Unit 3 Why do you like koalas? 知识点总结及练习题
want to do sth .想要做某事 want sb to do sth 想要某做某事 want sth 想要某物 Let sb do sth 让某人做某事 a kind of 一种… kind of 有几分\种类 …years old …年龄 如:ten years old 十岁 like to do sth 喜欢做某事 like doing sth play with … 与...一起 be quiet 安静 during the day 在白天 at night 在夜间 one…the other 一个...另一个... have a look at.. 看...
  1)、-why do you like pandas? (
  2)、-Why dose he like koalas? (
  3)、-Where are lions from? (
  4)、-What animals do you like? -Because they’re very cure. -Because they are kind of interesting. -Lions are from South Africa. -I like elephants.
  1)、-Let’s see the lions. (
  2)-Why do you want to see the lions? -Becase they are very cute. (
  3)-Do you like giraffes? - Yes,I do./ No,I don’t (
  4)-What other animal do you like? -I like dogs.too other+ 名词的复数.表示没有特定的数量范围 the other+名词的复数表示有特定的数量范围. (
  5)-Why are you looking at me? -Because you are very cute. (
  6)-Let us play games. ?Great!
练习一: 词汇 练习一:Ⅰ.词汇

  1.My little brother is very (聪明的).
  2.I have a (地图)of the world.
  3.The people here are very (友好的).
  4.Let’s play a game.You can have five (猜测).
  5. (有)some meat in that box.
  6.The turn yellow in autumn.
  7.Where are the pandas from?They’re from .
  8.My little brother is eight old.
  9.My father is very busy.He 8 hours every day.
  10.Many people keep dogs at home because they are (聪明) and intelligent.
  11. live in Australia.They’re very lovely. day of the week.
  12.Sunday is the

  13.Sh!Be quiet.The baby is
Ⅱ.单项选择 单项选择

  1.? animals do you like? ?I like penguins. A.What B.How C.Whose
  2.?Where is he ? ?South Africa. A.go B.from C.like
  3.Chinese is different English. A.to B.with C.from to bed early but his brother doesn’t.
  4.Tom A.goes B.is going C.go
  5.Look!The elephant grass and leaves. A.eat B.eats C.is eating
  6. Is there a river over there?. A. Yes, there’s B. No, there aren’t C. Yes, there is D. No, it isn’t
  7. Is this a library? . A. Yes, this is B. Yes, it is C. this isn’t D. it isn’t
  8. I have a housea small beautiful garden. A. on B. to C. of D. with
  9. I arriveBeijing at 8 am. A. to B. at C. in D. about
  10. I don’t know the shop is. A. where B. when C. how D. what

  11. There is elephant in the zoo. elephant is from Africa.? A./;An B.an;The ? C.a;The D.an;/
  12.I like pandas they are beautiful.? A.so B.and ? C.because D.but
  13.My little cat sleeps the day,but night he begins to work.? A.at;at B.on;in ? C.on;at D.during;at
  14.Most children like koala bears because they are .? A.interesting B.scary ? C.cute D.both A and C
  15.I have two math books.One is for you and is for your sister.? A.another B.other ? C.the other D.one

  1. .I really hope (meet) her
  2. Listen! Who (talk) with your parents?
  3.Lucy ( not dance ) on Wednesday. She dances on Friday.
  4.He wants (be) a teacher.
  5.Everyone (say) she is a good shop assistant.
  6.Can she (sing) in English?
  7. Between the bed and the table (be) a ball.
  8. Let’s ( go ) ( shop).
9 Mr Green with his friends ( have ) dinner now. 10 I spent two hours (do) my homework yesterday morning.
  11. Let me (have) a look .
  12.We have fun (learn) English this term.
  13. Do you enjoy(listen) music?
  14. Where Mr. Green (live) ? He in London.
  15. he (like) English ?
  16.Who (teach) you English in your school?
  17.People usually(eat) dinner in the evening .
  18.You can (be) a good student .
  19.Sam (not like) playing computer games.
  20.He (not do) his homework every evening.
四、句型转换:就划线部分提问 句型转换 就划线部分提问 就划线部分提

  1.She usually relaxes 5 hours every day.
  2.Ken is 13 years old.
  3. At night,she does her homework.
  4.They like penguins because they’re cute.

  5.My sister eats Macdonald every week.(用 now 替换 every week)? My sister Macdonald now.
  6.I like pandas best of all the animals.(同义转换)? My is pandas.
  7.I like koala bears because they are very friendly. (就划线部分提问)? do you koala bears?
  8.The big tiger comes from China.(就划线部分提问)?
  9.He usually gets up and eats leaves at night.(就划线部分提问)? does he usually at night?
Many people have pets(宠物).Some people like rabbits very much.They have pet rabbits. Mr Trotter is a doctor.But he doesn’t help sick(患病的)people,he helps rabbits.People call him “The Rabbit Doctor” .When their pet rabbits get sick,they give him a telephone.And Mr Trotter drives his car to the people’s houses.In the car,Mr Trotter has medicine(药)to help the sick rabbits to get well. Wherever(无论哪里)he goes,he is always welcome. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。
  1.“Trotter”is a . A.a rabbit B.a dog C.a man
  2.Mr Trotter goes to people’s houses by . A.bus B.car C.bike
  3.People telephone Mr Trotter when . A.they are sick B.their children are sick
C.their pet children are sick
  4.The word“welcome” in the last line means A.欢迎 B.高兴的
. C.受欢迎的



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