Unit 6 It’s raning!
一、词组 Around The World 世界各地 On vacation 度假 Take photos 拍照 On the beach 在海边 a group of people 一群人 be surprised 惊讶的 be surprised at sth./sb.对某人或某人感到惊讶 play beach volleyball 打沙滩排球 in this heat 在酷暑中 be relaxed 放松 have a good time 玩得很痛快 in different kind of weather 在不同的天气里 Thank sb for(doing)sth 为某事而感谢某人 How’s it going? 近况如何 Some…others…一些…另一些 Look like..看起来像… 二、句型/日常交际用语 (
  1)-How’s the weather(+地点)? ?It’s raining. (
  2)-What’s the weather like? ?It’s sunny./It’s cold and snowing. (
  3)-How’s it going? ?Great./Not bad./Pretty good/Terrible (
  4)Thanks you for joining CCTV’s Around The World show? (
  5)-Is Aunt Wang there? ?Yes,she is/No,she isn’t Unit 7 What dose he look like? 一、词组 look like 看起来像.... curly /short/straight/long hair 卷/短/直发 medium height/build 中等高度/身体 a little bit 一点儿… a pop singer 一位流行歌手 wear glasses 戴眼镜 have a new look 呈现新面貌 go shopping 去购物 the captain of the basketball team 篮球队队长 Nobody knows me 没有人认识我 二、句型 1) --What does he look like? --He’s really short.He has short hair. 2) --She has beautiful,long black hair. 3) --I don’t think he’s so great . 4) --What do you look like? --I’m tall and thin. 5) --What do they look like?--They are medium height.
  6) --She never stops talking. --Stop doing(sth)表示停止正在干的事. 如:He stop listening --stop to do (sth)表示停下来去做某事 如:He stops to listen.
  7)I can go shopping and nobody knows me. 练习一Ⅰ 词汇 练习一Ⅰ.词汇 (天气) in Beijing?
  1.How’s the
  2.Aunt Sarah is (看) TV.
  3.How’s it going?It’s (很糟糕).
  4.The radio says it will be (多风的) tomorrow.
  5.I like autumn.It’s (凉爽的).
  6.There are (许多) people here on vacation.
  7.Bethoven is a (音乐家).
  8. (金字塔) are in Egypt. Ⅱ.单项选择 单项选择
  1.? the weather? ?Cloudy. A.What’s B.How’s C.How reading.
  2.?What’re Sarah and Mary doing right now? ?
A.She’s B.We’re C.They’re
  3.It’s too outside.You had better wear your coat. A.hot B.cool C.cold TV now?
  4.Who A.are seeing B.is looking C.is watching
  5.What the students ? A.is;doing B.does;do C.are;doing are playing football in the rain.
  6.The A.man B.children C.child
  7.Katy,with her sister Sandy, visit her Aunt Peggy. A.are going to B.is going to C.are going
  8.People often call Jim. A.him B.he C.his Ⅲ.完成对话 完成对话 A:Hello!This is Alice. B:Hi,Alice.This is Bob.How’s it ? A:Not .How’s the there? B:It’s windy.What are you now? TV at home. A:It’s raining.I am 练习二: 练习二: Ⅰ.词汇 词汇
  1.How (重的) is that box? (为大众喜爱的) teacher in school.
  2.She’s the most
  3.Who was the first (人) to swim across the English Channel(英吉利海峡)?
  4.He is wearing a pair of (眼镜) on his nose. (记得) what her telephone number is?
  5.Can you
  6.There’ll be a prize for the (获胜者). (建造) new houses by the river.
  8.Allan Green is the (队长) in our team. 二、句型转换
  1.He is tall and has short hair.(对划线部分提问) he ?
  2.Everybody knows me.(改为否定句) knows me.
  3.I think he’s so great.(改为否定句) I he so great.
  4.He likes reading and playing chess.(对划线部分提问) he like ?



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