2. 用法: (1)条件状语从句通常由连词 if 引导, 意为“如果、 假如”.主句 ...

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   八年级下册 Unit 4 He said I was hard-working 单元笔记 【单元目标】 单元目标】 词汇学习】 【词汇学习】 1.mad adj.极为愤怒的;十分恼火的 . .极为愤怒的; She was mad with me for losing my keys.她为我丢了钥匙而生我的气。 2.anymore adv.再;还(用于否定句) . 用于否定句) . He doesn't come here anymore.他再也不到这儿来了。 3.however adv.无论 ...

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   八年级下册 Unit 2 What should I do? 单元笔记 一丶重 一丶重点短语 1.argue v.争论;争吵 . .争论; argue with sb.与某人吵架 I argued with my best friend.我和我的好朋友吵架了。 2.① either adv.(用于否定句) adv.(用于否定句)也 He doesn’t have any money, and I don’t, either.他没有钱,我也没有。 I can’t play chess. She ...


   课本作文专项 课本作文专项 (1) One day, a man called Wang Wei was visiting New York. When he got P8 to the hotel, he found his ID card was lost. He was very upset. He looked for it everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Wang Wei was so worried. What should he do? ...


   第一单元 图片 你认为人们家里将会有机器人吗?是的,会有的。我想家家有会有一个机器人。孩子们还去学校上学吗?孩子们将不 再去学校上学。他们将在家中通过电脑来学习。 1a 人们家里见会有机器人。人们将不再使用钱。一切都将是免费的。 书只会在电脑上出现,而不会在纸上。孩子们将不去 上学。他们将在家里通过电脑学习。 将会只有一个国家。 人们将会活到 200 岁。 1c 100 年后人们还用钱吗?不,不用了。一切都将会是免费的。人们会活到 200 岁吗?是的,他们会的。 1.将会有更多的人。2. 2 ...

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   新视野大学英语(第二版)第二册 Unit 1 答案 Unit 1 Section A I Comprehension of The Text 1. The attitude is that if one is not moving ahead he is falling behind. 2. Time is treated as if it were something almost real. (People budget it, waste it, steal it, kill it, ...


   第一部分 前 言 社会生活的信息化和经济的全球化,使英语的重要性日益突出.英语作为最重要的信息载体之一,已 成为人类生活各个领域中使用最广泛的语言.许多国家在基础教育发展战略中,都把英语教育作为公民素 质教育的重要组成部分,并将其摆在突出的地位. 改革开放以来,我国的英语教育规模不断扩大,教育教学取得了显著的成就.然而,英语教育的现状 尚不能适应我国经济建设和社会发展的需要,与时代发展的要求还存在差距.此次英语课程改革的重点就 是要改变英语课程过分重视语法和词汇知识的讲解与传授,忽视对学生实 ...


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   初三英语综合练习卷 初三英语综合练习卷 听力部分 第一节:听对话,选择图片 ( )1. What is Li Gang’s favourite? ( )2. What is the girl looking for? ( )3. Which of these animals is giving a show? ( )4. What does the man ask the woman for? ( )5. How can the girl .get to the bookshop? 第二节: ...


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