Ⅰ. 词语运用 (15 分) A. 根据句意及汉语提示, 写出空缺处单词的正确形式
  1. I’m so tired. I didn’t go to bed (直到) twelve o’clock yesterday.
  2. Monkeys like (爬) trees.
  3. Mr Lee’s words had a good (影响)in my life.
  4. Computers seemed (不可能的) a hundred years ago.
  5. It’s cold now. Could you please open the (窗户)? B. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词
  1. When did the car a happen?
  2. --Is Mrs Smith a doctor? --No, but her h is.
  3. Don’t worry. Most students are for you and a her.
  4. --Did everyone go to the beach? --No, we all went e Anna.
  5. Lots of wild animals are in d now. C. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空
  1.My cousin is not old enough to dress (him).
  2. I (real) love going to the mountains.
  3. My weekend was so bad. I did many (pleasent) things.
  4. You’re late. The plane (take off) half an hour ago.
  5. Being a professinal athlete is a (danger) job. Ⅱ. 单项选择(15 分)
  1.We shouldn’ t other students’ mistakes. A. laughing A.to hearing A. when B. if B. laugh at B.hearing C. until B. did, do C. laugh C.hear D. because C. were, doing D. will, do D. didn’t go, at D. to laugh at D.to hear
  2. I am sorry that you missed the train.
  3. it’s sunny this Sunday, we’ll go camping.
  4. What you when the earthquake happened? A. have, done A. went, until ?About two hours. A. to work A. too B. work B. also C. working D. worked
  7. He can’t work out the problem, I can’t . C. neither D. either
  8. If I ask the children to stop , they’ll stop to me at once.
  5. He home 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon. B. didn’t go, until C. didn’t go, after
  6.?How long did you spend out the problem?
A. talking, to listen A. hardly B. also
B. talking, listening C. hard
C. to talk, to listen
D. to talk, listen

  9. Jack can walk any further because he is too tired. D. never
  10. English is one of in China. A. the popularest subjects C. popularest subjects B. most popular subjects D.the most popular subjects

  11. There are hats on the shelf. But of them are beautiful. A. few, a few B. a few, few C. little, a little D. a little, little
  12. Linda is my good friend. She often help me my lessons. A. in B. at C. with D. out
  13. ? I can’t finish the work by myself. ? Why your friends for help? A. don’t ask B. not ask C. not asking D. won’t ask
  14. is this pen, yours or ? A.whose; him A. arrive at Ⅲ. 完形填空(20 分) Mr Black works in a hospital. As a good 1 , the people in the town like him. He’s often 2 to the patients (病人) and looks them over carefully. 3 he’s always busy and has little time to rest. One morning Mr Black got to the hospital and saw there was a fat woman in the 4 . He called her into his office and asked, “ 5 , madam?” “It was my birthday yesterday, sir”, said the woman. “My husband gave me a 6 . But I couldn’t push my way in (挤进) it.” “ 7 , madam,” said Mr Black, “You must lose some weight (减肥). You’ll be able to 8 your coat, if you do all that I say.” “You’re 9 , sir,” said the rich woman. “He bought me not a coat, but an expensive 10 .”
  1. A. doctor
  2. A. bad
  3. A. Or B. farmer B. fine B. But C. teacher C. cold C. So D. cleaner D. kind D. Then B.who’s; his B. reach to C. get C.which; he’s D. arrive D.whose; his
  15. You’ll catch the bus if you the bus station before eight o’clock.

  4. A. classroom B. waiting room C. park D. zoo
  5. A. How do you do
  6. A. house
  8. A. put
  9. A. right
  10. A. bike B. coat B. wear B. wrong B. bus
  7. A. It doesn’t matter B. How are you C. What’s the matter D. How old are you C. shop C. buy C. easy C. car D. present C. I have no idea D. It’s my favourite D. wash D. safe D. truck A I have a friend. He has a large police dog. The dog’s name is Jack. Police dogs are often very B. It’s a pleasure
Ⅳ. 阅读理解(20 分)
clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes the long walk very much. One Sunday afternoon, a young man came to visit my friend. They talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for his walk. But the visitor was still there. Jack became very worried about his walk in the park. He walked around the room a few times, and then sat down directly in front of the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention. He went on talking. Finally Jack could no longer stand it. He went out of the room and a few minutes later he came back with the visitor’s hat in the mouth. 选出符合短文内容的选项。
  1. A. The writer’s friend has a police dog named Jack. B. The writer’s friend’s name is Jack. C. The writer’s name is Jack.
  2. A. Every Sunday afternoon the writer’s friend goes to the park for a walk. B. Every Sunday afternoon the dog goes to the park for a long walk. C. Every Sunday afternoon the writer’s friend and his dog go to the park for a walk.
  3. A. The visitor was old. B. The visitor was young. C. The visitor was neither old nor young.
  4. A. The visitor paid attention to the dog. B. The visitor paid a little attention to the dog. C. The visitor paid no attention to the dog.
  5. A. The visitor came back with his hat in his hand. B. The dog came back with the visitor’s hat in the mouth. C. The writer’s friend came back with the visitor’s hat in his hand. B Many people sleep late on Sunday morning, but others don’t.However (然而), almost everyone reads the Sunday paper. The Sunday paper is usually very thick. has many advertisements (广告) and many different It parts. The parents in the family like the front page, and the world news page. Many men also read the sports page. Most men don’t read the women’s pages, but the mother of the family usually does.The women’s pages have the news about parties, food, health and clothes.Most Sunday papers have interesting stories. Children enjoy them. people read the death notices(讣告). Old They tell about people who have died during the week. 根据下面短文内容判断正误(正确的写 T,错误的写 F) 。
  1.The parents in the family like sports page.(
  3.Only old women read the death notices.(
  5.This passage is about the Sunday paper.( Ⅴ. 句型转换 (10 分) ) ) ) ) )
  2.The father of the family usually read the women's pages.(
  4.Almost everyone likes reading the Sunday paper.(

  1. She had a rest after she finished the work. (改为同义句) She have a rest she finished the work.
  2. Mary saw an accident while she was walking to school. (对画线部分提问) Mary while she was walking to school
  3. We had a school party last Sunday. (对划线部分提问) you a school party?
  4. 如果明天下雨,我们就不去钓鱼了。 (翻译句子)
  5. It’s a good idea. (改为感叹句) good idea it is! Ⅵ. 书面表达 (20 分) 根据下面提示写一篇 60-80 字的短文。 ①上个周日和朋友去野营 ②一个小男孩找不到他妈妈,并且在树上下不来 ③我们帮他从树上下来,并帮他找到妈妈
Ⅰ. 词语运用 A.
  1. until B.
  1. accident C.
  1. himself Ⅱ. 单项选择 1-5 BDBCB Ⅲ. 完形填空 1?5 ADCBC Ⅳ. 阅读理解 1-5 ACBCB Ⅴ. 句型转换
  1.didn’t, until
  2.What did, see
  3. When did, have 6-10 FFFTT 6?10 DABBC 6-10 CDAAD 11-15 BCBDA
  2. climbing
  2. husband
  2. really
  3. influence
  3. against
  3. unpleasent
  4. impossible
  4. except
  4. took off
  5. window
  5. danger
  5. dangerous

  4. We won’t go fishing if it rains tomorrow./It it rains tomorrow, we won’t go fishing.
  5. What a Ⅵ. 书面表达 Last Sunday I went camping with my friends. When we are walking by a lake, we heard someone shouting “Help! Help! ” We looked around and found a little boy on a tree. He said he couldn’t find his mother, so he wanted to climb up the tree to look for her, but he couldn’t climb down. We helped him climbed down the tree and helped her find his mother. Then we went on with our camping and we had a good time. What a happy Sunday! We enjoyed ourselves and helped other.



   2010-2011 学年度下期期中素质测试卷八年级英语 试卷分析 黄燕 本次英语期中考试,一共涉及了 2 个单元的内容。满分为 120 分,听力(25 分)和笔试 (95 分)两个部分。从单项选择,完型填空,阅读理解,词汇部分,情景交际,综合填空和书 面表达七个部分来考查。 一、学生答题情况分析 我所教的两个班级是八年级一班和八年级二班,每个班仅有少数成绩较好的同学,绝 大多数学生属于基础较差的学生, 两极分化现象很严重。 本次考试两个班共有几名同学达到 了优秀, 发挥较好。 尤其是女同学成 ...


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   英语电话对答集 刚来美国的我最怕接电话了。 总觉得话筒另一端的人是用一种我完全没听过 的语言。常常怕传错话, 便要求对方再打一次, 在录音机上留言。其实这也 不是个坏主意, 总比乱说一通好 ! 这里我依照一些常见的情况, 整理了几 个会话供大家参考。 情况 (一) 打电话的人找的是你自己 打电话来的人 你 (接电话的人) Is Daisy there? (Daisy 在吗?) Speaking. 我就是。 This is she. 我就是。 (注: 男的用 "This is he. ...


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   避免应用英语中的性别歧视 2005-4-9 16:35:48 近四十年来,尽管非性别歧视语还没有达到非不可的程度,但它毕竟已进人日常会话和写 作的主流之中。 随便翻开一张英美的报纸, 或瞧一下五花八门的宣传广告, 就会发现 supervisor (工头, 领班) 替代了原来的 foreman, workman's ompensation (工人赔偿金) 变成了 worker's compensation;sales rep,sales associate 或 seller(推销员)取代了常用 ...


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