Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music?
Section B
Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.
What should you say to them?
#* & # !!
walk on the grass
cut the line
turn down the music
Would you mind not…? / Could you please not…?
If you are in the library, some people are doing some annoying things in it. What should you do? Work in group and discuss the best ways to solve the problems.
图 书 馆
Are you happy? Why or why not? What will make you unhappy in your daily life?
Would you ever complain about them?
a bad haircut
The bus is late.
pen doesn’t work
don’t return my eraser
someone cut in line
don’t have your umbrella
Words and Expressions
waitress annoy polite complain be annoyed wait in line cut in line all the time try not to do sth. get angry 女服务员 打扰; 打扰 使生气 有礼貌的 抱怨 烦恼的 排队等候 插队 始终 试图不做某事 生气
1a. What annoyed him/her?
Your barber gave you a terrible haircut.
The store clerk gave you the wrong size.
Her friends were late.
The movie was Terrible.Your best friend said it was great.
The waitress brought him the wrong food.
The pen you bought didn’t work.
1b. Groupwork
Bus stop Bus stop …
someone cut in line The bus is late. …
I think the most annoying thing is others cut in line at bus stops, and I also don’t like ….
2a. Listen and number the sentences in the order you hear them in activity 1a.
2b. Listen again and fill in the blanks in the chart. n. 解答 解决办法 解答; Places
clothing store restaurant
got the wrong size shirt ordered a hamburger with French fries but only got a hamburger got a pen that doesn’t work
will get a smaller shirt will get some French fries right away will get a new pen
2c. Pairwork
A: This shirt is too big. Would you mind giving me a smaller one? B: Not at all. Here you are.
A: I ordered a hamburger with French fries, but only got a hamburger. Would you mind bringing me the French Fries? B: I’m so sorry. I’ll bring it to you right away.
A: I bought this pen here, but it’s not good. B: What’s the problem? A: It doesn’t work. Would you mind giving me a new one? B: Not at all. Here you are.
What annoys you in your daily life? What do you often complain about? What will you do when you have these problems?
3a. Listen to the tape, then try to answer questions below.
What happened to them? When it happens, what would you do? What would you say?
I can’t stand it!
We asked some people what annoyed them. Here’s what they said: I don’t like waiting in line when a shop assistant has a long telephone conversation. When that happens, I usually say, “Would you mind helping me?” And I don’t like it when shop assistants follow me around. Then I say, “Could you please not follow me around? I’ll ask you if I need some help.” Usually the shop assistants say they are sorry, but sometimes they get mad. If that happens, I won’t go back to that store again. wait in line 排队等候 get mad 生气 (=get angry)
I get annoyed when someone talks to me while I’m reading. This happens to me all the time in the school library. When it happens, I usually talk to the person because I want to be polite. But because I’m polite, people don’t know I’m annoyed. So they do the same thing again. Perhaps in the future I should try not to be polite.
annoyed adj. 恼怒的 生气的 恼怒的; get annoyed=get angry all the time 总是 一直 总是; try to do sth. 尽力去做某事 try sth. 尝试某事物 polite adj. 有礼貌的 客气的 有礼貌的; perhaps adv. 或许; 大概 或许 try not to do sth. 尽力不做某事 try doing sth. 尝试着去做某事
3b. Look at the pictures. Imagine you are the people in the pictures. Complete the sentences.
I get annoyed when someone stands in the subway door. would say When this happens, I “Would you mind standing a little inside?” .
n.排;队;列 排队列 插队 I get annoyed when people cut in line. When this happens, I usually say “Would you mind waiting in a line?” .

  4. Groupwork
Name Problem Action Lin Zheng classmate don’t return my eraser.
A: What annoys you, Lin Zheng? B: I get annoyed when my classmates borrow my eraser and don’t return it. A: What will you do? B: …
完成句子, Ⅰ. 完成句子 每空一词

  1. 不要在床上看书 这对你的眼睛有害。 不要在床上看书, 这对你的眼睛有害。 Don’t read in bed. bad your eyes. It’s for
  2. 胡先生每天花半小时吃午饭。 胡先生每天花半小时吃午饭。 It Mr. Hu half an hour have lunch takes to every day.
  3. 如果你努力一些 你就会赶上你的同学们。 如果你努力一些, 你就会赶上你的同学们。 catch up If you works harder, you'll with your classmates.
  4. 我正想睡觉 你能把音乐声关小吗? 我正想睡觉, 你能把音乐声关小吗? trying could turn down I’m to sleep, you the music, please?
Ⅱ. 选择正确的词或短语填空

  1. I (ran out of/run out of) money. ran out of closing
  2. Would you mind (close/closing) the door?
  3. Could you (turning down/turn down) turn down the music,please?
  4. His hobby is collecting old (coins/cousins). coins listening to
  5. How long have you been (watching/ listening to)music videos?

  6.The more Leo learns about Chinese, the more (more/most) he enjoys himself in China.
  7. ?Would you mind keeping your voice down? Sorry ?.(OK,I’ ll do/Sorry) not standing very close to me
  8.Would you mind (not very close to me/not standing very close to me)? close
  9.It’s so cold.Could you (closing/close) the door? ordered
  10. I (asked/ordered) a hamburger for my friend. But the clerk gave me French fries.
Ⅲ. 根据汉语意思完成句子

  1.Would you mind turning down the stereo (把音响声音关小点 ? 把音响声音关小点)? 把音响声音关小点 come here 来这里 give
  2. If you (来这里 I’ ll you a 来这里), surprise 给你个惊喜 (给你个惊喜 给你个惊喜). growing (种蔬菜
  3.While I was vegetables 种蔬菜 the garden, 种蔬菜)in came visit one of my old friends to me(来访 来访). 来访
  4.The reporter said we would win the match (将赢得这场比赛 将赢得这场比赛). 将赢得这场比赛
  5.Would you mind not talking to me (不要对我讲话 ? 不要对我讲话)? 不要对我讲话
Ⅳ. 单项选择

  1. you mind me the way ? B A.Would;to tell B.Would;telling C.Will;tell D.Will;to tell
  2. ?Would you mind if I smoke? B ?. A.Yes, please do B.Not at all C.All right D.That’s OK B
  3. I’ll do it . A.just now B.right away C.after a few minute D.just then D
  4. I’ll be ready a minute. A.on B.at C.for D.in

  5. He is a meeting. C A.have B.has C.at D.on
  6. ? Can you get me a ticket for the match? ? . B A.Sorry, no problem B.Certainly, no problem C.Excuse me, I can’t D.Certainly, not problem B
  7.The watch waswell. A.work B.working C.doing D.playing A
  8.The passengers were in line to get on the train. A.waiting B.cross C.in D.going

  9.Your questions me very much. C B.vex C.annoy A
  10.Sports are for health. A.good A.exciting C.excite A.anger C.angry B.well C.better B.excited D.excitement B.angrily D.the anger A.bother D.irritate D.best

  11.The beggar’s story my pity. B

  12.The master got with your answer. C

  13.I paid a because my library A book was overdue. A.fine B.good C.much D.well C
  14.You should throw these chairs and buy new . A.off;ones B.away;one C.away;ones D.out;one
  15.I’m sorry about it. A A.truly B.truely C.true D.real

  16. I’ll be away on holiday.Would you mind looking after my cat ? D Not at all. . (中考真题 中考真题) 中考真题 A. I have no time B. I’d rather not C. You can leave D. I’d be happy to

  17. ― Sam, would you mind if I copy the document? A ― . (2009年泰安市 年泰安市) 年泰安市 A. Of course not, go ahead B. Yes, please C. Of course, do as you like D. No, you’d better not

  18. He will come here right away he B hears the news. (2009年中考真题 年中考真题) 年中考真题 A. so B. as soon as C. because D. though
  19. What makes you ? B Someone jumps the queue when others are waiting in a line. (吉林省 吉林省2006年 ) 吉林省 年 A annoy B annoyed C annoying D to annoy
  20. The more he spoke, he became. (2007年长郡中学 年长郡中学) 年长郡中学 A. the more excited B. the more exciting C. more excited D. more exciting
  21. Here is a present for you, Jack . C Wow! It looks nice. (2006年沈阳市 ) 年沈阳市 A. truly B. nearly C. really D. hardly

  1. Write a passage: I can’t stand!
  2. Make requests and apologize.


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