Unit 2
用括号里所给单词的适当形式填空。 Ⅰ. 用括号里所给单词的适当形式填空。
ill (ill) yesterday, but I
  1. I was feel better (well) today.
  2. He goes skateboarding twice (two) a week.
  3. I’m worried because my mother is (health).

  4. My spoken (speak) English doesn’t improve, so I need some conversation practice.
  5. It’s important for you to eat a balanced (balance) diet
根据汉语的意思完成句子。 Ⅱ. 根据汉语的意思完成句子。

  1. The old woman feels tired (疲劳) after a long walk.
  2. His son has a headache (头疼).
  3. I have a sore throat (嗓子疼), so I can’t speak a word.
  4. I brush my teeth (牙)twice a day.
  5. The little boy eats too much. He has a stomachache (肚子疼).

  1. What’s the matter you? A. for B. with C. to D. of
  2. Your body temperature is 39℃. You have a A. cold B. headache C. fever D. toothache
  3. Tim has a toothache. He should . A. see the dentist B. drink more water C. lie down and rest D. go to bed

  4. Eating too is bad for your health. A. many B. less C. much D. fever
  5. Bill should because he is very thirsty. A. go to bed B. eat food C. drink water D. have a rest
  6. ? I have a bad cold. A. Where are you going B. What’s the matter C. How often do you exercise D. What do you do

  7. Do you have a headache? . A. Yes, I have B. No, I have not C. Yes, I do D. Yes, I don’t
  8. My grandmother doesn’t . She is weak. A. feel well B. feeling good C. feeling well D. fells good
  9. David a stomachache, so he eat too much today. A. has, should B. has, shouldn’t C. have, shouldn’t D. have, should
  10. You should drink water. A. a lot B. a little C. a few D. many


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   年广东省江门一中高考英语语法系列冠词复习[整理] 系列冠词复习 2006 年广东省江门一中高考英语语法系列冠词复习[整理] 一,考点聚焦 1.不用冠词的情况 (1)专有名词,物质名词,抽象名词,人名,地名等名词前,一般不加冠词. China , America, Smith Air is matter. (2)可数名词前有物主代词,指示代词,名词所有格等限制时,不加冠词. This dictionary is mine. (3)季节,月份,星期,节日,假日,一日三餐名称前一般不加冠词. Ma ...


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   高考改错十大思路 高三备课组 高考英语短文改错题,是命题者将中学生常犯的 各种典型错误更集中、更系统地整理出来,放入一篇 内容较为浅显、题材较为轻松的文章中设计而成的, 它主要考查考生判断、发现、纠正语篇中语言错误的 能力以及在语篇中综合、准确地运用英语能力,考生 在该题的得分率较低。 综观近十年的高考短文改错题,不难看出常见的 改错十大思路是:一致关系、连接手段、平行结构、 非谓语动词形式、删除冗言、冠词使用,名词数与格, 词语搭配,词性分辨,行文逻辑等。现结合近三年的 高考试题对这十大思 ...


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