Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
Before Reading
important events in modern American history hear about be killed/ destroyed more than/ over have fun (in) doing happen/ take place in more recent times/history in space as……as not all all over the world last 22 hours in silence
What were you doing when you heard the news?
hero heroes
Liu Xiang won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics.
World Trade Center
September 11, 2001
Martin Luther King 马丁 路德 金 (1929-19
  68) 马丁?路德 路德?金 马丁?路德 金是美国黑人民权运动领袖.2005年1月16日是 马丁 路德? 金是美国黑人民权运动领袖 路德 年 月 日是 马丁?路德 路德? 周岁的诞辰。 马丁 路德 金75周岁的诞辰。在美国 这一个日子被政府确定 周岁的诞辰 在美国, 定节假日。 为法 定节假日。
While Reading
Time for you .Understand the article with the notes in the paper. Please find the difficulties you don’t understand. You can ask your classmates for help, or you write it on the question cards. For 10 minutes.
After Reading
July 20, 1969
On the moon Man walked for the first time.
October 15, 2003 flew Yang Liwei around the Earth.
April 4, 1968 murdered Dr Martin Luther King was
September 11, 2001
was destroyed The World Trade Center in New York.

  1. While Mary was talking on the phone ,her sister came in.

  2. When Tom saw Linda ,she was wearing a dress.
  3. While was dancing, she was singing. I
  4. I was cleaning my room When the bell rang. ,
  5. When Linda saw Davy, he was jumping and running.
  6. What were you doing When you heard the news? When时间点 时间段 时间点,时间段 时间段,延续性动词 时间点 时间段while时间段 延续性动词 时间段

  1. Do you know? C A. what he happened B. what the matter is with him. C. what happened to him D. what did he happened C
  2. TV at that time?A. Did you watch B. Have you watched C. Were you watching D. Are you watching A
  3. His flight the earth lasted 22 hours. A. around B. From C. and D. Or B
  4.These funny stories all of us laugh. A. got B. made C. brought D. Grew
  5.Grandma is now at . A A. the doctor’s B. the doctors C. the doctor D. a doctor’s D
  6.This is one of books I read. A good B better C best D the best B
  7.They are having fun TV. A watch B watching C watched D watches

  8.He must be sad, because he sat there __ silence. A A in B to C on D at
  9.Not all events are as__as this. A A good B better C well D best
  10.You should do you homework as__as you can. A good B better C well D best
as.....as 注意
  1,中间用形容词或副词的原级;2形容词或副 词的原级的选取要根据所修饰的词来定。形容词修 饰名词,副词是用来修饰动词。以上两条要切记。 切记。 切记
Do you know
In recent time, a terrible e happened in Fudao. All Japanese feel s and sad. Thousands people died. I think most people will r what they were doing when the earthquake h.
教师寄语:平安是福.珍惜 平安是福 珍惜
生活 .让在校学习的每一天 让在校学习的每一天 都有意义。 都有意义。多年后我们会回 忆我们今天正在做的事情, 忆我们今天正在做的事情, 不会有遗憾。 不会有遗憾。
Remember what you are doing today.
Write about an event that you remember well. Give dates and say why you remember it, and what you were doing at the time when you heard the news.


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