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学年度下学期第二 郭家店高中 2008~2009 学年度下学期第二次月考
英 语 试 题
时间 120 分钟
分数 150 分
  1. At the meal, my father sat with his back against the window, and I sat to him, and saw a bright object flying by outside. A. against B. across C. opposite D. next to
  2. When the train started, we the games. A. abandoned B. gave out C. deserted D. left up
  3. Children are not of the fact that life is hard. A. aware B. awake C. idea D. known
  4. The rumor that the tigers were found in the Mount Tai made visitors there . A. scaring B. scared C. feared D. terrifying
  5. I don't like in public. A. laughing at B. being laughed at C. to laugh at D. having laughed at
  6. Susan wanted to be independent of her parents. She tried alone, but she didn't like it and moved back home. A. living B. to live C. to be living D. having lived
  7.To learn English well, we should find opportunities to hear English as much as we can. A. speak B. speaking C. spoken D. to speak
  8. She didn't speak to me yesterday. She was unhappy. well, she seemed to about it. A. have been told B. be told C. having been told D. being told
  9. Robert failed to seek a job for his poor education, though he is to get one to support his big family. A. dying B.looking forward C. fighting D. wanting
  10. The day we look forward to at last. A. come B. coming C. came D. be come
  11. When I entered his room, it was so dark inside that it took a while for my eyes to .
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资料由大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
A. fit B. match C. adopt D. adjust
  12. Terry can't the match because he has hurt his foot. A. join B. attend to C. participate in D. take part
  13.I was them about my travels she broke in with a story of her own on her visit to Hainan. A. to tell; when B. about to tell; when C. was going to; while D. telling; while
  14. I shall never forget the years I lived in the countryside with the farmers, has a great effect on my life. A. that; which B. when; which C. which; that D. when; who
  15. I'll never forget the years I spent with my cousin in Australia. A. which B. when C. then D. what 第二节:完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文所后所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D) 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项. Mr. Andrews was waiting for a subway train. The train 16 into the station and stopped. As Andrews was getting ready to board the train he saw an elderly 17 man fall to the 18 . David Schnair, aged 75, had mistaken the space 19 two subway cars for a door, while 20 his way with a walking stick. Instead of ending up inside the train, Schnair fell 21 the platform and landed under the train. Andrews jumped down to the tracks to 22 Schnair. He pulled the man to safety. declared Andrews a 24 . Messages began to pour in from all over the Bystanders 23 country. Some people sent 25 , of which the largest was for $ 3,0
  00. President Reagan called Andrews and 26 him a merry Christmas and a good new year. he was returning from a 28 interview. Andrews had been on the subway 27 He probably would have been hired anyway, 29 all the good publicity made it a 30 thing. After about a week of newspaper 31 and showers of food, money, and gifts for his children, 32 disappeared gradually into the background. Most people thought that the story had come to a 33 end, but it didn't quite happen that way. Andrews did 34 his new job, but the company moved to New Jersey. Andrews didn't have any 35 to get to work, so he had to give up the job and go back to job hunting and being discouraged again.
  16. A. drove
  17. A. tall
  18. A. train
  19. A. between
  20. A. leading
  21. A. off
  22. A. catch
  23. A. later B. pushed B. blind B. tracks B. before B. finding B. down B. examine B. immediately C. pulled C. sick C. back C. behind C. making C. onto C. comfort C. finally D. burst D. weak D. ground D. in D. feeling D. on D. rescue D. surprisingly
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  24. A. leader
  25. A. food
  26. A. told
  27. A. while
  28. A. job
  29. A. and
  30. A. sure
  31. A. interviews
  32. A. David
  33. A. happy
  34. A. win
  35. A. time 第三部分:阅读理解
B. hero B. gifts B. congratulated B. until B. TV B. then B. hard B. stories B. Reagan B. sad B. start B. interest
C. master C. telegrams C. expected C. because C. newspaper C. although C. possible C. discussions C. Andrews C. final C. keep C. excuse
D. soldier D. checks D. wished D. before D. telephone D. but D. simple D. exposures D. reporters D. touching D. enjoy D. way
请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项.
Green is an important color in nature. It is the color of grass and the leaves on trees. It is also the color of most growing plants. Sometimes, the word green means young, fresh and growing. Sometimes, it describes something that is not yet ripe or finished. For example, a greenhorn is someone who has no experience, who is new to a situation. In the fifteenth century, a greenhorn was a young cow or ox whose horns(角) had not yet developed. A century or so later, a greenhorn was a soldier who had not yet had any experience in battle. By the eighteenth century, a greenhorn had the meaning it has today?a person who is new in a job. Someone who has the ability to grow plants well is said to have a green thumb. The expression comes from the early nineteen hundreds. A person with a green thumb seems to have a magic touch that makes plants grow quickly and well. You might say that the woman next door has a green thumb if her garden continues to grow long after your plants have died. The Green Revolution is the name given some years ago to the development of new kinds of rice and other grains. The new plants produced much larger crops. The Green Revolution was the result of hard work by agricultural scientists who had green thumbs. Green is also the color used to describe the powerful feeling, jealousy(嫉妒). The green-eyed monster is not a frightening creature from outer space. It is an expression used about four hundred years ago by British writer William Shakespeare in his play "Othello". It describes the unpleasant feeling a person has when someone has something he wants. A young man may suffer from the green-eyed monster if his girlfriend begins going out with someone else. Or, that green-eyed monster may affect your friend if you get a pay rise and she does not.
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  36. Greenhorn now refers to . A. a person who is new in a job C. a young horse A. who is good at growing plants C. whose garden is greener than others' A. colors B. language
  38. The author is actually talking about . C. politics D. agriculture
  39. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A. In about the 16th century, a greenhorn meant an experienced soldier. B. The Green Revolution may have some connection with green thumbs. C. The green-eyed monster was probably created by William Shakespeare. D. The green-eyed monster can be used to describe a person who is jealous. B. a new solider D. None of above B. whose thumbs are in green color D. who is younger than his neighbors

  37. A person who has a green thumb is a person .
I really love my job because I enjoy working with small children and like the challenges and awards from the job. I also think my work is important. There was a time when I thought that I would never have that sort of career. I wasn't an excellent student because I didn't do much schoolwork. In my final term I started thinking what I might do and found I didn't have much to offer. I just accepted that I wasn't the type to have a career. I then found myself a job, looking after two little girls. It wasn't too hard at first. But the problems began when I agreed to live in, so that I would be there if my boss had to go out for business in the evening. We agreed that if I had to work extra hours one week, she'd give me time off the next. But unfortunately, it didn't often work out. I was getting extremely tired and fed up because I had too many late nights and early mornings with the children. One Sunday, I was in the park with the children and met Megan who used to go to school with me. I told her about my situation. She suggested that I should do a course and get a qualification if I wanted to work with children. I didn't think I would be accepted because I didn't take many exams in school. She persuaded me to phone the local college and they were really helpful. My experience counted for a lot and I got a part-time course. I had to leave my job with the family and got work helping out at a kindergarten. Now I have got a full-time job there. I shall always be thankful to Megan. I wish I had known earlier that you could have a career even if you aren't top of the class at school.
  40. What is the author's present job? A. Working part-time in a college. B. Taking care of children in a family.
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C. Helping children with their schoolwork. D. Looking after children at a kindergarten.
  41. When staying with the two girls' family, the author . A. was paid for extra work C. got much help from her boss B. often worked long hours D. took a day off every other week

  42. What has the author learned from her own experiences? A. Less successful students can still have a career. B. Qualifications are necessary for a career. C. Hard work makes an excellent student. D. One must chose the job she likes.
  43. What does the underlined sentence probably mean? A. The boss didn't go out to work very often. B. The boss often failed to keep his agreement with the writer. C. The writer couldn't go out to find another job. D. The writer seldom had any chance to work outside.
C My house is made out of wood, glass and stone. It is also made out of software. If you come to visit, you'll probably be surprised when you come in. Someone will give you an electronic PIN (个人身份号码) wear. This PIN tells the house who and where you are. to The house uses this information to give you what you need. When it's dark outside, the PIN turns on the lights nearest you, and then turns them off as you walk away from them. Music moves with you too. If the house knows your favorite music, it plays it. The music seems to be everywhere, but in fact other people in the house hear different music or no music. If you get a telephone call, only the nearest telephone rings. Of course, you are also able to tell the house if you want something. There is a home control console (控制台), a small machine that turns things on and off around you. The PIN and the console are new ideas, but they are in fact like many things we have today. If you want to go to a movie, you need a ticket. If I give you my car keys, you can use my car. The car works for you because you have the keys. My house works for you because you wear the PIN or hold the console. I believe that ten years from now, most new homes will have the systems that I've put in my house. The systems will probably be even bigger and better than the ones I've put in today. I like to try new ideas. I know that some of my ideas will work better than others. But I hope that one day I will stop thinking of these systems as new, and ask myself instead, " How will I live without them?"
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  44. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. How to develop a new system. C. A home for the future. A. To let readers know why his ideas are new. B. To let readers know how special his house is. C. To explain the importance of the PIN and the console. D. To explain more easily what the functions of the PIN and the console are.
  46. The writer's new house is different from ordinary ones mainly because. A. it has been controlled by computers B. you can make a telephone call anywhere C. it has your favorite music following you D. the writer is able to change his new idea into practice
  47. What is the writer most likely to be according to the passage? A. An IT expert. C. An idealist (理想主义者) B. A famous doctor. D. An experienced teacher. B. The function of the PIN. D. Easy life in the future.

  45. What's the purpose when the writer wrote the fourth paragraph?
The days of elderly women doing nothing but cooking huge meals on holidays are gone. Enter the Red Hat Society a group holding the belief that old ladies should have fun. "My grandmothers didn't do anything but keep house and serve everybody. They were programmed to do that," said Emils Comette, head of a chapter of the 7-year-old Red Hat Society. While men have long spent their time fishing and playing golf, women have sometimes seemed to become unnoticed as they age. But the generation now turning 50 is the baby boomers(生育高峰期出生的人), and the same people who refused their parents' way of being young are now trying a new way of growing old. If you take into



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