Unit 1 How often do you exercise?
Teacher: Guyue Chen E-mail: chenguyue8848@yahoo.com.cn
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? 会使用“How often”提问 ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 ? 会使用频率副词及短语 ? 第二级 ? 会使用本章中用到的单词和词组 ? 第三级
?第四级 ? 对名词、代词有一定的了解,开始认识 ? 第五级 动词的特性
Useful expressions 1 单击此处编辑母版标题样式

  1.on weekends 在周末 on 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 ? Sunday/Friday in the afternoon/morning ? 第二级 at night/ 7:00 o’clock from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ? 第三级 I am going to the zoo this Saturday afternoon/ ?第四级 tomorrow/ the day after tomorrow. ? 第五级 One morning,… 一天早上 One day morning是错误的
  2. go to the movies 去看电影
  3. watch TV 看电视?for a long time See ?for a short time I can see that hill. read a book 看一本书
Useful expressions 2 单击此处编辑母版标题样式

  4. surf the Internet 上网冲浪 On单击此处编辑母版文本样式 ? the website/ internet
  5. twice a week 一周两次 ? 第二级 once a month 一月一次 three ? 第三级 times a day 一天三次
  6. be good for 对……有好处+health/eyes/study ?第四级
  7. junk food 垃圾食品
  8. how often ? 第五级 多久一次 ? Distinguish with “How long”多长时间”How soon”多 快,多久后
Useful expressions 3 单击此处编辑母版标题样式
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
-How long will you stay at school? -About three months. ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式
? 第二级 -How long have you been in Beijing? ? 第三级 -I’ve been here for only two days. ?第四级 ? 第五级 -How soon will you come back to China?
-May be after two weeks.
Useful expressions 4 单击此处编辑母版标题样式

  9. try to do 试着做 ? Try … out ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式
  10. a lot of / lots of 许多+可数/不可数n. ? 第二级 ? Many+可数n. ? 第三级 ? Much+不可数n.
  11. of course?第四级 当然 Certainly.
  12. look after 照看 ? 第五级 ? Take care of照看 ? Look out小心 ? Take caution小心 ? Take care小心 ? Mind… 当心 mind your head.
Useful expressions 5 单击此处编辑母版标题样式

  13. eating habits 饮食习惯
  14. as for 就…而言
  15. ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 stay/keep healthy 保持健康
  16. help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助……做…… ? 第二级
  17. always>usually>often>sometimes>hardly ever>never ? 第三级 Ok, remember all these phrases? you are great!!
?第四级 ? 第五级
单击此处编辑母版标题样式 Pair work
Dialogues: ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式
  1.Doing exercises: L: Hey, Peter, What are you going to do? ? 第二级 P: Hi, Lucy. I’m going to play basketball. L: That’s ? 第三级 good for your health! How often do you play basketball? ?第四级 P: Well, I don’t always do that, just once a week. But I ? a week. swim three times第五级 L: You are doing so many kinds of sports, I hardly ever do exercises. I always watch TV at home on weekends. P: That’s bad for your eyes! Why not come and play with us today! L: Good idea, let’s go!
Pair work
? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式

  2.What to do on the weekend:
? 第二级 L: Peter, 第三级 ? do you have time this weekend? P: certainly, what do you want me to do? ?第四级 L: Maybe, we can go shopping together. P: Well, I want to buy a pair of sports shoes. This pair is ? 第五级his is newer than mine! the same as John’s, but
L: Oh, yes! How often do you buy a new pair of shoes? P: I usually change for a new pair every half year. L: That may be quite often! I think I can help you to choose a good pair of sports shoes this time! P: It’s very kind of you! Thanks.
Grammars 1-1
单击此处编辑母版标题样式 BEST! 词性
? 实物 名词?实物 computer, text book, sky, 名词 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 imagination, idea… 可数名词: 可数名词:Child- children ? 第二级 ideas IdeaPerson? 第三级two persons 不可数名词: 不可数名词:Paper- a piece of paper ?第四级 Bamboo- a stalk of bamboo Wood- a piece of wood(woods-森林) ? 第五级 People water 所有格: 所有格:Jack and Mary’s home The Chicken’s feathers
Grammars 1-2
代词?指代实物 代词 指代实物 主格:用作主语。 主格:用作主语。 ?人称代词I, you, we, he, she, they 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 指示代词 this, that, it, those, these ? 第二级 宾格:用作宾语 用作宾语。 宾格 用作宾语。 me, you, him, her, it, them, us ? 第三级 物主代词: 物主代词: ?第四级 形容词性物主代词: your, my, her, him, our, their This is my coat. / her chair. / his cup. ? 第五级 名词性物主代词:yours,mine,hers,his,theirs, ours This coat is mine. / chair is hers. / cup is his. 疑问代词: 疑问代词:what, who, whom, whose, how, where, which 不定代词: 不定代词:some, any, many, much, each, neither, other, another, all, both, one, none, either…
Grammars 1-3
单击此处编辑母版标题样式 ) 动词?(及物动词、不及物动词、实意动词、助动词、系动词) 动词 (及物动词、不及物动词、实意动词、助动词、系动词
A:实意动词: ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 及物动词:后面直接跟名词等。 不及物动词:后面跟介词,然后接名词等。 ? 看:watch TV, stare at sb., look at sth. 第二级 到达:arrive at / in sp., reach the top of the ? 第三级 mountain, get to sw. Wait?第四级 a moment; wait for me. vi/ vt Wait B:助动词 do, should, would, could, will, can… ? 第五级be C:系动词am, is, are,
Home Work 单击此处编辑母版标题样式 You can learn English well!

  1.Make a dialogue using the words and ? sentences in this unit, and 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 ? 第二级 repeat it with your partner.
  2.Memorize the words in ?第四级 U1&U
  3.Repeat the passage of U2
-A healthy life style, the Chinese way
? 第三级
? 第五级

  4. Fill in the blanks in the text below.
What Do Students Do at Hilltop High School?
Here are the results of the student activity at Hilltop high school. students exercise three or four times a week. Some students exercise once or twice a ? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式 week. students exercise every day. As for homework, students do homework every day.? 第二级 students do homework three or four times a week. students do homework once or twice a week. ? 第三级 The results for “watch TV” are interesting. ?第四级 students watch TV once or twice a week, some students watch TV a week, but most students watch . ? 第五级 WORD BOX: most of the many a few everyday some other every day three times none of the
Forrest Gump 单击此处编辑母版标题样式 Life is like a box of chocolate, you never
know what you’re gonna get
? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式
? 第二级 ? 第三级 ?第四级 ? 第五级
单击此处编辑母版标题样式 Thank you guys!!
? 单击此处编辑母版文本样式
? 第二级 ? 第三级 ?第四级 ? 第五级


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