Unit 1
  1.He (从事,着手做) this task.
  2.Let’s make an (分析,分解) of the problem.
  3.It is (明显的)that they are wrong.
  4. I will come back (在…..之内) an hour.
  5.When there is no (引力), our feet no longer stay on the ground.
  6. Students should always be (好奇的,好求知的) to learn.
  7. Economics is a (分科)of science.
  8. The government is (与…..辩论) the education laws with the public.
  9. He (浏览) the newspaper when having breakfast.
  10. The river is the (分界线) of the two countries.
  11. She is a (毕业生)of Oxford.
  12. He is busy with his (研究)work.
  13. He needs a (轮椅)to move around.
  14. He was (使丧失能力) in the war.
  15. Do you know Darwin’s (理论)?
  16. He is always (追求)for money rather than anything else.
  17. You (误解)my words.
  18. The reached a (科学上的) conclusion.
  19. He (观察) keenly but says little.
  20.The colors (相配) your coat very well.
  21.The weather forecast (预测) that it would rain tomorrow.
  22.Do you know the reason for his (悲伤)?
  23. Stealing is a (犯罪活动).
  24. He is a famous (天文学家) around the world.
  25. The m is a scientific instrument.
  26. This is an astronomical .(显微镜)
  27. Suddenly the (望远镜)opened and it poured with rain.
  28. He is an (理解力强的)boy.
  29. You should be more (有耐心的) with others.
  30. The teacher (进行实验) with a new teaching method. Unit 2
  1. The newspaper is a great (新闻媒体)) for the government.
  2. It’s not (可信赖的) to judge a man only by his looks.
  3. The boss (解雇)him with one week’s notice.

  4. The difficulty that (面对)us is the large number of those in need.
  5. She is an excellent (编辑,编者).
  6. We should (说服,劝说)our boss into accepting this proposal.
  7. She was badly (伤害) in an accident.
  8. The death of the pop star reached the .(头版重要新闻)
  9. The headmistress __ __ (通知,告诉) us that the school would be closed for one day next week.
  10.People are much better (有知识的,见闻广的) since the invention of computer.
  11. I can’t (涉及) what he did with what he said.
  12. My sister has a (天赋) for music.
  13. He s the conversation from one subject to another
  14. The (面试者)is a short and black man
  15.How many people were (在场的)at the meeting?
  16.A mirror (反射) a picture of you when you look in it.
  17.Please put more (努力) into your school work.
  18. (精神上的) life is also very important to us.
  19.It is (很少) that a man lives to be a hundred years old.
  20.She was (沉溺于) to rock music.
  21.(社交的) courses are the study of how man lives in societies.
  22.I tried to tell her but she (不理,忽视) me.
  23.Give your whole (注意) to what your are doing..
  24.I can’t (忍受)your bad manners any longer.
  25.The senator’s death was a tragic a.
  26.We’re rather (担忧) about father’s health.
  27.I need to send an express (电报).
  28.He (退休) from the business when he was
  29.She has (完成)her studies..

  30.The play (厌烦) us.

  31.What’s your (看法,态度)towards this question?
  32.The book (失望)me.
  33. The dog (看守) the house.
  34. She’s an American (公民) but lives in Canada.
  35. Waste water is a harmful kind of (污染源).
  36. Having failed to settle their disputes at the conference table, the two countries appealed to .(兵器,武器)
  37. We should (更新) the information in this book.
  1. I like Roman a.
  2. Now other a also know how to design buildings to fit into the land.
  3. A teacher should not show p for any one of his pupils.
  4. Who d the new school?
  5. This old Chinese square table is a very valuable piece of f.
  6. He has a t for folk songs.
  7. There is no s in the room.
  8. H is sweet, but the bee stings.
  9. Are you fond of m music?
  10. Our house is c for the shops.
  11. Walk two b and you will find the store at the corner.
  12. They rent a suite of furnished a on the third floor.
  13.He formed a unique s in dressing.
  14. I cannot s waiting any longer.
  15. The article consists of five p.
  16. The building gives an u shape.
  17. The new airport is still under c.
  18. It’s made of s.
  19. Beauty is not c but a girl is.
  20. His words are strongly i on my memory.
  21. There is a cat on our r.
  22. They live in the building with a b.
  23. His story about a fairy is just f.
  24. Man c himself.
  25. You can pick s at the seaside.
  26.The ship is in full s.
  27. He bought a large n, in hopes of catching some fish.
  28. Can you see the n in the tree?
  29. The house has b to our family for many years.
  30. She p the window sills a bright colour.
  31. He stepped a to let her pass.
  32. My father r an office in the city.
  33. The d of this industry will take several years. Unit 4
  1. He wrote a p about war.
  2. LiBai is a great p in ancient China.
  3. Good acts are better than good i.
  4. He can r that poem from memory.
  5. After her son’s death, she got m.
  6. You can make a dress from this paper p.
  7. Listen carefully to the d please.
  8. I s the books into big ones and small ones.
  9. The young man lives in a world of f.
  10.He suffered greatly from l.

  11. Their baby’s death aroused great sin them.
  12. There are some g mistakes in your composition.
  13. Win g for our motherland!
  14. His long a from work annoyed his boss.
  15. She doesn’t live in this d.
  16. The debate was held in a harmonious a.
  17. Generally, a book has an i.
  18. He t the speech from Spanish into English.
  19. The t work of this book was a slow one.
  20. She l up a candle to see the stranger clearly.
  21.You hear all sorts of t.
  22. The room is painted with all s of blue.
  23. He welcomed us with e kindness.
  24. “Hard up” is an English i.
  25.The d was blowing in the streets in dry seasons.
  26. Some people consider c to be ill-fated.
  27. The two cities are one hundred kilometers a.
  28. The other day I came across an interesting e on the war with Napoleon.
  29. Can you r a good dictionary?
  30. The Song Dynasty c three great inventions to world civilization. Unit
  1.The United Kingdom c of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. In China, the railways are owned by the s.
  3.The headmaster is a p man.
  4. If you thought she intended to be rude, you were m.
  5. She has only a n circle of friends.
  6. PRC stands for the People’s R of China.
  7. A plan began to f in his mind.
  8. It is more than 3,500 kilometers form the A Ocean on the east coast to the Pacific Ocean on the west.
  9. I like games in g, and especially football.
  10.My teacher i my decision to study science.
  11. The plates on the u shelf were beyond my reach.
  12. They supported the u between our two parties.
  13. Don’t j by appearances.
  14. She was c queen at the age of
  15. Buy me a pack of c please.
  16. Who o this house?
  17. The man is as tall as six f two inches.
  18. The firm e about 100 persons.
  19.There are s on our beds.
  20.Thecountry’s g export has brought in great profits.
  21. At that time, many people went w in search of gold.
  22. We a the museum. Unit 6

  1.Do you take serious his p of a government defeat.
  2. The e date of the event has escaped me.
  3. The newspaper’s f that the Democrats would be totally beaten in the general election came true.
  4. The t of prices is still upwards.
  5. C cars are more streamlined than older ones.
  6. Fever i sickness.
  7. They live in the u areas.
  8. A letter of introduction will e you a interview.
  9. We have a large s of railways.
  10. The c complained about the poor quality of the electronic products.
  11. He promised to r if given another chance.
  12. What g does your shop sell?
  13. Employees are encouraged to p shares in the firm.
  14. We can’t see the t dust in the air.
  15. Excuse me, but I’ve no c on me. Can I pay by cheque?
  16. This place r cool all summer.
  17. The i of washing hands before a meal is that it prevents infection.
  18. She is r in her habit.
  19. He is a m student.
  20. I have had myself carefully examined by p.
  21. I hope the doctor can c the pain in my shoulder.
  22. He is an expert in b.
  23. The famous e will give a speech this Friday.
  24. I could see the bus coming in the d.
  25. I am h she will come tomorrow.
  26. George c me but I’ll get even with him one day!
  27. He got his w sprained.
  28. All passengers are r to show their tickets.
  29. A trip to museum is p for next Tuesday.
  30. We should face the r bravely.
  31. Their request is a. Unit 7
  1.Will you take part in the q?
  2.Is this statement true or f?
  3. He was attacked by a v infection.
  4. I sent a message to Mary v her brother.
  5. The sudden sound of footsteps in silence made her b run cold.
  6. P is better than cure.
  7. Who p you to join this group?
  8. He is just a d child.
  9. He has had a bad i, but he is better now.
  10. The doctor’s t cured him.
  11. Which s is your cat?
  12. Is he l in courage?

  13. She always wears p clothes for certain occasions.
  14. Chinese commodities a for export are varied.
  15. He has never been d by difficulties.
  16. The crowd c at the sight of the honored guests’ motorcade.
  17. The good news of our football team winning the game c up everybody who heard it.
  18. The refugees s greatly from cold and hungry.
  19. A n of railroads is being built.
  20. He gave a m glance at the book.
  21. In the f fighting the lightly wounded refused to leave the front line.
  22. The s looked at me for a few minutes and then drove away from the bank without a word.
  23. We lose a few skin c every time we wash our hands.
  24. You can see the effects of r later.
  25. I haven’t the s to lift this table.
  26. She soon r herself and stopped crying.
  27. Now all the f planes are all armed with cannon.
  28. She thought she won and laughed, while on the c, she was defeated.
  29. This kind of goods is not available for the m in our shop.
  30. There are different c of books in the library. Unit 8
  1.I a him with money.
  2. Don’t play by the river in case you fall in and d.
  3. The cut on my arm b for a long time.
  4. The smoke from the stove almost c me.
  5. Wash your hands first, you have got some i on it.
  6. The electricity went out due to the failure of the fuse w.
  7. The radioactive material is stored in a special radiation-proof c.
  8. The cooker isn’t working because of an e fault.
  9. She s with fear.
  10. He w the accident.
  11. The sea was c at the beginning of our voyage.
  12. He p and ran as fast as he could to safety.
  13. Calm down a bit, the a is coming.
  14. I t the bottle over and it broke.
  15. He often has c pains and I suggested that he go to see a doctor.
  16. The blood c round the body.
  17. His book has been taken out of c.
  18. The doctor felt her p on her wrist.
  19. Please put another b on the bed.
  20. The man driving a m



   人教版高二英语上册各单元单词拼写练习题 Unit 1 1.He (从事,着手做) this task. 2.Let’s make an (分析,分解) of the problem. 3.It is (明显的)that they are wrong. 4. I will come back (在…..之内) an hour. 5.When there is no (引力), our feet no longer stay on the ground. 6. Students should a ...


   知识要点 1. How often 多久(一次) How often do you exercise? 你多久锻炼一次身体? How often does your mother go shopping? 你妈妈多久购一次物? 【区别】How often 和 How many times ① How often 用来提问某个动作间隔多久发生一次,即询问动作发生的频率。通常对一 些表示频率的副词进行提问;也可以对频度短语进行提问。 ② How many times 意思是“多少次”, 是用来提 ...


   Unit 2 Robots I. 单元教学目标 技能目标 Goals ▲ Learn about literary work about science, Robots and Science fiction writerIsaac Asimov ▲ Talk about Robots ▲ Practise Supposition and belief ▲ Revise the Passive Voice (I) ( including the infinitive) ▲ Science f ...


   英语练习题 一、在四线格中按顺序写出 26 个字母的大小写 二、将下列字母重新组成单词,并写出汉语意思 1、s s t i e r 2、o b k o 3、o o r t c 4、s r u n e 5、a i h c r d ( ( ( ( ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 6、w d i o w n ( 7、e a r b d 8、w t e r a 9、f m e r a r ( ( ( 10、s o l o h c ...


   教学设计(首页) 教学设计(首页) 学科:English 年级:七年级(5).(6)班 日期:2009 年 6 月 9 日 教师:善孝德 课 题 教 学 目 标 2 Unit11 :What do you think of game shows ? : . : : 教 学 教 学 教 学 设 教 学 1. 2. o 教学 课 Third : What do you think of…..? What’s your favourite ……? What kind of ……do you lik ...


   三年级英语 上册) 英语( 小学 pep 三年级英语(上册)单元五练习题 ClassNameNo. Mark 听 力 卷 一.听一听 编序号 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 判断正误 符合的打勾,不符合的打叉。 正误( 二.听一听 判断正误(符合的打勾,不符合的打叉。 ) 1 4. 根据录音内容圈出与录音相符的图片所对应的箭头) 三.听一听 圈一圈 (根据录音内容圈出与录音相符的图片所对应的箭头) 连一连。 听对话或独白,根据录音内容将人物与相对应的事物连线。 (听对话或独白 四.听 ...


   Unit 7How do you make a banana milk shake? 重点语法:描述一个过程 服从别人的指令 询问做某事的过程用 how 引导特殊疑问句 分步回答用 first(首先), next(接着), then(然后), finally(最后) 等时间 副词引导从句. 例句:A: How do you make fruit salad?(如何做水果沙拉?) B: First cut up three bananas, three apples and a waterme ...


   高一英语单词拼写练习 必修 1 Unit 1 1. It was quite terrible. It took me some time to c myself down. 2. Parents are always c much about their children. 3. True friends always s their sadness and happiness with each other. 4. I'm terribly sorry. I didn't do it o ...


   彼得教育 www.bideedu.com 免费资源 无需注册 八年级英语上第 1 单元同步验收练习题 听力部分(共 听力部分 共 20 分) I. 听下面的句子,按照听到的顺序将正确图画的代码填在表格内.(5 分) 句子序号 相对应的图画代码 1 2 3 4 5 A B C D E F II. 听对话, 然后根据问句选择正确的答案. (5 分) 1. A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15 2. A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren't. C. Yes ...


   5A 第六单元单词和练习卷 5A 第六单元单词 Name stand jump 站立 跳 sit run 坐 跑 sleep walk 睡觉 走路 sweep 扫 floor 地板 sweep the floor 扫地 clean 擦,打扫 window 擦窗 打扫教室 窗 clean the window clean the classroom wash 洗 clothes 衣服 洗衣服 ring 铃响 wash clothes morning home 家 早晨,上午 at home 在 ...



   如何学好英语 大家都知道,生活在21世纪的年轻人掌握一门外语是十分重要的,尤其是英语。如何学好英语,提高英语水平,是当前很多中学生困惑的问题。其实,学好英语并不是一件难事,关键在于要掌握好的学习方法。学习方法自然是因人而异、因时而异的。其实方法本身无所谓好与坏,关键就看它能否完美地与 个人相结合,提高学习效率,如果一套方法能够激发你的学习兴趣,提高学习效率的话,以后要做的就是坚持下去。可能我们都见过类似的情况:有的人整日埋头书案,学得很辛苦,但成绩仍不理想:有的人则懂得“有张有弛”,学得很轻松 ...

新视野大学英语-视听说教程答案 Unit3

   II. Listening Skills Understanding Times and Dates 1. W: Oh, look at the clock. It’s 5:15. I’ll be late for Jennifer’s birthday party! I was supposed to leave at 5 o’clock. M: Don’t worry! You still have some time. The clock is twenty minutes fast. ...


   一、概述 全国专业技术人员职称英语等级考试是由国家人事部组织实施的一项国家级外语考 试。本考试遵循“严格要求、实事求是、区别对待、逐步提高”的原则,根据英语在不同 专业领域活动中的应用特点,结合专业技术人员掌握和使用英语的实际情况,对申报不 同级别专业技术职务的人员的英语水平提出了不同的要求。 全国专业技术人员职称英语等级考试共分三个专业类别:综合类、理工类和卫生类, 每个专业类别的考试各分 A、B、C 三个等级。 全国专业技术人员职称英语等级考试于每年 4 月份举行。A、B、C 三个等级考 ...


   英语 (not)...any more 100-metre race a a bit(of) a bottle of a few a glass of a kind of a little a lot a moment ago a moment later a pair of a piece of a place of interest a shop assistant a TV set a waste of time a.m. able about about above abroad a ...


   中考复习 [短语,词组归纳] 短语,词组归纳] 由动词开头构成的短语,词组很多.复习时应分类处理: 一,动词+介词 1.look at…看…, look like … 看上去像……, look after …照料… 2.listen to…听…… 3.welcome to…欢迎到…… 4.say hello to …向……问好 5.speak to…对……说话 此类短语相当于及物动词,其后必须带宾语,但宾语无论是名词还是代词,都要 放在介词之后. 二,动词+副词 "动词+副词&qu ...