学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 Mar.27
重 点 难 点
A.谈论因果关系 B.提高学生的语言交际能 力和与他人交往的能力
Eight 年级 English 学案组创编
Unit 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time period 1
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A.掌握 if 引导的条件状语从句 B.学习重点词语
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自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容
温习 评价
Step1 Warming up
  1) What’s your name ?
  2)When is your birthday? Step2 Section A1a
T:You birthday is coming .I want to have a party for you. Would you like to join us? S:I’d love to. B:If you do ,you’ll …………… Step4 Listening 2a 2b 2c
  1. Read the phrases several times.
  2. Then listen and number the phrases.
  3. Check the answers. T:I think if you go to the party ,you’ll have a great time.
自 学 讨 论
Step3 make dialogues A:I think I’m going to ……….
If 引导的条件状语从句
  1)if 引导的条件状语从句,常译为 “如果”。 如果主句是一般 将来时,从句则用一般现在时. 注意:从句可以放在主句之前,也
展 示 交 流
可放在主句之后.如果放在主句之前,从句要用逗号与主句隔开。 eg. If you study hard, you will get good grades. =You will get good grades if you study hard.
  2) if 引导的宾语从句, 常译为“是否”,应注意时态变化。 I don’t know if he will come tomorrow. Can you tell me if he passed the exam?
  1. I will tell him the news if I (meet) him.
  2. We (play) soccer if it is sunny.
  3. If you (not finish) your homework, our teacher will be angry.
检 测 反 馈

  4. If he has a party, he (invite) many friends.
  5. Eat some cakes if you (be) hungry.
  6. She can pass the exam if she (study) hard.
  7. You should see a doctor if you ( have) a bad cold.
  8. My mother (be) happy if I get good grades.
  9. Tom will stay at home if it (rain) tomorrow.
  10. I want to know if they (sing) the song yesterday.
  11. Could you tell me if she ( have) a party tomorrow?
收获 感言

  1.如果你请求他,他会帮你的 If you him, he you.
兴 趣 涉 猎
If she a little earlier, she'll have time to eat breakfast at home.
  3.如果你参加聚会,你将会过得很开心. If you the party ,you a great time
  4.如果明天下雨,我们将不去野餐 If you the party ,you a great time
  5.如果你经常听英文歌,你将会喜欢英语. If you the party ,you a great time If you often English songs,you English.
学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 Mar.28
重 难 点
Eight 年级 Eight 学案组创编
Uint 5 If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time!period 2 通过学会对未来事情的结果提出 学习句型 点 自己的观点和看法。 If…, you’ll…,
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自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容 play party games help me organize it study for the test make some food 星期六下午 太早 小黑板出示 Task1 LISTENING (2b) Write down the answers
  1.What will happen if they have the party today?
  2.What will happen if they have the party tomorrow?
  3.What will happen if they watch a video at the party?
  4.What is Mark going to organize?
  5.What is Andrea going to do? Task 2FAST READING (3a) Read the notice and fill in the blanks Karen: Are you going to the school party? Mike: Yes, I wear my new jeans! Karen: You can not do that! Mike: What will happen if I do? Karen: .You should wear your cool pants. Mike: That is a good idea. 指导及要求
温习 评价
自 学 讨 论
展 示 交 流
检 测 反 馈
能够正确的使用短语和 if 条件状语从句 典型例题解析
  1.--Please when you leave. --Yes, I will. A.take them away B.take away them C.have taken them away D.takes them away 解析 选 A。本题考查两方面的知识,please 后用动词 原形, 由动词和副词构成的词组, 若后面的宾语是代词, 代词必须放在两者之间。
  2.--Why do you want to be a lawyer --If I become a lawyer, I help people. A.will can able to C.was able to D.will be able to 解析 选 D。if 引导的条件状语从句用一般现在时态, 主句应用一般将来时态,另外,can 多用于一般现在时 态和一般过去时态,而 be able to 可以用于各种时态。
  3.There is noisy here. Let’s go somewhere quiet to have a talk. A.too much B.too many C.much too D.too 解析 选 A. toomuch 修饰不可数名词。
  1.The students give some f _ to the teachers on Teacher’s Day
  2.What will hif I bring food to the party?
  3.If you get up late, you will be late __school B.for
  4.--What is wrong? --These chairs are broken. Please A.take it away B.take away them C.take them away D.take away it
收获 感言
  1.The students will go to the Summer Palace if it (not rain) tomorrow.
  2.If he (walk) to school, he’ll be late.
  3.If she likes it, she (read) it soon
  4.If you play computer games on weekdays, you (be) tired.
  5.If you (work) hard, your dream will come true.
  6.If she (study ) hard, she will go to Beijing University.
  7.If it (rainy) tomorrow, I will play the piano.
兴 趣 涉 猎
学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 Mar.29
Eight 年级 English 学案组创编
Uint 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!Period3
Phrases:go to college, travel around the world, make a lot of money, get an education, a professional althlete,seem like, make a living, all over the world, all the time, play sports, get injured, in fact [Important points] If you become a professional athlete, you will be able to make a living doing something you love.
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重点 难点
Describe jobs
学法 流程 预 习 互 查 温习 评价
自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容 be happy be famous get an education 周游全世界 赚很多钱 去上大学 小黑板出示 TASK1 In each group, one student as a reporter, the others as interviewers “怎样活得更幸福?” (talk in English using if…) TASK2:LISTENING (2b) Complete the sentences 从下面的五句话中选择
  1.If you join the Lion,
  2.If you become a Lion,
  3.If you work really hard,
  4.If you become a professional soccer player,
  5.but if I do not do this now, will be famous. B.I will never do it . will become a great soccer player. will never go to college. will travel around the world. 指导 及要 求
自 学 讨 论
  1.If you j the Lions, you’ll become a g reat
soccer player.
  2.I think
  3.If you want you wrok to travel should really go to c. be f.
hard, you’ll lot of
展 示 交 流

  4.I 二.填空

famous man
a was
singer. inventions.

  2.The great
  4.He want
famous his English the club. speech money.
to the
want to man

  5.The rich
has of college to
want to go to
get .

  1.我认为你应该去上大学. I think you should .

检 测 反 馈
travel .

  3.如果你确实努力地工作,你将会出名. If you really , you’ll be .

  4.如果我有很多钱,我会接受教育. If I have a of money, I’ll .

  5.如果你现在不这样做,你将永远不能做. If you don’t now, you’ll do it.
收获 感言
  1.We’ll learn English well soon. A. can B. be able C. be able to
  2.Maybe I my bag in the car. A. left B. forgot C. leave
  3.My life will be than it is now. A. more better B. much good C. a lot better
  4.Hurry up! There is time left. A. little B. a little C. few
  5.The child is too young to himself. A. wear B. put on C. dress
兴 趣 涉 猎
学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 Mar.30
重 点 难 点
学案组创编 Eight 年级 English 学案组创编
Uint 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!Period4
[Important points] If you become a professional athlete, you will be able to make a living doing something you love.
通过了解运动员的 工作情况,明白付出 才有回报
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学法 流程
自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容
预 习 互 查

  11.去看电影; 二、词形变化: live (现在分词)for (反义词)charity(复数) injure(形容词)sincere(副词)player(同义词)__ __ poor(反义词)child (复数)
温习 评价
小黑板出示 Read the article about 3a (
  1)T or F ( )
  1.It is easy for many young people to become a professional athlete ( )
  2.Few athletes give money to schools and charities ( )
  3.Sometimes, being a professional athlete is very dangerous (
  2)Answer the questions What will happen if a professional athlete is famous? Are the professional athletes happy?
自 学 讨 论

  1.He is too young to (谋生).
  2.He works hard (一直).
  3.The cloud in the sky (看起来像) a sheep .
展 示 交 流

  5.He (有困难) finishing the job .
  6.Lukily , the boy didn’t (受伤) in the fire .
  7.(实际上) he lies to his teacher .
  8.Let’s (去看电影) with our friends tonight .
  9.I enjoy (与一起工作) children .
  1.(become) an athlete is my dream .
  2.They make a living (grow) vegetables .
检 测 反 馈

  3.You’ll have a difficult time (find)out who broke the window .
  4.This kind of job is (danger) .
  5.Many people got (injure) in the earthquake that year .
  6.I (work) with you next year .
  7.He decides (become) a socer player .
  8.If it (not rain) ,I (go ) boating tomorrow .
收获 感言

  1.He always does homework carefuly . (同义句) He does homework carefully .
  2.I’ll go to see a film this evening . (同义句) I’ll .
  3.You can find stones here and there . (同义句)
兴 趣 涉 猎
You find stones .
  4.He travels in the world . (同义句) He travles .
  5.There’s much work to do . (同义句) There is work to do .
  6.He may be a policeman . (同义句) he is a policeman .
  7.The baby cries at times . (同义句) The baby cries .


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