There is “h” and “o” in the word throne. A. a; an B. an; an C. a; a D. an; a
  2. There a lot of orange juice in the fridge. A. have B. are C. is D. has
  3. Yao Ming is a good player. He is over tall. A. two meters’ B. two meters C. two-meters D. two-meter
  4. Peter is his purse, but he can’t it. A. looking for; find B. seeing; look for C. finding; look at D. looking at; see
  5. Today, all the students new school cloths. A. wears B. are wearing C. are putting on D. put on
  6. What’s your cousin like? She . A. likes reading book B. is tall and pretty C. is a doctor D. likes her mother
  7. It is raining now. We don’t know this afternoon. A. what can we do B. what to do it C. what to do D. how to do
  8. I share the room my sister and we are very friendly each other. A. to; to B. to: with C. with; with D. with; to
  9. Sandy wants to buy the same football cards her brother’s. A. like B. as C. to D. so
  10. We have some boxes. But we need . A. more many B. another many C. many another D. many more
  11. You look in blue while red clothes are nice her. A. well; for B. good; at C. well; to D. good; on
  12. The Eiffel Tower is a famous building in . A. New York B. London C. Moscow D. Paris
  13. Parents usually their children that new park in spring. A. bring; with B. bring; to C. take; with D. take; to
  14. It about an hour to get to the nearest center. A. costs; youth B. costs; young C. takes; youth D. takes; young
  15. people will go to Shanghai during the 2010 World Expo. A. Million B. Millions C. Millions of D. Million of
  16. - Would you like some apples? - . A. No, thanks. B. No, I wouldn't. C. Yes, I do. D. Yes, I would.
  17. Tom his homework at school. A. doesn't B. doesn't do C. don't D. does not
  18. It's time go to school. A. for B. of C. not D. to
  19. - Nice to meet you. - A. How do you do? B. Nice to meet you, too. C. Fine, thanks. D. How are you?


  20. When your friend says "Good night. Sweet dreams." You say " A. Good luck . B. Thank you. C. Yes. D. OK. 二、动词填空 (20 分)
  1. Would you like something cold to drink (drink)?
  2. Millie often spends a lot of time _practicing_ (practice) volleyball at weekend.
  3. Tom, __don’t write (not write) any words on the wall.
  4. Simon is fit and healthy because he __exercises (exercise) every day.
  5. Where is the girl? She __is shopping (shop) in the new shopping mall.
  6. Why not __go (go) to the party with us? I hear it must be great fun.
  7. Look at the little boy. Can he __ride (ride) a bike?
  8. It's twelve o'clock. The students __having (have) their lunch in the dining hall.
  9. Daniel enjoys watching( watch) TV.
  10.Do you wash(wash) clothes at the weekend? 三、回答问题(10 分)
  1.-How are you, today? (回答 我很好) -_I’m fine ,Thank you!
  2.-What would you like to eat? (肉) -I like some meat
  3. -How many eggs do you have? (八个) -I have eight eggs
  4. -What do you drink for lunch? (咖啡) -coffee
  5. -What color are they? (蓝色) -they are in blue 四、情景对话: (10 分) A. He has a white shirt. B. My shirt is blue. C. Here you are! D. Whose shirt is this, E. Is this your shirt? Miss GREen: 1D Henry? Henry: I don't know. It isn't my shirt. Look, this is my shirt. 2B Miss GREen: Is this Tom's? Henry: I think it may be his shirt. You can ask him. 3A Miss GREen: Tom! Tom: Yes, Miss GREen? Miss GREen: 4E Tom: Oh, yes. It's mine. Miss GREen: 5C Tom: Thank you! 五、句型转换(20 分)
  1. Lily can fly a kite. (否定句) Lily can’t __fly a kite.
  2. Andy can put the football behind the door. (划线提问) Where__ _does Andy put the football?
  3.It’s seven thirty now. (划线提问) what__ time__ is it now?
  4. They have six lessons every day. (划线提问) _How many classes do they have every day?
  5. Ann does her homework in the evening. (一般疑问句)
When _does Ann __do her homework in the evening?
  6. Nick often cooks dinner at the weekend. (划线提问) What dose Nick often do at the weekend?
  7. I want to buy a cake for Jim’s birthday. (划线提问) What __do you want to buy for Jim’s birthday?
  8. The teddy bear is the twins’. (划线提问) the teddy bear? 六,This is a big tree. I can__1__a girl under it. She is a __2__.She is 14 years old. __3__name is Kate Green. She is __4__American girl. Kate is 5__a yellow dress. It__6__very nice. The boy near Kate is her brother, Jim. Jim is__7__a white and red bike. His coat is blue and his trousers __8__white .They are in the__9__school. They are my classmates. We are __10__in Class One, Grade Seven. ( )
  1. A. look B. watch C. read D. see ( )
  2.A.teacher B. student C. nurse D. doctor ( )
  3.A.Her B. His C. My D. Its ( )
  4.A. a B. an C. the D.不填 ( )
  5.A.on B. with C. wearing D. under ( )
  6.A.see B. sees C. look D. looks ( ) B. at C. on D. under ( ) B. have C. has D. are ( )
  9.A.a B. one C. same D. different ( )
  10.A.all B. some C. any D. both 七、阅读理解(30 分) A 篇 A: Good afternoon! Can I help you? B: Yes, please. I want to buy some pears. A: How many pears do you want? B: Two kilos(千克), please. How much are they? A: Ten yuan. B: Here you are. A: Is that all? Do you want anything else? B: Oh, that's all. Thanks a lot. Goodbye! B: Goodbye! Answer these questions:
  1. We know "A" is a. A. teacher B. nurse C. farmer(农民) D. shop assistant
  2. "B" wants to. A. open the windows B. draw with the pen C. buy things D. colour them GREen
  3. -How much is one kilo of pears? -It'syuan. A. ten B. two C. five D. eight
  4. Does "B" buy any apples? A. No, he doesn't. B. No, he don't. C. Sorry! I don't know. D. Yes, he does.
  5. Where are they? A. In the classroom.B. In a restaurant. C. In a shop. D. At home. B篇 All students need to have good habits(习惯): When you have good study habits, you learn things quickly. You also remember them easily. Do you like to study in the living room? This is not a good place because it is usually
too noisy. You need to study in a quiet place, like your bedroom. A quiet place will help you only think about one thing, and you will learn better. Before you begin to study, do not forget to clean your desk. A good desk light(台 灯) is important, too. You’ll feel tired easily if there is not enough light.
  1. When you have good study habits, you will. A. learn things quickly B. remember things easily C. think about one thing D. both A and B
  2. The living-room is not a good place for study because it is too . A. quiet B. noisy C. good D. clean
  3. You’ll feel tired easily if the light is . A. good B. enough C. bad D. wonderful
  4. You should remember to before you study. A. clean the desk B. tidy the room C. turn on the light D. go to the bedroom
  5. The best title(标题) for this passage is . A. Study in the bedroom B. Good study habits C. How to study D. Desk light is important C篇 Skin-diving (潜水) is a new sport today. This sport takes you into a wonderful new world. It is like a visit to the moon. When you are under water, it is easy for you to climb big rocks(岩石) because you are no longer heavy. During the day, there is lots of light. Everything is blue and green. When fishes swim nearby, you can catch them with your hands. When you have bottles of air, you can stay in water for a long time. But you must be careful when you dive in deep(深的) water because it is dark(暗的). And there are more uses for skin-diving. You can clean ships without taking them out of water. You can get many things from deep sea. Now you see that skin-diving is both useful and interesting.
  1. Skin-diving is a new sport. It can take you to . A. the moon B. a new world of land C. the sun D. deep water
  2. In deep water . A. there is lots of light B. there is no light at all C. you can find many blue fishes D. everything looks blue and green.
  3. You can climb big rocks under water easily because . A. you are heavy B. you are as heavy as on the land C. you are not as heavy as on the land D. you are strong in the wate
  4. With bottles of air on your bank, you can . A. catch fishes very easily B. stay under water for a long time C. climb big rocks D. have more fun
  5. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Skin-diving is a new sport. B. Skin-diving is like visiting the moon. C. The only use of skin-diving is to have more fun. D. Skin-diving is not only interesting but also useful.



   There is “h” and “o” in the word throne. A. a; an B. an; an C. a; a D. an; a 2. There a lot of orange juice in the fridge. A. have B. are C. is D. has 3. Yao Ming is a good player. He is over tall. A. two meters’ B. two meters C. two-meters D. two- ...

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