贵州省册亨民族中学 卢克茂

  1.The old man our guide.
A.acted B.undertook asC.undertook to be D.worked

  2.-Is the table free? -Sorry, it is already .

  3.Did you wash it in hot water ?
Of course not . I’ m not foolish .
A.that B.it C. such D. very

  4.It is better to lose one's life than .
A.if you lose your spiritB.losing his spirit
C.to lose one's spiritD.your spirit getting lost

  5.In front of the farmhouse, they met a little boy a branch to make a walking stick.
A.who was working onB.that working at
C.who worked atD.was working on

  6.Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table reach of little children.
A.into B.without C.within D.with

  7. Michael never dreamt of for him to be sent abroad very soon.
A.being a chance B.there’s a chance C.there to be a chance there being a chance

  8.His face seemed pale,for he just a terrible dream and awoke.
A.made B.lived C.gave D.dreamed

  9. Robert suggested Lester the construction of the new building.
A.to undertake B.undertook carrying out C.to undertake to carry out D.undertake

  10. We the task of cleaning up the house.
A.understand B.undergo C.undertake D.understimate

  11. To everyone’s surprise, the fashionable young man out to be a thief.
a) found B.proved C.put D.turned

  12. Tom and his brother some plans for acquiring land and starting in business as market gardeners.
A.busied with B.engaged themselves C.were engaged with D.were engaged in

  13. Jim to Marry last week.
A.is engaged B.was engaged C.gets engaged D.got engaged

  14. To be frank,I don’t think that the carpets and curtains in your room well.
A.fit B.suit C.match D.go

  15. The light was still on after mid-night in the room.He was to know what was happening in it.
A.strange B.curious C.anxious D.interesting

  16. He me to come to my party,but until it was over,he didn’t appear at all.
A.asked B.told C.promised D.suggested

  17. Dong Fangzhuo plays football very well.He is a footballer.
A.satisfying B.hoping C.promising D.inspiring

  18. It’s that the sick child needs food and sunshine.
A. evidently B. obvious C. apparently D. plain

  19. National Day is by seven days of holiday in our country.
a) congratulated B. observed C.held D.cheered

  20. The police observed the man the bank.
A. to enter B. enters C. entering D. entered

  21. He that it had turned cloudy.
A.observed B. watched C. felt D.notice

  22. As there was not much chance to find good jobs in their hometown,many young men now tried to their fortune in cities.
A.find B.find out C.seek D.look at

  23. As time , the theory proved correct.
A.went by B.went down C.went through D.went over

  24. Truth develops through between different views.
A. discuss B. argue C. debate D. quarrel

  25. It was back home after the experiment.
a) not until midnight did hr go
b) until midnight that he didn’t go
c) not until midnight that he went
d) until midnight when he didn’t go

  26. He doesn’t respect his leader;and always does his work .
a) the right way B.rhe other way around C.another way around D.under way

  27. It won’t be long before we a way to overcome the difficulties.
A.work out B.make out C.turn out D.bring out

  28. He had a strange of making /to make his lessons lively and interesting.
A. mean B. means C. way D. method

  29. He worked out the maths problem with a different .
A. mean B. means C. way D. method

  30. try to finish it by all .
A. mean B. means C. way D. method

  31. Wait till you are more .It’s better to be content than sorry.
A. inspired B. inspiring C. satisfied D. satisfying

  32. Into October they tried to find that formula which would the local people’s need of being an independent country.
A. wish B. dislike C. reduce D. satisfy

  33. Her face suggested she disliked the play.
a) disappointed B. disappointing C. satisfied
D. satisfying

  34. Famous a writer,Lu Xun is well-known Chinese his wonderfull works.
A.liked;for;as B.for;to;as C.as;to;for D.to;as;for

  35. Do what you are told and don’t me.
A.argue with B.argue against C.argue about D.argue into

  36. Shall we have a talk with her and try to persuade her not to see a movie tonight?
There is no talking to her.She never listens.
A.good B.value C.point D.worth

  37. Writing poetry is one of his many .
A.gifts B.talents C.genius D.wisdom

  38. With drink and food , the prisoner had to walk out of the cave where he was hiding.
A.run out B.run out of C.use up D.using up

  39. All the money he had had been ,so he had to make a living by begging.
i. used up B.taken up C.stayed up D.brought up

  40. Go on the other exercise after you have finished this one.
i. to do B.doing C.with D.to be doing

  41. Saddam Hussein may trial for crimes against humanity within the next few weeks.
ii. start out B.go on C.turn to D.go out

  42. we move the picture over there?Do you think it’ll look better?
I can’t agree with you more.
A. What you think B.What if C.evev if D.Only if

  43. I will lend you the book I can remember who has borrowed it.
A. if only B.only if C.even of as of

  44.She can’t help the house because she’s busy making a cake.
A.to clean B.cleaning C.cleaned D.being cleaned

  45.When I handed the report to John,he said that George was the person .
A.to send B.for sending C.to send it to D.for sending it to

  46. The perpose of new technoiogies is to make life easier, it more difficult.
A. not make B. not to make C.not making D.do not make

  47.Wang Tao was made the dishes for a week as punishment.
A. to wash B.washing C.wash D.to be washing

  48.The chair looks rather hard,but in fact it is very comfortable to .
A.sit B.sit on C.be sit D.be sit on

  49.The light in the office is still on.
Oh,I forgot .
A. turning it off B.turn it off C.to turn it off D.having turned it off

  50. You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting.
Well,now I regret that.
A.to do B.to be doing C.to have done D.having done

  51. In some parts of London , missing a bus means for another hour .
A.waiting B.to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

  52. We agreed here but so far she hasn’t tuened up yet .
A. having met B. meeting C. to meet D. to have met

  53. Little Jim should love to the theatre this evening .
A. to be taken B. to take C. being taken D. taking

  54. He gave me this strange object for my birthday and I don’t know .
A. it what to do with B. what to do it with
C. what to do with it D. to do what with it

  55. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role in making the earth a better place to live.
A. to have played B. to play C. to be played D. to be playing

  56. Peter is my close friend , who can be what he promises .
A.relied on to do B.relied to do C.relied on doing D.relying to doing

  57. Although the prices of TV set are , he managed to make the manager the price of
that TV set .
A. going up ; bring down B. gone up ; go down
  C . going up ; brought down D. going down ; bring up

  58. The manager promised to keep me of how our business was going on .
A. to be informed B. on informing C. informed D. informing

  59. Keep me informed the latest news .
Ok .
A. by B. at C. for D. of

  60. Can you what happened in your childhood to your present state of mind ?
  A. Connect B. keep in touch with C. relate D. join to

  61. All the people at the party were his supporters .
A. present B. thankful C. interested D. important

  62. Let’s leave things as they are , even though we may have a change later on .
A. present B. presently C. at present D. for the present

  63. The long speech given by that old professor seemed and endless . He felt so that he nearly fell asleep .
A. disappointed ; boring B. disappointed ; bored
  C. disappointing ; bored D. disappointing ; boring

  64. He was disappointed her at home .
A.of him not to find B. not to find C. not finding D. with him not to find

  65. They in love at first sight . Now , they in love with each other for nearly a month .
A. were ; fell B. fell ; were C. were ; were D. fell ; fell

  66. such a difficult problem , he didn’t know what to do .
A. Faced B. Facing C. Faced to D. Facing with

  67. My mum dropped me off at elementary school , leaving me alone to new challenges .
A. offer B. avoid C. deal with D. face with

  68. He would give no for his behaviour .
A. reason B. aim C. cause D. target

  69. Be ; you can’t expect her to do all the work on her own .
A. logical B. honest C. reasonable D. sincere

  70. The shopping center in the city was as a result of a cigarette ,which shocked the whole country .
A. burned down B. turned down C. turned up D. taken in

  71. would you please the light ? I can’t see much clearly . It is getting dark .
A. switch off B. switch on C. turned off D. take on

  72. Her happy look that she has done well in the exam .
A. presents B. reflects C. appears D. seems

  73. Though Van Gogh formed his own painting style , we can still see the of some famous French artist on his works .
A. reflect B. application C. relation D. influence

  74. Some students , who are addicted the Legend Games , do not go to school at all .
A. to play B. to playing C. playing D. be playing

  75. Some of the members demanded to know why they had been kept the true facts until they reached the present critical stage .
A. in ignorance of B. in the light of C. in honour of D. in view of

  76. Things that we’re facimg should be considered , so that we’ll deal with them well.
A. on all sides B. on their side C. on the side D. by their side

  77. They don’t have the best service , but I it because I love their food.
A. like B. tolerate C. bear D. stand

  78. Nothing can stop a student his mind to give up his studies.
A. promised ; to change B. promised ; changing
   C. promising ; changing D. promising ; to change

  79. Anything that Mr. Green interests me .
  A. concerns B. matters C. importances D. subjects

  80. It’s not necessary for you to be about others’ business .
A. concern B. concern yourself C. concerning D. concerned

  81. All the preparations for the task , and we are ready to start .
A. completed B. complete C. had been completed D. have been completed

  82. She her set for dishes by buying the cups and saucers .
A. finished B. ended C. completed D. closed

  83. Is the story he told us a one ?
A. end B. finish C. stop D. complete

  84. He is so laxy that he has not his homepage for over a year .
A. updated B. out of date C. dated D. up to date

  85. Such animals as dinosaurs died out because they couldn’t to the sudden change of the climate .
A. suit B. keep C. adapt D. switch

  86. I come to help you rather than you .
A. harm B. harmed C. harming D. to harm

  87. You did carry my books for me that day . You changed my life .
A. more than B. better than C. rather than D. other than

  88. The next day she found the man in bed , dead .
A. lying B. lie C. lay D. laying

  89. The speaker raised his voice but still couldn’t make himself .
A. hear B. to hear C. hearing D. heard

  90. I thought her nice and honest I met her .
A. first time B. for the first time C. the first time D. by the first time

  91. I watched the film the Lord of the Ring (<指环王>)last night. Seldom such a good film .
A. I did see B. have I seen C. have seen I D. I saw

  92. I’m looking forward with keen anticipation with you and your colleagues .
A. on work B. to work C. on working D. to working

  93. Mrs. Green’s car ran into a large tree and she in the accident .
A. got badly hurt B. was injured badly C. got badly wounded D. was wounded badly

  94. He is brave , hard-working and kind , so he was selected monitor of our class .
A. as a B. to be the C. a D. 不填

  95. Have you what you want to eat ?
Not yet .
A. chosen B. elected C. selected D. choosed

  96. On New Year’s Eve , New York City holds an outdoor witch attracts a crowd of a million or more people .
A. incident B


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