初三英语第一轮复习八年级年级英语教学案 Units1八(上)Units1-6
exercise=do sports /do morning /eye exercises. eating habits , take more exercise , the same as , once a month, be different from , twice a week, make a difference although=though. to ,. how often . although=though. most of the students=most students, shop=go shopping =do some shopping, as for,. activity survey, do house work, eat less meat, junk
知识要点: 知识要点:
重点单词: 重点单词: ever ,never, once ,twice, there times internet hilltop result key
food,. be good for , be bad for, want to do sth , want sb to do sth, try to do of sth , come home from school, of course=certainly=sure, get good grades, some
translate ,translator, translation junk milk interviewer ,interview habit ,habitat , difference ,different grade although ,though
advice , help sb to do sth ,help sb with sth, a lot of vegetables=many vegetables, health hardly=not nearly / almost not, keep/be in good health. Have a bad cold , sore back , lie . neck and neck ,. sore throat, lie down and rest , see a dentist ,
skateboarding skateboarding hardly surf program active coffee chip cola chocolate drink drank drunk lifestyle same health unhealthy maybe keep less matter arm back ear foot feet) (pl. feet) leg neck nose stomach tooth sore stomachache throat toothache dentist fever lie(lay, lain) honey dentist illness advice thirsty balance 的过去式)beef might(may 的过去式)beef lamb energy life bean balanced diet backache
drink lots of water , hot tea with honey ,take /have some medicine , get some rest be stressed out , .need to do /sth doing sth a healthy lifestyle traditional Chinese doctors, a balance of yin and yang, /a balanced diet too much yin., to eat a balanced diet, healthy food , stay healthy =keep healthy=keep in good health = keep fit enjoy oneself (myself, yourself, herself, himself, themselves, 反身代词) fun,. ourselves, itself 反身代词) =have a good time = have a wonderful time =have fun,. enjoy sth. =like sth. ,enjoy doing sth. =like dong sth Practice doing sth., mind doing sth., finish doing sth., give up doing sth., can’t help doing sth., keep ding sth. ,.at the moment = now, Host family , Conversation practice, babysit one’s sister , visit one’s grandmother, spend time with friends visit his cousin’s house ,. Go to sports camp ,go to the beach , go camping , go shopping , go swimming , go boating, go skating , go walking, go climbing , go dancing, go sightseeing hiking in the mountains , go sightseeing ,.go on a hike ,go bike riding , go fishing , do some shopping ,. do some washing ,. do some cooking , do some reading , do some speaking, that sounds nice ,. how about=what about ……, how =have long ,. how far , how much, how many , have a good time =have fun= have a wonderful time= enjoy oneself ,show sb. Sth.=show sth. to sb., give me the book=give the
improve speaking headache important babysit babysitting camp plan Tibet hike Hong Kong away send postcard Hawaii ride rode ridden sightseeing fishing rent famous Greece Spain Europe lake leave countryside nature forget finish Thailand tourist Italy subway train minute kilometer forty fifty sixty ninety hundred shower early mile part boat river means quick half past stop transportation north, east, north , south depend bicycle ill worry lesson another concert
whom calendar tomorrow weekday invitation training chemistry American project match whole over free till outgoing twin calm wild serious athletic note mean way laugh both hers physics however schoolwork laugh opposite view interest though necessary beat care friendship primary information wheel woman use cheese sick body begin excited safe fast passenger 重点短语: 重点短语: go to the movies , look after=take care of , surf /research the internet , healthy lifestyle , go skateboarding , keep healthy=stay healthy , exercise=take (much)
book to me , pass me the cup=pass the cup to me ,sell me the house=sell the house to me ,buy me a book =buy a book for me ,make me a cake=make a cake for me, get for back=come back, rent videos/rent sth from sb /rent sth to sb take walks=go for a walk, think about/of/over , decide on= decide upon, something different ,a sth., great vacation , the famous movie star ,an exciting vacation forget to do sth., doing forget doing sth. ,get to school , get home , how about=what about ,take the subway , ride a bike ,take the bus, take the train, take a taxi, by bike, by bus, by subway, by taxi, by car, by train have a quick breakfast , the early bus take sb. to sp., doing sth. takes sb. Some time/ money=It takes sb. some time/money to do sth.=sb. spends dome time/money (on sth.)=sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth.=sth. costs sb. some time/money=sb. pay some money for sth. bus stop, train station, station, subway station, bus station, want to do sth.,.walk to school , in North America , in other parts of the world depend on=depend upon not all , need to do sth., number of students, a number of=many ,
  6.the number of…., don’t world, worry(about sth./sb.), around the world= all over the world, the most popular means of transportation, come to one’s party . on Saturday afternoon study for a test ,go to the doctor ,visit one’s aunt ,have a piano lesson , go to one’s guitar lesson , ,Thanks too much homework much too interesting ,maybe another time ,Thanks for asking go (inviting) to the baseball game Birthday Party, go to the mall , soccer practice , inviting) ,.study look for , find out ,.study for the math test play tennis with me .a really busy test week my cousin’s birthday party write soon ,.study for my science test on ,, Thursday night , be (go) on vacation ,, .join sb., Please keep quiet! ,, .football match,. culture club, try to do sth., try doing sth, try one’ best to do sth. , long hair ,How are you? How old , how tall /heavy how long, more to outgoing ,want/plan to do sth. ,here are photos of me , as you can see ,in some ways, look the same, look different, quite the same ,all the same ,look like ,, go to lots of parties,=often go to the party a little taller , take sth. from
of sth. put sth. in sth. ,. make a list of ,be popular in school ,be good at sports ,make sb laugh ,(be important for sb. In common put up, put on, put down=write
down=copy down ,put out ,put away ,put of ,put one’s heart into ,opposite views ,. good a weekend teacher ,. Abacus Study Center be good with children have good grades ,.enjoy telling jokes ,.can’t stop talking ,help others ,help each 复数名词(代词) other ,in one’s free time, one of +复数名词(代词).use sth. to do sth. .be/feel sorry for sb. ,be/feel sorry for sth. ,be sorry +to see/hear ,say sorry to sb., begin with , begin sb. do sth. , 二、典范文句 你们)多久锻炼一次身体?
  1.How often do you exercise? 你(你们)多久锻炼一次身体? 如:How often do you go to the factory?” “Twice a week. 你们多久到工厂去一次?--每星期两次 你们多久到工厂去一次?--每星期两次 Usually, How often do they have a dancing party? Usually, once every other week. 他们多长时间举办一次舞会?”“通常每两周举办一次 他们多长时间举办一次舞会?”“通常每两周举办一次
  2. “What do you usually do on weekends?” “ I usually play soccer.” “周末你通常做什么?”“我通常踢足球。” 周末你通常做什么?”“我通常踢足球。 我通常踢足球 如:What does she usually do on weekends? She sometimes go hiking. 经常周末干什么?她有时去徒步旅行。 她 经常周末干什么?她有时去徒步旅行。 World.你最喜欢什么节目 动物世界。 你最喜欢什么节目?
  3. What’s your favorite program?” “Animal World.你最喜欢什么节目?动物世界。 ”
  4. As for homework , most students do homework every day . him, 至于他,我永远不希望在这里见到。 As for him,I never want to see him here. 至于他,我永远不希望在这里见到。 story, 于那故事,你最好不要相信。 As for the story,you'd better not believe it. 关于那故事,你最好不要相信。 如:至于我自己,我现在不想去。 As for myself, I don’t want to go now. 至于我自己,我现在不想去。 至于那个人, 至于那个人,我什么都不知道 As for the man, I know nothing about him. ping
  5. Mom wants me to get up at 6:00 and play ping-pong with her . me?你想和我一起去看电影吗? 如:Do you want to go to the movies with me?你想和我一起去看电影吗? next to, be famous for, be famous as ,all together ,.make
teacher hamburgers.老师不想让我们吃汉堡包 老师不想让我们吃汉堡包。 The teacher doesn't want us to eat hamburgers.老师不想让我们吃汉堡包。 health.她说对我的健康有好处 她说对我的健康有好处。
  6. She says it’s good for my health.她说对我的健康有好处。 多读书对我们有好处。 如:It's good for us to do more reading. 多读书对我们有好处。 eyes.在床上读书对你的眼睛有害 在床上读书对你的眼睛有害。 Reading in bed is bad for your eyes.在床上读书对你的眼睛有害。 night?你每个晚上睡几个小时的觉 你每个晚上睡几个小时的觉?
  7. How many hours do you sleep every night?你每个晚上睡几个小时的觉?
  8. I exercise every day , usually when I come home from school .当我每天从学校 回家的时候,我通常锻炼。 回家的时候,我通常锻炼。 .我的饮食习惯相当好 我的饮食习惯相当好。
  9. My eating habits are pretty good .我的饮食习惯相当好。
  10. I try to eat a lot of vegetables , usually ten to eleven times a week . another 如: You’d better try doing the experiment in another way. 你最好试试用另一种方法做这个试验。 你最好试试用另一种方法做这个试验。
  11. My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.我健康的饮食习惯帮助我取的好 成绩。 成绩。
  12. Good food and exercise help me to study better. 好的饮食和锻炼帮助我学习更 好。
  13. Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different? 她的饮食习惯和你的一样或 不同吗?=Is 不同吗?=Is her lifestyle the same as your lifestyle or is her lifestyle different ?= same
翻译:他怎么了?他胃痛。 翻译:他怎么了?他胃痛。 What’s the matter with him ?he has a stomachache.
  19. 或许你应该看牙医。
  19.Maybe you should see a dentist. 或许你应该看牙医。 如:我们不应该上课吃东西。 We should’t eat anything in class . 我们不应该上课吃东西。
  20. 我希望你很快好起来。
  20.I hope you feel better soon. 我希望你很快好起来。 如:我们希望能取得一等奖。I hope he will win the first prize . 我们希望能取得一等奖。
  21.Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang to be 传统中医认为我们需要阴阳调和以保持身体健康。 healthy. 传统中医认为我们需要阴阳调和以保持身体健康。 父母认为我们应该上大学以便得到一份好的工作。 如: 父母认为我们应该上大学以便得到一份好的工作。 Parents think that we should go to college to get a good job . 个小时很重要。 我相信每天晚上睡眠 8 个小时很重要。 I believe it’s important to sleep 8 hours every night .
  22.Eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this. 吃党参和黄芪等草本植物也对这有好处。 吃党参和黄芪等草本植物也对这有好处。
  23.People who are too stressed out and angry may have too much yang. 太紧张易怒的人或许吃了太多的阳性食物。 太紧张易怒的人或许吃了太多的阳性食物。
  24.It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to eat a balanced diet. 有一个健康的生活方式很容易,饮食平衡是很重要的。 有一个健康的生活方式很容易,饮食平衡是很重要的。 上课注意听讲是必要的。 上课注意听讲是必要的。 It’s necessary to listen to the teacher carefully in class. .
  25. shouldn’t 疲倦时,
  25.When you are tired, you shouldn’t go out at night. 疲倦时,晚上你不该外
from yours?
  14. What sports do you play ? 你做什麽运动?
  15. A lot of vegetables help you to keep in good health . 一些蔬菜帮助你保持身 体健康 。
  16. You must try to eat less meat . 你必须尽力少吃肉。 你必须尽力少吃肉。
我们进教室时,老师已经开始讲课了。 我们进教室时,老师已经开始讲课了。 When I came into classroom ,the
  17. That sounds interesting. 那听起来很有趣。 这味道好。 如:It tastes good. 这味道好。 这音乐听起来很入耳。 The music sounds very sweet. 这音乐听起来很入耳。 烟雾变得越来越大。 The smoke grew heavier and heavier. 烟雾变得越来越大。
  18. 你怎么了?我得了重感冒。
  18. What’s the matter? I have a bad cold. 你怎么了?我得了重感冒。
teacher had began teaching class .
  26. 这段时间我感觉不大好。
  26.I am not feeling very well at the moment. 这段时间我感觉不大好。 headaches. 我很疲劳,而且经常头


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