1 乱世 troubled times 15 为了纪念 in honor of 2 把…赶走 drive off 16 以…为自豪 be proud of 3 战后之年 post-war years 17 在奥运期间 during the … 4 国内动乱 civil unrest 18 展示新形象 display the new image 5 资源丰富 rich in resources 19 许多其他人 many other people 6 姐妹城市 sister cities be burn down 7 烧毁 20 是…的代表 representive of 8 从毁灭中恢复 recover from… 21 决心去做 be determined to do African Americans 9 非裔美国人 10 黑人生意 black businesses 22 从头再来 make a new beginning grow up 11成长 12 剥夺 take away 23 远落后于 far behind 13 非暴力的示威 non-violent… 25 文化的多元化 cultural diversity 14 被刺而亡 be shot and 26友好的气氛 friendly
killed atmosphere
PRACTICE 1 (ever)since
2 Sentences
He went to Beijing in 1960 and has lived there since. He has lived in Beijing since 1960,when he went there. He has lived in Beijing since he went to Beijing in 19
(总结)since常表示从过去到现在;主句常用完成时;since词性多变. (译句)自从他毕业已有5年多了.
It has been more than 5 years since he graduated. It is more than 5 years since he was a student.
(总结)主句表示“已有多少时间”时,主干可用一般时; since从句中的动词的 “持续”与“瞬间” (译句)我们自两年前分手来,一直没见面.
We parted two years ago and have never met each other since. We have never met each other since we parted two years ago.
2 The wounds are slow to heal and … ?此句的句式为“主语+be动词+形容词+to do (sth)”,它表示主语在某方面表现出什麽样的特点和 性质 ?形容词常有 easy,hard,comfortable,pleasant,heavy,fit, Interesting,dangerous等 ?注意后面的不定式 In fact,English is easy to learn. The chair is hard to sit on. (总结)不定式常用主动,且与主语有逻辑上的动宾关 系;不定式动词不及物时,加介词 (译)这种植物很难照料. look after. The plant is rather difficult to
difficult to get on with
Tom is easy-going while his brother is___ __(难处).
3“尽管”的表达 尽管” despite\ in spite of\ \ though\ as\while
The article is very importantshort. though While we don’t agree,we continue to be friends. despite The boy went outhis father’s orders. as Young she is ,she knows a lot. \ (译句)尽管他是个孩子,他已经开始挣钱了.
Child as he is, he has set out to make money.
(判断)Despite he has been told many times,he remain puzzled.
4从句分析 There are signs that a new,different South is coming out of its dark past. (同位语从句) The post-war years were hard and the people of Atlanta struggled to rebuild the city and create a new South where former slaves and former slave-owners could live together. (定语从句) Dr.King grew up in a city where nearly half the population was black,but where segregation took away many of their rights.
(定语从句) 如果去掉in the city

  5.It was also in Atlanta that…Dr Martin Luther King,Jr was born.
is\was…that\who… they It was (他们)that witnessed the accident. where Was it Beihai Parkthe old couple found the runaway child? my coming It was (因我迟到)that made him angry. late It was he took off his glassesI not until that (that) (that) realized he was the very manI was looking for. Where did you meet Johnson? where It was in the hotelhe stayed.
Practice3 Making up Sentences
自他上大学以来,我一直没收到他的来信.(since) 无论我们遇到什么困难,都要把敌人赶出去.(drive) 小李的电话很难接通.(get through) 这篇文章比上一个可难多了.(far) 有迹象表明,阿明要重整旗鼓.(sign) 像别的男孩子一样,我儿子也爱篮球.(like) 使我吃惊的是,他复明了.(recover) 尽管你取得了很大成绩,还应谦虚.(despite) 正是你的粗心,你得了B而不是A. 你好象得感冒了.(seem) 我们为你所得的一切而自豪.(proud) 亚特兰大是一座声名大噪的城市,在这里,希望已代替 了恐惧.(replace) 决心赶上别人,他比以前努力了.(determined)
Key to the translation
I’ve never heard from him since he entered college. No matter what difficulties\hardships we may meet,we must drive the enemy off. XiaoLi is hard to get trough to. This article is far more difficult than the former one. There are signs that A Ming will make a new beginning. Like(In common with)many other boys,my son likes basketball.
To my surprise,he recovered his sight. Remajn modest despite your achievements. It was because of your carelessness that you got a B not an A. You seem to have caught ( 或have) a cold.。 We are proud of what you’ve got. Atlanta is a booming city,where hope has replaced (或has taken the place of) fear. Determined to catch up with others,he works harder than before.



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