Unit6 Do you like bananas?(Teaching Plans) ( )
ⅠTeaching goals By the end of the lesson, students need to master the English words of some food and fruit of our daily life. And they have to master the usage of “Do you like…? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.” in express whether one like some food or not. Specifically, students need to achieve the following aims:
  1. Words and expressions: hamburger, tomato, broccoli, French fries, oranges, ice cream, salad, bananas, strawberries, pears, like
  2. Sentence structures: Do you like bananas? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. I don’t like bananas.
  3. Abilities aim: (
  1) the abilities to express one whether like something or not. (
  2) Singular From in Third Personal in Simple Present Tense.
  4. Emotional aims: (
  1) cultivate students’ cooperative spirits with their classmates. (
  2) cultivate students’ likes towards English learning. Ⅱ Teaching difficult points and important points: (
  1) words about food, the sentence structures of “ Do you like…? / Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. (
  2) Singular From in Third Personal in Simple Present Tense. Ⅲ Teaching methods and learning methods: (
  1) Words strategies to learn new words with intuitionistic presenting new
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words and pictures of food. (
  2) Task Based Teaching Method and Communicative Teaching Method for oral English practice. Ⅳ Teaching aids: PPT, a computer, teaching pictures ⅤTeaching procedures: Step one Lead-in Present some pictures about fruit and food. The ask students to speak the name of the pictures out. Students need to pay much more attention about the singular and plural. Step two Listening Listen to the tape recording, and students need to finish the activity of 1a. Then check the answers. The ask students to follow the teacher to read the sentence after the reading of teacher. Step three Listening Listen to the recording of the tape, then ask students to circle the words the have heard in this activity. Then check the answers. If it is necessary, play the tape recording it again and make students to understand the recording much better. The listen it again and finish the task of 2a. Step four Presentation Present the sentences:
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Do you like bananas? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. And ask students to imitate the reading of the teacher. Step five Practice Ask students to practice with the partner, and then ask students to present the conversations in front of our class. Correct the mistakes if they happen. Step six Consolidation Consolidate the language points which have learned in this class. The ask students to repeat them again to consolidate their understanding. Step seven Homework The homework is to make survey about what students in your class like to eat. The use the sentences we have learned in this class to ask students questions. Students need to hand in the homework of the survey next morning.
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   Unit6 Do you like bananas?(Teaching Plans) ( ) ⅠTeaching goals By the end of the lesson, students need to master the English words of some food and fruit of our daily life. And they have to master the usage of “Do you like…? Yes, I do. / No, I don’ ...


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